UDI Discovery U818A-1 Classy Drone with smart accessories

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November 15, 2016
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UDI Discovery U818A-1 Classy Drone with smart accessories

UDI Discovery U818A-1

UDI Discovery U818A-1

UDI UPDATED Discovery U818A-1

UDI UPDATED Discovery U818A-1

UDI Discovery U818A-1 Classy Drone

is your best companion if you are looking for the combination of all the latest technologies and fabulous features in a comparatively low price.  This drone is so great that it will make you addicted to it. Its high quality camera will capture HD quality clear and well contrast balanced pictures and videos. The accessories are also so convenient and well build. These will add extra values to the UAV. You can replace them any time if you want. The controller will give you full control over the aircraft in the easiest way. After a few flight you will become expert of this.

This drone has high capacity battery with strong power motors. Thus the pilot can fly this quad for much longer and also with more efficiency. The given manual will help you with all the instruction. Choose this impressive Udi discovery U818A-1 elegant drone to make your dreams of flying true. So in a summary this quad is simply awesome.


Technical details of this drone at a glance.

Model Number: U818A-1

Size of the Drone:

     Wide & Length- 330*340 mm

     Height-60 mm

Product Weight: 116 g

Shipping Weight: 116 g

Best Flight Time: 6 to 8 minutes

Color: Black with red trim

Model of the Motor: 0820

Battery Type: Lipo  

Indoor Hovering: Enabled by auto connection.

Temperature Range of operation: (-10) ~ 40 degree c.


Review about this aircraft.

Udi Discovery U818A-1 classy drone an amazing product from UDI RC will fascinate anyone with its outstanding features. Once you start your flight with it, you will get obsessed with this aircraft. After certain flights the control will get easier to you. This quad is very much stable and its flight is wonderful. Thus this aircraft is great for the beginners. If you want to buy this for fun then it will be stunning. Also you can buy this for your kids.

It comes as a RFT form thus you can fit the batteries and charge them. Then you are good to fly. The camera and video functions are also super cool. It can survive through different difficulties or unwanted situations. Like if it got stuck in the trees or banged it into curbs or any kid steps on it or even if it goes underwater then also it works. Isn’t it cool?  

Udi discovery U818A-1 elegant drone has huge acceptance in customers. Thus, we can see a lot of good reviews about this quadcopter. One of the main reasons is its low price. You can get this outstanding drone under $50. In this low price you are getting a lot of new and advanced features. Isn’t it amazing? It shows that it is serving in a great way. The recommended life time of this UAV is 4 years or below which is determined by its manufacturer.

So by these details we can conclude that it has very good reviews and you can buy this drone without any hesitations.


Awesome HD camera 

UDI UPDATED Discovery U818A-1

This amazing forward facing Udi discovery u818a-1 dashing quadcopter camera can capture clear and beautiful HD quality photos and videos. You can take aerial photos and videos from high sky. Making photography and videography has become much easier with this. You just have to press the photo button to snap picture and video button for both starting and stopping video recording. Easy or not?

Another great thing is the movie resolution of this has been upgraded to 1280*720 at 30 frames per second.

About the technical details of this camera-Still photography mode of this camera is Single Shoot. The maximum bit rate of video storage is 30 Mbps. The supported file format is FAT32 and the supported SD card type is TF.

You will get photos of JPEG type and videos of AVI type.  For maximum capacity you can extend it to 32 GB.


Accessories of this fantastic Drone

UDI UPDATED Discovery U818A-1

UDI UPDATED Discovery U818A-1


You can get various accessories of this Udi discovery U818A-1 modish aircraft. For example:

  • Dynamic Battery and Charger combo
  • Micro SD cards
  • Extra Propellers
  • Carrying Bag


Detailed description about these accessories will give you a clear view about them.  


USB Data cable for file transfer

It would have been amazing if you could upload your captured photos and videos right from your aircraft to any platforms without facing the troubles of transferring it here and there. Well the provided USB data cable will make your wish come true. You can easily upload your taken photos and videos to Facebook, Email, and Photoshop or on any other platforms using the given Data port and USB Data cable. Thus start capturing and sharing.


