DJI Phantom 3 SERIES Upgraded

November 15, 2016
phantom 3 professional

DJI Phantom 3 SERIES Upgraded Quadcopters to knock out the world

DJI  Phantom 3 SERIES Upgraded Quadcopters are now the best drones of DJI  on the market and this drone have almost four models with creative features. However with the expanding number of Phantom models to choose from, it became very difficult to make sense of which drone you are going to purchase. That is the reason today I  will discuss each and every models with these drones attractive features. After seeing the features of model, you can make the best buying decision in light of what your requirements are.   THE FOUR MODELS The four models are given below: (Standard) DJI  Phantom 3 Standard (Advanced) DJI  Phantom 3 Advanced (Professional) DJI  Phantom 3 Professional (4k) DJI  Phantom 3 4k DJI  Phantom 3 STANDARD It is the lowest cost model of Phantom 3 drone with the price under $499 and it is great for people who have tight budget. DJI  Phantom 3 standard is suitable for those beginners whose main requirements are “ready to fly” drone in the sky and affordable aerial platform with some intelligent flight modes. The best features are given below: It has 2.7k camera for smooth video By the camera you can shoot 12 megapixel pictures Featuring with intelligent flight system […]