Udi Peregrine U28W Beginners Drone: You will definitely fall in love with

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UDI Discovery U818A-1 Classy Drone with smart accessories
November 15, 2016

Udi Peregrine U28W Beginners Drone: You will definitely fall in love with

Udi Peregrine U28W


Udi Peregrine U28W Beginners Drone will simply make you feel smart and up to date. It is a Radio System UFO which provides an amazing flight experience with a lot of fantastic features. Its usefulness has made it so much popular among people.

Though it is especially recommended for the beginners, it serves a lot of latest and upgraded technologies and features. Some of its outstanding attributes are Alarm for low battery, Multi axis-gyros, Stuns by 360-degree flip, Headless mode, Modular design and 3D view of the flight etc. which are the most popular and amazing.

Thus in a summary, this will highly attract you with its fascinating look and most recent properties.   


Technical Details you should know –

This discussion will provide all the information about Udi Peregrine U28W novice drone. Have a look:

Model Number: U842

Manufacturing Company: UDI RC

Size of the drone:

Wide & Length: 156*165mm  

Height: 64 mm

Product Weight:  350 gram

Shipping Weight: 2.5 Pounds

Color: Blue

Best Flight Time: 5 to 7 minutes

Assembling Status: Pre Assembled

Model of the Motor: N50

Camera Resolution: 2 Megapixels

Frame rate of the camera: 30 Fps

Indoor Hovering: Enabled by the auto connection.

Temper Range of Operation: -10 to 40 Degree Celsius

Udi Peregrine U28W


Review of this outstanding drone

This aircraft looks elegant and stunning. With its mind-blowing look, it also serves a lot of latest and fantastic features which will simply mesmerize you.

You can easily learn to fly this copter in a very short time. This will lead you to endless enjoyment.  

Udi Peregrine U28W newcomer UAV has great acceptance among the drone lovers. They have written good reviews and comments about this fantastic drone.

Truly speaking, this quad will provide you a lot of amazing things at a very low price. This is really amazing and convenient.  

The dimension of this UAV is 21.2*14.4*4.3 mm and the manufacturer has estimated the lifetime of this as 14 years or above.

This little drone is very durable. You can give this as a gift or can buy this for your own. Make your dreams of flying true with this fascinating quadcopter.

Udi Peregrine U28W

Combo of this drone and Udirc APP is just fantastic

In today’s world, the most usable technology is the mobile phone. You can combine this Udi Peregrine U28W greenie drone with the Udirc Application which can be easily installed on your smartphone.  You can enjoy awesome interface design due to this app which is named as FLYINGSEE. The pilot can edit the video parameters and watch a real-time show about the shooting screen through their smartphone. Another useful option of this app is you can select and change the video & picture storage location.  

This application serves some fantastic features like:  

Virtual Reality Mode:  You can turn on the mobile phone split screen mode simply by touching on the VR icon. With the help of the VR Glasses real-time transmission in 3D form can be enjoyed. .  

Regarding this, one point should be noted- The smartphone and the VR glasses are not included with this drone. You should definitely buy them to get an exceptional experience with our Udi Peregrine U28W novice aircraft.


Personalize flight path by Flight Route Mode:  Turn on the Flight Route Mode. Now you can draw flight line on the appointed area of your phone screen. This aircraft will follow this path and fly accordingly. Isn’t it fabulous?

You should note one thing in this case. That is- if your flight area isn’t roomy then do not use this function or you will end up with a crash.  

Udi Peregrine U28W

Capture the special moments with 1280*720p Drone Camera

This drone camera has the resolution of 1280*720p. With this fantastic Resolution 120-degree wide-angle HD camera records awesome aerial videos and photos. You will forget your regular taken photos and videos after watching the high definition aerial footages of this Udi Peregrine U28W starter drone camera.

In the still photography mode, this camera takes Single Shoot. Just by pressing the camera button you can take HD quality photos while video button allows you to start and stop video recording. Taking stunning pictures and video are so much convenient and easier than before with this quadcopter camera.

The maximum Bit rate of Video Storage is 30 Mbps. In case of the Supported File, the Format is FAT32. The taken photos will be in JPEG format and the videos in the AVI format. As these are so much popular and accepted format you can easily open these files in any modern devices like smartphones or computers and share them in any platform you like.  

