SYMA X8C accessories

November 16, 2016

SYMA X8C accessories: make the best buying decisions

SYMA X8C accessories:     If you want to take full advantage of Syma X8C, you have to ensure the accessories of its. First, you have to introduce with accessories.On this point I will let you know all important SYMA X8C accessories which will help you to smooth fly. Charger: There is a seat charger with US plug power adapter. Battery:  It is a replacement 7.4V 2000m battery with powerful performance. You have to charge with only lipo battery. Be careful so that the battery don’t charge over. If you follow this instruction you can use it long time. Blade Protector: Blade protector will prevent your propeller from any impediment or damage. You can collect orange or white color. Motors: If your quadcoptor don’t fly, hope it is motor issue. So you can replace the motor with a new one. You have to ensure that the cable color is similar to replace one. Remote controller:  It is a great remote control with which you could fly more quadcoptors at  the same time. It is also faster than other remote controller. It has a brilliant frequency with 2.4GHZ. Gimbal: This is a camera holder for Syma X8C which is capable of […]