Yuneec Introductory

Yuneec Breeze 4k safe quadcopter: New dimension of selfie
January 4, 2017

Yuneec Introductory

Yuneec, the most chronic firm which has changed the way of Flying. The ancient company who was founded on the enthusiasm for introducing creativity, innovation and accessibility to the existing world. Yuneec takes into consideration in constructing future via technology where everybody can capture a magnificent perspective from above. Yuneec works to change the point of view of people to look at the world from the prior top towards the soil.

Typhoon H


The visual aspect of Yuneec:

Yuneec believes in the safety of user friendliness and efficiency which is the most concerned cornerstone. This trend has been Carried out from the roots in the hobby named RC world. This belief has been enhanced to the empowerment of those who keep us safe and providing us safety is the main purpose.

From the Army force, rescue team, fire brigade, security guard to Coast guard and Law enforcement. Yuneec carries out the same purpose to help out the responders first, overcome all the obstacles and make everyone safe.

Establishment of Yuneec:

Yuneec has started their gentle beginning by new innovations and availableness in the aircraft industry. It is the company which has embedded from the first commercially successful “Ready to fly” with fixed wing RC aircraft to unprecedented electric aircraft and next age aerial video quadcopters. They has pushed the level above and spending beyond electronic aviation for over 15 years.

Yearly turning point of Yuneec: Year 1999

It has been Founded at hong kong in 1999. It has been named after Yuneec International Company Limited and it is world leader in electronic air travel industry.

The core technology power of the company is- Its manned aircraft as well as its quadcopters with hundred of patents field. The market leading line of this company which was radio controlled by aircraft for the hobby market.

Year 2003 – Year of Achievement

Yuneec International manufacturers has sold under OEM/ODM brands over 1 million units a year. They also sold Typhoon brands as well as the  OEM/ODM.

In 2003, over 1800 employees

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