You will be given an SD card with your Udi Peregrine U28W greenhorn aircraft to store the taken photos and videos. This Supported SD Card is of FT type. The user can use SD card up to 32 GB which is its maximum capacity. Simply store everything on your SD card and transfer them anywhere with the help of the given SD card reader.

Udi Peregrine U28W

Easy control is possible with this Remote Controller

You will be provided with an awesome remote controller which has the Operating Frequency of 2.4 GHz. You can do a lot of interesting and stunning stunts like the yaw, pitch, flick, roll etc. with the help of this 4 channel controller. Beside this, the controller makes the flight controlling so much easier that the beginners or amateurs can do it very easily.

On the transmitter, you can see two buttons. One is used to take pictures and another for starting and stopping video recording.

In the outdoor or unobstructed area, this Udi Peregrine U28W novice quad transmitter can extend the Transmitting Distance up to 80 to 100 meters. Thus you don’t have to be tensed about any disconnection problems.

This transmitter gets its power supply from AA battery. Thus you will need 4 of 1.5V alkaline batteries to operate this controller.

2 types of speed mode are served by this controller. Like High for the experts and Low for the novices.   

Now let’s see the technical details of this Remote Control. Its EIRP is 20 dBm at 2.4 G.

As for the temperature range, you should keep its Operating Temperature Range between -10 to 40 Degree Celsius. As for the Storage Temperature Range, you should keep this between -20 to 45 Degree Celsius for less than 3 months. For more than 3 months this should be kept in between 22 to 28 Degree Celsius. The temperatures should be well- maintained to get smooth a flight.

Udi Peregrine U28W

Powerful Lipo Battery for power supply:

Talking about the specifications of this Udi Peregrine U28W new person drone battery let’s focus on the type of it first. The type of this dynamic battery is Lipo, which is especially made for the drones. This battery weight’s only 15.4 gram. The required Voltage should be noted as 3.7V*2. As for the Capacity of this standard battery- the maximum limit is 500mAh. Because of this lithium battery the user can enjoy longer flights with this fabulous Udi Peregrine U28W beginner copter.  

About the temperature issue- the Operating Temperature Range should remain between -10 to 40 Degree Celsius and the Charging Temperature Range should be kept within 0 to 40 Degree Celsius.


USB Charger for Convenient Charger

If you want to make charging more convenient, try this USB drone battery charger. It will also provide variations in charging techniques .This Udi Peregrine U28W starter aircraft charger will change your charging experience.  


4 GB TF SD Card for storage

The provided SD card of TF type has the capacity of 4GB. In this micro SD card, you store pictures or videos of several flights with high quality. The captured things are auto saved on the drone’s SD card.

One Spanner

With the help of the spanner, you can easily lose or remove the screws of this aircraft. This spanner looks so gorgeous as well as is very useful. This is pretty easy and comfortable to handle and won’t cause any harm to this beautiful drone.

Udi Peregrine U28W

Why is this drone perfect for the beginners?

This copter is very much easy to fly due to the High & Low-speed mode and 6 axis gyros. This Udi Peregrine U28W Beginners Drone is a user-friendly aircraft which comfort the beginners in time of flight. Everything is given in details. In this way, the novice pilots will find this easy and handy.


Have a look on the Stunning and durable accessories of this drone.

This fantastic drone comes with various awesome accessories. These are:

  • 500mAh dynamic Drone Battery
  • One USB Battery Charger
  • One SD Card Reader
  • One set of Extra Blades
  • One Spanner


Wanna know the special features of this UAV?

Let’s have a look:


Modular Design

If you want to replace or remove any parts of this UAV, then it can be done due to its impressive Modular Design. This feature is very much realistic and came in handy making the drone more flexible to use.


Proper posture control by 6 Axis-Gyros

Because of the multi-axis gyros of Udi Peregrine U28W greenie drone, you will get this with Integrated Design which guarantees to provide precise positioning.  It makes the quad more stable in the air.



Because of its Ready-to-Fly feature, you don’t need to reposition the aircraft before flight. Just take this out of the box and enjoy your flight with endless fun.  


LED lights for Navigation purpose

You can enjoy your flight with an elegant look along with the given mesmerizing & colourful flashing LED lights. These lights will make you fall in love with this copter. Because of these colourful lights, you can fly your drone in low light or at night without fearing of losing it. Another useful advantage of this LED lights is, when the drone battery gets low these lights starts to flash to give low battery alarm to the pilot.


