3DR Solo

November 19, 2016
3DR Solo Smart Drone

3DR Solo Smart Drone make aerial photography & videography easy

3DR SOLO SMART DRONE is especially made for the aerial photography and videography to capture your moments in a frame.Drone has made aeronautical photography, cinematography and videography more available than any time in recent memory, be that as it may, getting proficient looking shots is still genuinely precarious. Unless you’ve had years of practice, it’s truly hard to fly a drone and control a camera in the meantime. A great deal of new drone has been turned out of art and there is a considerable measure of drone company out there. The solo comes in to evolve. This drone planned this particularly to shoot aeronautical video, and furnished it with a scope of independent flight moods that makes it simpler to catch those smooth, hot, professional looking cinematic shots.   Overview Flight time : 20 min. Range : .6 miles (1 km.) Max speed : 55 mph Maximum altitude  : 400ft (122m) per FAA regulation Highest ascent speed: 10 m/s in stabilized mode and 5 m/s in fly mode Utmost payload: 800g Batter: 5200 mAH Controller battery: 2600 mAH 7.2 Vdc rechargeable Lithium Ion Charge time: 1.5 hour Radio frequency: 2.4 GHz HD media link: 3DR link secure Wi-Fi network […]