UDI UPDATED Discovery U818A-1 Quadcopter Review

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November 16, 2016

UDI UPDATED Discovery U818A-1 Quadcopter Review

UDI UPDATED Discovery U818A-1

UDI UPDATED Discovery U818A-1

UDI UPDATED Discovery U818A-1

UDI UPDATED Discovery U818A-1

UDI UPDATED Discovery U818A-1 Quadcopter Review helps to identify the pros and cons  of this drone. The amazing product from UDI RC will fascinate anyone with its outstanding features. Once you start your flight with it, you will get obsessed with this aircraft. After certain flights the control will get easier to you. This quad is very much stable and its flight is wonderful. Thus, this aircraft is great for the beginners. If you want to buy this for fun then it will be stunning. Also you can buy this for your kids.

It comes as a RFT form thus you can fit the batteries and charge them. Then you are good to fly. The camera and video functions are also super cool. It can survive through different difficulties or unwanted situations. Like if it got stuck in the trees or banged it into curbs or any kid steps on it or even if it goes underwater then also it works. Isn’t it cool?


Pros of U818A-1 aircraft:

  • This drone has incredibly sturdy design.
  • The plastic of this aircraft has high deflection. So it can only be bend rather than cracking.
  • Flying this aircraft is very much easy to learn and control. In approximate 10-12 flights you will  become an experienced pilot. Thus perfect for the beginners.
  • This aircraft comes as a Ready to Fly.
  • You will be provided with 2 types of speed control system. One is low- basically for the beginners or the kids and the other is high- for the experts. Thus you can get the experience of both modes.
  • This UAV is far less affected by the wind which is very much impressive for a drone of this category and price range.
  • The 720p camera of this can not only take still photos but also amazing videos.
  • You will be provided with large batteries. Beside that you will get an extra battery. Thus the pilot can enjoy long flight.
  • If any u818a-1 parts get damaged and you want to replace it than it is has been made very much easier by its Modular Design. You can change or replace the parts all by yourself.
  • By the cool LED lights you can easily identify the front side of quadcopter during night. Also these lights add an attractive look to the product.
  • By pushing one button the pilot can enjoy amazing stunts like flick, twist, roll etc. as it has 360 degree flipping feature.
  • The remote controller has a nice LCD display at the bottom which enables great control for the quad.
  • A great advantage is that you will be provided with spare blades and parts. So if anything damages then you can easily change that and enjoy continuous flight.
  • The given decent instruction manual will make you fully able to know everything about this product and to focus on little details of it. You will be very much benefited.



  • The given 2GB micro card will not be enough for you if you are making long videos. I will suggest you to keep extra micro card of 8GB  so to have high quality full length videos.
  • You may get some confusion about the turn setting of this drone. These settings can’t be changed. If you turn the transmitter to the left then quadcopter will turn to the right. You have to get used to it.

In spite of having these cons this aircraft is still amazing. These cons can be easily removed. All will remain are its good qualities and amazing flying experience


Other important information you should know:

  • Recommended for people above 14 years.
  • If you want to charge your battery faster than I will recommend you to use a 5V 2A AC adapter to charge your battery [which is not included by the way].
  • In the very beginning keep the protective practice cover on and practice indoor to learn. After becoming experienced just removes the cover and you will experience a whole new aircraft and amazing flight.

So in the end we can estimate that you have already decided to buy this outstanding copter after seeing the UDI UPDATED Discovery U818A-1 Quadcopter Review.





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