Forget about direction issue

Don’t be concerned about the direction problems anymore. With the Headless Mode of this copter, you can fly this Udi Peregrine U28W armature UAV in whatever way you like.


Stunning stunts and acrobatics- you will fall in love with

Who doesn’t love to perform and watch fantastic stunts and acts of an aircraft? About this issue, this aircraft can serve you with 360 degrees flipping feature. You can easily move and flick to the forward, backward, left and right. You just need to press one single button to perform incredible 3D flips.


Land your quad before crashing

Suppose you are enjoying your flight and suddenly you end up with a major crash due to the empty battery issue. I guess it won’t be a pleasant situation for you. You won’t want to damage this lovely quad. To reduce this kind of accidents, this drone gives alarms if the batteries get low.

If the batteries get low then the LED will start to flash to give the signal. You should land this UAV within 1 minute after getting the signal to avoid crashes.


Longer Flight Time Due to Bonus Batteries

Normally the Udi Peregrine U28W newcomer aircraft pilot can enjoy 5 to 7 flight time. But with the given 2 bonus 3.7V Lipo batteries you can enjoy much longer flights with huge fun.


Suitable VR Headset

If you had dreamed of turning your flight into a virtual reality experience, then it is the time to experience this in reality. You can enjoy this golden opportunity with the Wi-Fi connectivity of this drone.


Watch Live with First Person View option

With the help of the Wi-Fi connection, you can combine your IOS or Android devices directly to this drone. Thus you can enjoy everything live in FPV.


Built-in Battery Slot for more safety

To completely protect your battery, the battery slot is placed in the body on the Udi Peregrine U28W Beginners Drone.  To place or install the battery, simply open the battery slot cover at the rear part of the drone and insert the battery.

Altitude Hold Style

While flying, this quadcopter maintains a consistent altitude. Thus controlling this drone has become easier for the beginners as well as your aerial photography will be more stable.


Other popular versions of this model:

You can also check these outstanding versions of this quadcopter. These are:


  • U842-1
  • U842 Wi-Fi



Why should you prefer this quad?

    • The durability of this aircraft is very high. For example-You can crash it from 200ft but this will still work well.
    • The control of this UAV is so much easier. So the users can easily learn to fly this unique technology.


  • This drone camera can capture your special moments or unique views with its 120 wide-angle 2 MP HD camera.


  • Capturing HD quality photos and movies can be done with maximum safety by this RC copter.
  • You can easily pair your smartphone with this Udi Peregrine U28W armature quadcopter due to its Wi-Fi facility, making the controlling far easier.  
  • Everything can be controlled and watched regarding this drone through your mobile phone by installing Udirc app.
  • You will be provided with 2 extra batteries. With the help of these extra batteries, you can extend your flight time to 12 to 15 minutes. But this flight time will depend on how you are flying this and what settings you are using.


The advantages of fantastic copter are:

    • When you take off this aircraft in the air, it runs very smoothly.


  • This little drone is strongly durable.


  • The pilot can control the drone with his own smartphone. Thus 2 types of controlling can be gained.
  • The given user manual is clearly well described with illustrations.


The only limitation of this Udi Peregrine U28W Beginners Drone is its flight time. This duration can easily be extended with the help of the given spare batteries. Thus this limitation can be easily removed. In this way you will get a unique real-time flying experience.  


What this drone Package will provide you?

The elegant box of this UAV contains a lot of amazing stuffs. All items are of good quality and they are well packed. This dynamic box holds everything in the right place and protects them from damages in time of shipment. So this drone package will contain:

  • One U28W Peregrine Quad
  • One astonishing 2.4 GHz Controller
  • One dynamic 500 mAh Lipo Battery
  • One USB charger
  • One Microsd Card of 4GB
  • One SD Card Reader
  • One set of extra Blades [4 propellers]
  • One spanner
  • One complete Instruction Manual


Other important info you should know about:

    • This Udi Peregrine U28W novice drone is recommended for people of 14 years or above.
    • If you want fast charging then you should use a 5V 2A AC adapter to charge your drone battery which is not included in the package.
    • Bonus batteries are included in the Udi Peregrine U28W starter copter package.


  • From one propeller to another the distance is 20 inches.



Summary of this detailed discussion

If you have read this full article all the way down here then I am very much sure that you already have liked this fascinating little ufo. Just give it a try. It won’t disappoint you. Thus, make your life upgraded and smart with this amazing Udi Peregrine U28W Beginners Drone.


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