Dynamic Remote Controller

Discovery U818a-1 remote controller

Discovery U818a-1 remote controller

With the help of this smart controller of Udi discovery U818A-1 dashing copter, you can control your aircraft very easily with lots of style. You can control the Trim, Flight mode and Power of the drone by this transmitter.

The pilot can also see the flight status on the LCD screen display. So that he can watch live. There are 2 Joysticks which are used to move the quad in any direction. The Photo Button is used to snap photos and the Video Button is used to start and stop video recording. If you want to do 360 degree roll then press the roll button. But if you want to flip 360 degree in any direction then you have to flick Left Trigger Right. For turning signal light on & off use Right Trigger.

In case of Flight Mode you can switch between 2 moods. One is Beginner and the other is Expert. You can suit yourself.

The operating frequency of this transmitter is 2.4 GHz with which it’s pretty awesome. It includes 4 channels. In outdoor or unobstructed place the transmitting distance extends up to 80 meter. So you don’t have to worry about the disconnection. About the EIRP this will be 20 dBm at 2.4 G.

The main source of power for this controller is the built in AA battery. The type of the batteries is 1.5V Alkaline. You will need 4 of them.

Let’s talk about the temperatures ranges of this Udi discovery U818A-1 modish aircraft. About the Operating temperature range  it should remain between -10 to 40 Degree Celsius. For the storage temperature range it should be between -20 to 45 Degree Celsius for less than 3 months and 22 to 28 Degree Celsius for more than 3 months.







Impressive Lipo Battery of this copter


UDI UPDATED Discovery U818A-1


The pilot can enjoy longer flight time with the help of this dynamic battery.

About the technical details of this drone battery we can see that the type of this battery is basically LiPo. This type of battery is so much in use now. The net weight of this Udi discovery U818A-1 high-class drone battery is 15.3 gram. Maximum capacity of this battery is 500mAh. The voltage is 3.7.

Now it is time for the temperature part. The Operational Temperature Range should remain between -10 to 40 Degree Celsius. But in case of Charging Temperature Range it becomes 0 to 40 Degree Celsius. The user must keep these things in his mind.


Convenient USB Charger

Discovery U818a-1 battery

Discovery U818a-1 battery

This awesome USB charger can provide you with various types of charging methods. With this charger the charging will become more convenient. The required charging time is 120 minutes. With this charger you can charge both of your batteries at the same time.


One set of spare blades

Discovery U818a-1 propellers

Discovery U818a-1 propellers

You will be provided with one set of extra propellers. There are 4 propellers in the set. 2 are white and the other 2 are black. With the help of these incredible blades the drone can fly higher and higher without falling.  


Outstanding Features 

The fabulous features of this Udi Discovery U818A-1 dashing quadcopter are described below:


Headless Mode solves direction problem:

Discovery U818a-1 headless mode

Discovery U818a-1 headless mode

In this quadcopter you will be provided with the amazing Headless Mode. So now you don’t have to worry about the direction any more. Just fly however you like.


Low Battery Notification:

Discovery U818a-1 low battery notification

Discovery U818a-1 low battery notification

Just think you are flying your beautiful drone in the sky with all your happiness and suddenly it crashes in the ground without any alarm. I am sure you won’t like that. To solve this problem this drone will offer you with Low Battery Alarm.

When the charge of the battery will become low, the drone will flash its LED lights to make you aware that it is time to land your aircraft. After the alarm land your quadcopter within 1 minute to prevent any loss or crash. Thus this feature will save your from a lot of damages.


Fully Assembled Airframe to prevent damages:

This awesome Udi discovery U818A-1 exclusive quad comes with fully assembled airframe design which is tough and has lightweight features. To protect the drone from crashing against any hard surface special Blade Guards is designed.


