UDIRC U28W qualified accessories: For a smoother flying experience.

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November 16, 2016
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November 20, 2016

UDIRC U28W qualified accessories: For a smoother flying experience.

UDIRC U28W qualified accessories will simply mesmerize you with their usefulness and simplicity to control.You can have smoother flying experience with them. Let’s have a quick look on the various awesome accessories of this drone.  

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  • Extra 2.4 GHz Remote Controller for easier controlling
  • Spare 500mAh dynamic Drone Battery
  • Spare USB Battery Charger
  • SD Card Reader
  • Extra Blades
  • Spanner


Remote Controller

U28W remote controller

U28W remote controller

If your given transmitter has damaged or broke down then you should go for an extra controller. You will need this Udi Transmitter for smoother control and other amazing features . This awesome remote controller has the Operating Frequency of 2.4 GHz.

You can do a lot of interesting and stunning stunts like the yaw, pitch, roll, altitude control etc. with the help of this 4 channel controller. Besides this, the controller makes the flight controlling so much easier that the beginners or armatures can do it very easily.

On the transmitter, you can see two buttons. On is used to take pictures and another is for starting and stopping video recording.

In the outdoor or unobstructed area, its Transmitting Distance extends up to 80 meters. Thus you don’t have to get tensed about any disconnection problems.

This transmitter gets its power supply from the built-in AA battery. Thus you will need 4 of 1.5V alkaline batteries to operate this controller. These batteries are not included with this controller. You have to buy them additionally.  

2 types of speed mode are served by this controller. Like High speed for the experts and Low speed for the novices.   

Now let’s see the technical details of this Remote Control- its EIRP is 20dBm at 2.4 G.

As for the temperature range, you should keep the Operating Temperature Range between -10 to 40 Degree Celsius. As for the Storage Temperature Range, you should keep this between -20 to 45 Degree Celsius for less than 3 months. For more than 3 months this should be kept in between 22 to 28 Degree Celsius. The temperatures should be well- maintained to get a smooth flight.

Thus this controller will serve you in the best manner.


Powerful Lipo Battery for the Drone:

u28w battery

u28w battery

If you want longer flight without any interruption then we will suggest you buy extra batteries for your drone.

Talking about the specifications of this drone battery let’s focus on the type of it first. The type of this dynamic battery is Lipo , which is very much popular nowadays.  This battery will weight only 15.4 gram. Its light weight helps it to fly quickly and without any troubles.  

The required Voltage should be noted as 3.7V*2. As for the Capacity of this standard battery- the maximum limit is 500mAh. Because of this lithium battery the user can enjoy a longer flight.  

About the temperature issue- the Operating Temperature Range should be kept between -10 to 40 Degree Celsius and the Charging Temperature Range should be kept within 0 to 40 Degree Celsius.


USB Charger for Convenient Charger

U28W USB charger

U28W USB charger

If your given USB charger stops working then you should go for another one. This charger is great for your drone battery.

This will make your charging methods more convenient providing variations in charging techniques.


4 GB TF SD Card for storage

U28W 4gb

U28W 4gb

If you want to record and store high-quality videos of several flights then I will highly recommend you to get one or more additional micro SD cards. The main reason behind this is the provided SD card of TF type has the capacity of only 4 GB. Thus you will need spare SD cards.

The captured photos & videos are auto saved on the drone’s SD card. So you don’t have to feel tensed about the storing.


Additional Spanner

With the help of the spanner, you can lose and remove the screws of this copter. This spanner looks so gorgeous and very much useful. This is pretty easy and comfortable to handle and won’t cause any harm to this beautiful drone.

If you have lost your own spanner or want to have another then you can try this one.

After all this detailed discussion, I would like to suggest you try these marvelous technologies. I am sure that you will fall in love with these UDIRC U28W qualified accessories.



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