Yuneec Breeze 4k safe quadcopter: New dimension of selfie

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November 20, 2016
Yuneec Breeze 4K Drone
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January 9, 2017

Yuneec Breeze 4k safe quadcopter: New dimension of selfie


Yuneec Breeze 4K safe quadcopter

Yuneec Breeze 4K safe quadcopter

Yuneec Breeze 4K safe quadcopter has changed the traditional meaning of drone. This is the very first drone with selfie camera. Also it is enriched with a lot of new and high technologies.

This drone will be a perfect gift for the people who love to click selfies. You can also use this for professional capturing.

One very amazing thing is though this has a lot of new technologies it is also a user friendly drone for the beginners. So don’t worry if you don’t have any previous experience.

Each and every parts of this drone along with the features are unique. You can’t find such a wonderful combo of unique technologies and easiness in any other drone.

This drone will completely change your view on aerial photography and flights with drone. You will surely love this fantastic Yuneec Breeze 4K protected quad.


Technical Specifications of Yuneec Breeze 4k safe quadcopter

Model Name: Breeze 4k

Manufacturing Company: Yuneec

Weight of the Drone: 385 gram

Size of the drone:

                 Length & Width: 196* 196 mm

                 Height: 65 mm

Color: White

Battery Configuration: 3S 11.1 V 1150 mAh

Battery Type: LiPo

Best Flight Time: Up to 12 minutes

Highest Flying Height: 80 m

Best Horizontal Speed: 5 m/s  (It is limited by the software)

Best Climbing: 1 m/s

Camera Resolution: 13 mp

Charging Time: 30 to 40 minutes

Yuneec Breeze 4K safe quadcopter

Yuneec Breeze 4K safe quadcopter

Review of this fantastic quadcopter

This is such a drone that anyone will fall in love with. You will get a gorgeous looking drone with a lot of recent and advance technologies. But you don’t really have to be a skilled pilot to operate this stylist copter. You can see a lot of user friendly features of this drone that will comfort you a lot.

Yuneec Breeze 4K assured aircraft is a well built stylist drone which is little smaller than the racing drones. The most wonderful thing is its camera. This is the first ever selfie camera. You can capture 4K high definition pictures and fantastic videos by the 13 mp built in drone camera. This camera is the main attraction of this quad.  

There are dual GPS in this drone. You will also find foldable landing gears and prop guards for better protection. The propellers are also foldable so you will feel more flexible.

This quad is really good for normal people. So we can say that it is both consumer and beginner drone.

Just give a try and this drone will amaze you with everything.


First ever flying Selfie Camera

Wanna click a selfie with your drone? Let us introduce the amazing high quality selfie camera of this fantastic Yuneec Breeze 4K secured drone.

You can imagine this drone as your selfie stick which really is a long selfie stick. Take fantastic and wonderful selfies whenever you want. Taking selfie has become easier and fantastic. Unique shots can be taken every time you click.

This camera is durable, tough and convenient. The resolution of this camera is 13 mp which is mind-blowing. By this camera you can capture 4K ultra high definition and ultra clear Hd quality pictures and videos

You can take this in every adventure with you. So you can capture all the fantastic & unique moments and experiences of yours.

This drone camera is so easy to use. You really don’t need to have any experience to take mind-blowing aerial images and videos.

Another amazing thing is this Yuneec Breeze 4K safe quadcopter has 5 automated flight modes. You can choose any one from these 5. Your choices are- Selfie, Orbit, Follow me, Pilot and Journey.  

You can control this drone camera with your own iOS or Android device.  To do so you need to install an application naming Breeze Cam in your device. To click pictures through this app you need to first touch the camera option and now you can touch anywhere in the screen to capture the picture


Know your drone in details

You will get this aircraft in an assembled way. There are 4 propellers on the drone which are folded. Unfold them and lock then in the right shape. For safety and style add the prop guards. You can add them by simply tucking them with the drone’s leg just below the propellers.  

There will be 4 landing gears folded into the Yuneec Breeze 4K harmless drone. Unfold them and now you can keep your drone on any surface. Remember one thing that you should always unfold the landing gears before landing it on the ground. The main reason is the belly of the drone contains some sensitive parts like the GPS and sensor.

On the front of the aircraft the camera is placed and on the back side the power button is given.

You will get an accessory packet which will contain the charger, one power cord and a USB cable.


Get safest flight with this fantastic aircraft

This drone ensures highly safe flights in many ways. Let’s have a look on them.

  • Firstly, this drone is enriched with Indoor Positioning System. If you don’t know then let me tell you, it is a navigational system that enables you to fly flexibly and safely in indoors. Thus you can easily fly this Yuneec Breeze 4K protected quad in indoors without accidents and damages.


  • Also there are prop guards which prevent propellers from clashing with other objects or even with any human body. This adds extra protection to you.


  • You may have the fear of losing this during flights due to any unwanted situations like-fog, distance etc. But not anymore. This drone has return to home button. Just press this button and your drone will automatically return to you and land safely.