Stunning stunts by its Flipping option:

Do you love to play with your drone or fascinated about doing stunts and show it to others? Then this quadcopter will be your best choice. You can enjoy a lot of marvelous stunts and acts with the help of its 360 degree flipping option. For example-flick, roll, twist etc. You can easily flip to Forward, Backward, left and Right.


Beautiful Navigational LED lights:

There are some colourful flashing lights on the drone. These will mesmerize you especially at the night. But you can enjoy your flight during both day and night with these colourful flashing LED lights.


Multi Axis Gyro for posture control:

Because of the Integrated Design the precise positioning of this Udi discovery U818A-1 classy drone is guaranteed. So it will be easier to remain stable.  


Pros of this aircraft:

  • This drone has incredibly sturdy design.
  • The plastic of this aircraft has high deflection. So it can only be bend rather than cracking.
  • Flying this aircraft is very much easy to learn and control. In approximate 10-12 flights you will  become an experienced pilot. Thus perfect for the beginners.
  • This aircraft comes as a Ready to Fly.
  • You will be provided with 2 types of speed control system. One is low- basically for the beginners or the kids and the other is high- for the experts. Thus you can get the experience of both modes.
  • This UAV is far less affected by the wind which is very much impressive for a drone of this category and price range.
  • The 720p camera of this can not only take still photos but also amazing videos.
  • You will be provided with an extra battery which will help the pilot to enjoy longer flight.
  • If any Udi discovery u818a-1 elegant drone parts get damaged and you want to replace it than it is has been made very much easier by its Modular Design. You can change or replace the parts all by yourself.
  • By the cool LED lights you can easily identify the front side of quadcopter during night. Also these lights add an attractive look to the product.
  • By pushing one button the pilot can enjoy amazing stunts like flick, twist, roll etc. as it has 360 degree flipping feature.
  • The remote controller has a nice LCD display at the bottom which enables great control for the quad.
  • A great advantage is that you will be provided with spare blades and parts. So if anything damages then you can easily change that and enjoy continuous flight.
  •  The given decent instruction manual will make you fully able to know everything about this product and to focus on little details of it. You will be very much benefited.



  • The given 2GB micro card will not be enough for you if you are making long videos. I will suggest you to keep extra micro card of 8GB  so to have high quality full length videos.
  • You may get some confusion about the turn setting of this drone. These settings can’t be changed. If you turn the transmitter to the left then quadcopter will turn to the right. You have to get used to it.

In spite of having these cons this Udi discovery U818A-1 exclusive aircraft is still amazing. These cons can be easily removed. All will remain are its good qualities and amazing flying experience


Other important information you should know:

  • Recommended for people above 14 years.
  • If you want to charge your battery faster than I will recommend you to use a 5V 2A AC adapter to charge your battery [which is not included by the way].
  • In the very beginning keep the protective practise cover on and practise indoor to learn. After becoming experienced just removes the cover and you will experience a whole new aircraft and amazing flight.


What this elegant drone box will contain?

Discovery U818a-1 box contain

Discovery U818a-1 box contain

The package of this aircraft is so gorgeous. The aircraft will be pre assembled, so you don’t have to face any troubles related assembling it. Other accessories are also well packed and will be given with the drone. Let’s see what this Udi Discovery U818A-1 high-class UAV package will contain:

  1. One U818A-1 RC Quadcopter
  2. One 2.4GHz Remote Controller with 4 Channel
  3. Two 3.7V 500mAh Powerful Drone Battery
  4. One dynamic USB Battery Charger
  5. One Micro-SD card of 2 GB
  6. One SD Card Reader
  7. One USB Data Cable
  8. One Set of Spare Blades of 4 pieces [2 black & 2 white]
  9. One Spanner
  10. One Complete Instruction Manual.



Discovery U818a-1

Discovery U818a-1

This drone will fulfill all of your requirements and wishes. . The accessories are stunning. You can easily control the aircraft; take HD quality photos & videos; do fantastic stunts and so on with this amazing quadcopter. Just try once and you will be tied up with this for ever. Your personality will be smarter and more stylish with this incredible UDI Discovery U818A-1 Classy Drone.



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