UDI RC-producer of the cheapest products with latest features. (Best companion for you)

UDI RC-producer of the cheapest products with latest features. (Best companion for you)

UDI RC TOYS CO. LTD. is a China-based professional enterprise. It focuses on manufacturing Hi-tech Radio Control/Remote Control Products, Like- Drones, Speedboat, High-Speed Cars etc.  They always adhere to the slogan ‘’ Technology Innovation, Quality- Orientation ‘’ for their manufacturing.

This company makes an outstanding combination of product research & development as well as manufacture & sales.

Here you can find both auto & watercraft’s in one place.




Why customers love the products of this company?

The main reason that attracts a lot of customers toward this company is –Their items are well known for their client openness and simple to use. Also, the company offers advanced new technology & smart features in comparatively very low price.

UDIRC likes to give high priority to the quality of the product and they are basically customer focused. Like- they try to think like the customers & solve different issues for the customers to meet customer needs & satisfaction.


UDI RC’s products are great for the Beginners

Its products are the best companion for the beginners. Many of its products are so much easy to control and use though having a lot of advance and new technologies. With just one touch the users can experience amazing features.

Again the beginners can practice and make them experienced with these products before moving to high priced products. Thus you can save a lot of money.  


Establishment and Other details

This consumer friendly company was established in 2010. But within this short time, it has already achieved a lot of certificates like-ISO9001 Quality Management System, ICTI, BSCI, FCC, CE & ROHS, EMC & so on.

Produced items of UDI are basically sold across the European nation, Japan, India, Southeast Asia etc. The mystery behind their prosperity lies on a few elements.  This manufacturing company is equipped with Manufacturing, Research, Quality checking equipment’s and an amazing After-Sales technology service team.

This organization also arranges different welfare activities for the employees. Thus it takes good care of both customers and its employees.


Why should you prefer this company?

  • UDI RC sticks to the idea of ‘’ Innovation Development, Quality -arranged’’.
  • The organization tries to think like clients, to understand their desire & preference.
  • UDIRC offers the control of its items straightforward and amusing to fly.
  • It is maintaining continuous improvements, based on client’s prerequisite thus gaining high notoriety among the client.
  • This organization offers all the newest technologies and outstanding features in a very comparative price.
  • It has a lot of researchers & engineers with electronic enterprises experience of over 20 years.
  • They offer one-stop service for their customer of ODM & OEM.
  • Its products give the users full control over them as they run under total human control.
  • Near about 300 skilled workers work there who are strongly creative.
  • This manufacturing plant has various prepared senior administration & specialized personnel. So efficiency and accuracy of work are highly maintained.


Products of UDI RC

the company offers different types of products but let’s talk about their fantastic drones. They produce different drones with different new and advanced features. These are mainly good for the beginners, kids or people who can’t afford high priced drones. Let’s see the drones of this company.


U818A HD

This drone is the upgraded version of U818A with a lot of new and extra features. The most interesting are the One Key Return to Home function and the Headless Mode which removes direction problems. Also with HD 1280*720 drone camera you can take awesome pictures and videos from the sky. We find lots of reviews on this drone in online market. So it will be perfect for you if you already have loved the U818A.

U818A HD

U818A HD



UDI RC Eagle Drone

Obtaining a lot of reviews this fabulous drone is offering you with the latest First Person View through Wifi, Gravity Induction Virtual Reality Mode etc.  You can also choose your speed mode from the 2 types. Thus both beginners and experts can enjoy according to their skill level. Its stylish elegant look and amazing functions will mesmerize you for sure.


RC U27 drone

As a beginner, you will search for a durable aircraft. This requirement of yours will be fulfilled by this smart drone. With its high capacity batteries and powerful motors, you can enjoy a longer flight in the sky. One point you should know that there is no camera on this drone. But in spite of not having the camera, the U27 quad is a tough little aircraft which can tolerate crashes. Thus if you want a durable bold drone in such a low price then this will be best for you.


U839 RC Nano

This drone is the cheapest one. Just in below $25 you can get this marvelous drone. This drone is available in 4 colors, such as – Green, Blue, Orange and Pink. This Drone is so small thus called Nano quadcopter. In spite of being small and lightweight, it is tough and durable. It is great for the hobbyists and kids.



U840 Mini Drone

This quad is available in 3 different colors as- Blue, Yellow and Red. The price limit is also low. Within $25 you can get this Drone. It looks pretty cool and in time of flying, it looks very decent. Also, it comes with 2 batteries. Thus you can enjoy a longer flight in spite of being a mini copter by swapping them. If you are obsessed with mini things then this will be the best companion for you.



This fabulous drone you can be easily got under $50. It is a beautiful drone which is very easy to fly. It can be a great classic toy for the kids or a wonderful gift. It is a hand sized micro ufo. Though it is small, it has On board Sensors to make it much stable on in the air. This also makes the control easier. This offers 2 types of speed mode to suit your skill level. Once you charge the battery fully then you can enjoy a long flight of 10 minutes. Isn’t it amazing? You can try this for your longer flying experience.


U845 WiFi

This hexacopter is the latest production of UDI which provides fast hand experience to the user. It is the modified version of Voyager U845. It is very easy to control and assemble thus excellent for the beginners. Also this provides wonderful aerial photos and videos of high quality. One most interesting feature is that this aircraft can be controlled by smartphones. Also users can see live video on their smartphone in time of flight.


Peregrine U28W

This wonderful drone can be controlled easily through your smart phone. This is a latest feature and this drone is offering it to its valuable customers. It can take aerial photos and videos with it’s 120 degrees wide-angle HD camera. You will find other incredible features like Headless Mode, 360 degree flipping, One Button Take off and land, Emergency Stop, Low Battery Notification etc. in this drone. Thus it is also a fantastic beginner drone for your customers.


Freelander U28

You can easily control and fix the speed level of this drone. This is the most fantastic feature of this aircraft. Also, you can take high-quality picture and videos by it. It is tough and light though it will give you full safety by its hard plastic cover. You can fly in both day and night without the fear of losing it.


Best sold drone of UDI RC in 2016:

U818A is the best-sold drone of the company in 2016. What makes this aircraft so popular and acceptable is its easy handling features and low cost. This huge amount of reviews shows how incredible and acceptable this drone is.  This quadcopter provides a lot of advanced and amazing features within affordable price. It is great for the people who want to practice before handling more costly drones. Also, it is an interesting & great toy for the kids or the hobbyist as gives several hours of fun.  Wonderful quality picture & video can also be taken by this aircraft. Thus it’s a complete package of awesomeness.


Summary of UDI RC

The main vision of this drone is to be guided by the marketplace and advancement to welcome new techs. This is one of the best organizations which really thinks about their customers and works for them. You can completely rely on their products. Try the products of this company and you will surely fall for them. Thus UDI RC is the best partner for you.






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