Through these facilities you can ensure maximum safety for your drone.

Combine iOS /Android with your Breeze

Nowadays iOS or Android devices are an essential part of our everyday life. So this would be great if you could use these devices to control your favourite drone. Actually now you can do so.

Just download the ‘’Breeze Cam app’’ on your mobile device before turning the Yuneec Breeze 4K thompless copter on. This app will help in controlling and navigating this drone.


We are not finished yet. You can also edit the taken photos and videos and instantly share them on whichever social media sites you like. Isn’t it amazing? You can share all the special moments, journey memory or anything you like instantly with your friends and family.  


To download the ‘’Breeze Cam’’ app you have to go to the App Store if you have iOS device and in case of Android device you have to search it on ‘’Google Play store’’.


To connect the phone with the drone first you have to go to the system setting to turn on the Wifi. Search for the Wif naming ‘’Breeze xxxxxx’’. You will need a password for opening the Wifi connection. The password is- 1234567890.


One amazing thing is- you can change the video resolution of this Yuneec Breeze 4K assured aircraft with the help of the Breeze cam app. You will get 3 amazing options.


  • UHD [4K] 2160p at 30fps
  • FHD 1080p at 30fps enhanced with Digital Stabilization
  • HD 720p at 60fps enhanced with Digital Stabilization


To downlink the resolution you have go to the video setting.


Easy download and sharing

After clicking amazing outstanding pictures you would want to download them. You can do this in 2 ways.

First, you can open and see the taken pictures in the gallery of the app’s home screen. In time of seeing, the photos will be automatically downloaded with high quality in your phone.


Second method relates with the USB cable. In this, connect the Yuneec Breeze 4K unharmed drone with a micro USB cable to directly download the taken photos on any computer.


For sharing these pictures, open the pictures or videos in the Breeze Cam app which you want to share. You can see dots in the top right side of the screen. By tapping this popup will open showing text field. This text field will give you options for Social media sites. The sites are Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, WeChat etc.

You can write messages or captions with the pictures you are going to share. In time of sharing pictures you don’t have to leave the app. Thus your sharing is now more easy and quick.  



User friendly

This is the most user friendly drone ever. The reasons for saying so are- this is


  • Easily portable,
  • lightweight(Less than 1 pound) and
  • The propellers can be fold easily


For this reasons this Yuneec Breeze 4K secured drone is liked by everyone. Just pack this and you are ready to take this in any journey or events you like.


High Quality Camera:

If you are out for an adventure or journey or even you are spending quality times with your family, you can easily capture those special moments by this outstanding drone. You don’t have to leave the special moments for taking a photo or recording a video. You can continue your enjoyment while this drone is clicking for you. This fantastic drone will change your style of capturing. This camera is in the front side of the Yuneec Breeze 4K untroubled aircraft.

This camera is situated inside the drone body so that vibration from the propellers can’t harm the images or videos.

You may feel bored but let’s have some technical talks. The working temperature of this camera is 0 to 40 Degree Celsius. This 13 megapixel camera has the sensor of 1/3.06 CMOS. The field of view is 117 degree.

The taken photos will have the resolution of 4160*3120 pixels. 1/30- 1/8000s is its shutter speed.

You can also filter the images. You can choose from sunny, sunrise, auto, sunset, cloudy, light, tungsten light, disabled or glowing.

So this is really amazing that you can not only take high quality pictures and videos, you can also edit them instantly and share them in the social Medias within less than 1 minute.   


Controlling the drone

You can control this Yuneec Breeze 4K safe quadcopter in 2 ways. You can use a normal transmitter or you can use your iOS/ Android devices.

First of all, let’s talk about the given transmitter. The users can do the controlling accurately by the joysticks and the buttons of this transmitter.    The transmitter has the dimension of 106*104*59 mm having the weight of 189 gram. The temperature range while working should be -20 to 65 Degree Celsius.


Or, if you want to use the iOS/ Android devices then their version should be at least 8.0 for iOS and 4.4 for the Android.

The main connection will be provided via Bluetooth.


First Person View goggles

You can watch the flights of Yuneec Breeze 4K trustworthy copter in 2 ways. One is through the Smartphone (Normal Mode) and the other is via FPV Goggles (FPV Mode).

In the FPV mode you can make your smartphone a display screen. By this you can have fantastic and amazing flights without any interruption. This is connected to the smart phone via Bluetooth.


The length and widths of this goggle are 196*113 mm and the height is 128 mm. This will weigh only 200 gram. This is made of 2 fantastic material named Polycarbonate (PC) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). Both of them are very strong and effective   


You can use mobiles having the screen of 4.7’’ to 6’’. The Field of View is 110 Degree. You can also do Pupil Distance Adjustment.

Easily adjustable headband will help you to adjust the FPV goggles. This is very much durable.

