Holy Stone HS170 predator

November 15, 2016
Holy stone HS170

Holy Stone HS170 Predator mini RC Helicopter Drone is the Best Choice for drone trainer, why?

Holy Stone HS170 predator mini RC helicopter Drone is the best HS-series of the holy stone company. This drone is featured with headless security system, 6 to 8 minutes of flying time, 6-axis gyro stabilization system etc. Now, let’s see the quality, the features and the reviews of this drone.     Features of the Holystone HS170 Quadcopter:   “HEADLESS FLIGHT SYSTEM” makes the Quadcopter’s flight on the control and making it more fun to fly and easier for you. Low-interference 2.4 GHz technology. It has 6-Axis gyro stabilization system Wind Resistant The control range is 30-50 meters Flying minutes: 6-8 minutes Charging minutes: 60-80 minutes   What is in the box?     The packaging system is very impervious and nice. Whenever you shake the box there is nothing moving around. You should just cut the tape, pull out the plastic. You should take the quick eyeshot at the manual since it fell right out of the box when you pulled the plastic out. The manual is broken English but it will be relatively easy to understand.   Holy stone HS170 predator mini RC helicopter drone is having the option to fly the drone anywhere you want. Although it […]