DJI phantom 3 standard quadcopter featured accessories

November 16, 2016

DJI Phantom 3 standard quadcopter featured accessories: Greatly surpassed expectations

DJI phantom 3 standard quadcopter featured accessories after buying your drone you have to buy some accessories of this drone. That’s why we have presented the list of accessories of this drone in the below:     Intelligent flight battery: Are you planning to to buy phantom 3 standard drone? if yes, then please don’t forget to buy extra battery. because,your flight battery can damage or low charged at any time. suppose you are outside of the home or you’re in a park and enjoying by flying your drone but suddenly the charge of your drone’s battery has been over then what will you do? in that time, if you have extra battery with you then you can use it instantly and enjoy your flying.  The new flight battery has 4480 mAh capacity. the battery type is LiPo 4S and it has 15.2 V and this battery is designed specifically only the drones of phantom 3 series. Because of the excellent power of this battery the drone can fly up to 23 minutes. the flight battery has built in bright LEDs that shows you the remaining power and the status of the battery. Car charger kit: This accessory is used […]