5 Different Flight Modes


Yuneec Breeze 4K protected aircraft serves you with 5 different flight modes. You can choose from Selfie, Orbit, Follow me, Pilot and Journey. With these 5 different flight modes you can do a lot of stuffs like- You can capture for your album or projects, You can do professional photography and videography, you can make movies and so many.  Let’s have a quick discussion on these modes.


Selfie: In this useful mode anyone can position the drone even if he doesn’t have any previous experience. Using the altitude, distance and position slider you can adjust the position of this quad. This mode is basically given for taking selfies.


Orbit: This mode is fantastic. Here you can make the Yuneec Breeze 4K safe quadcopter to orbit around you or any other object to take pictures or to record videos. After positioning you can select the orbit direction in left or right. Also you can pause it if you want.


Follow Me: In this mode you select a place and fly the Breeze manually to that place. This drone will then follow you from that place. After setting position this drone will use its GPS and automatically react according to your movement and follow along.


Pilot: You can have maximum control in this mode. Here you can fly the quad anywhere manually using the 2 sticks of transmitter. Or you can manually utilize the mobile app.


Journey: You don’t have to hold the camera anymore to record your journey. In this selfie mode in turned on for positioning the aircraft. Camera pitch selects in which angle the drone will fly. Also you can adjust the distance. Basically the drone will go away from you and then again return to you.        

Ready to fly

This Yuneec Breeze 4K secured drone comes as assembled condition. So just take the breeze out of the box and fly it in any direction.

Prop Protector Guards

The given propeller protectors are great for safety. These enable the pilot to fly indoors minimizing the accidents and damages.

These can be easily removed and added. One important thing is you don’t need any holes or screws to adjust them. Just tuck them with the drone and these will give you high protection.

This saves your valuable time and effort. Also this feature makes the guards more flexible to use.


Dynamic Battery for power supply

You will be provided with 2 powerful batteries. The batteries are of 3S 11.1 V 1150 mAh. These Lipo type batteries generate a lot of power to fly this wonderful drone for up to 12 minutes.

You should always use fully charges batteries in time of flying this Yuneec Breeze 4K untroubled aircraft. These batteries take 30 to 40 minutes to get fully charged. On the back side of the drone there place to place the batteries. Just charge them and place them.

You should take good care of these batteries and they will serve you for a long time.


Foldable propellers The wonderful propellers are easily foldable and adjustable. Just open them and lock them in right position. This is so easy to adjust and it remains in the same position.


Landing Gears are very much helpful

The landing gears are very much helpful and important. There are 4 landing gears on this quad. You can get them out or tuck them in as they are easily foldable.

One very important thing is you should keep them open in time of landing to keep the lower part of the drone safe. The lower parts have the GPS and sensors so you have to be careful about this.


How to start the flight?

This Yuneec Breeze 4K trustworthy aircraft comes in Ready To Fly condition. Just take the drone out and place the battery for charging.

In this time install the app in your device.

When the battery gets fully charged just insert them. Now you have to press the power button.  

Go to your device and do the Wifi setting. You will need the password 1234567890. Now your drone has been combined with your iOS/Android device. Now you are ready to go.

Things you should avoid in time of flying this quad

    • Don’t fly the quad


  • Near the airport
  • In the crowds or near large public venues
  • Don’t fly this aircraft above 400 feet.
  • Don’t attach anything more than 55 LBS with the drone.



What the Box will provide?

This fantastic drone comes in a really cool elegant packet. The package is durable and easily portable.

Let’s have a look on what this Yuneec Breeze 4K assured drone box will contain:

  • One white Aircraft
  • Two powerful Batteries
  • One charging cable
  • One Dynamic Charger
  • Four Propellers
  • Prop Protectors
  • One Product Guide
  • One USB cable
  • One Travel Case


Necessary Information you need to know


    • One very important thing is you won’t get any memory cards with this. Everything will be saved on the internal memory of the drone.  
    • If your internal memory is full, you can go to the camera setting menu to select ‘’Format SD Card’’. By this you can format the memory and it will be good as new. But remember to keep back up for your already captured photos and images in your phone or compute.
    • If you are controlling the quad with your phone and you get a call- don’t get tensed. The Breeze will still hover in the same position and wait until you finish talking and get back in flying.
    • If your smartphone dies, the Yuneec Breeze 4K protected quad will wait for 1 minute in the current place and then it will return to takeoff place. After this the drone will land and stop its motors.
    • We will suggest you to read the manual carefully or to watch the tutorial before flying this aircraft. This will lead you to better controlling.    
    • The drone has USB port on the side of it. You can connect the USB cable here to transfer the captured pictures and videos.  
    • You will get 2 types of guides. One is beginner and the other is quick start guide.


  • This drone weights near about1 pound so before flying outdoor you must have to get a certificate from the FAA.



Summary of our discussion

This outstanding drone is built in a pretty good design along with fabulous modern features. After flying this I am sure that you will have a positive opinion about this quad. Continue your adventurous journey in all the inspiring and wonderful places with this fantastic Yuneec Breeze 4K safe quadcopter.


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