UDI U845 Wi-Fi Beginners Drone

November 15, 2016
UDI U845 WiFi

UDI U845 Wi-Fi Beginners Drone : smart & stylish

UDI U845 Wi-Fi Beginners Drone is the latest UDI hexacopter which will give you amazing First Person View experience. It is a unique & stylish UFO. It is lightweight but very much tough, safer & easier to fly. With FPV live view you can also get impressive RC experience. You will feel like you are flying with your aircraft. A fascinating advantage of this model is that you can see live, whatever your drone camera is capturing  through your smartphone. Isn’t it great? You just have to download the app and bind the drone Wifi signal with your smartphone. After this, your captured photos & videos will be directly transmitted to the app. This feature upgrades this model from the standard U845 voyager. The pilot can not only watch live videos but also control the aircraft with his smartphone. The user can control this Udi U845 wifi novice quadcopter in 2 ways. One can control traditionally by clipping his phone to the transmitter or he can control through his phone’s touch screen. Cool or not? Again, this Wi-Fi FPV maintains a consistent altitude while flying, thus making the flight & photography more stable for the beginner pilot. In one sentence we can say […]