SYMA X8HG Toy Drone For Kids provides best quality camera cool features

SYMA X8C Classified & Reasonable Quadcopter for beginners and kids with best features.
November 15, 2016

SYMA X8HG Toy Drone For Kids provides best quality camera cool features

SYMA X8HG TOY DRONE FOR KIDS is now the best one in the market. Today, people are more excited over drones. There are different types of drone in the market. So when they buy drone they look over the feature of this. When Syma introduced the X8HG, it became an instant hit. People are capable of shooting good quality video and Capturing picture with this.



Though this drone is not comparable to high quality drone, but this drone is affordable and attractive with 720P HD camera and 8 megapixel sensor. It has also come with ready to fly and record which is very easy to control. Anyone will be impressed for his sustainable body. So, you can get this dorne under $102.



SYMA X8HG-Dimension

SYMA X8HG-Dimension

SYMA X8HG-Dimension

SYMA X8HG-Dimension

Brand name: Syma

Model No: X8GH

Dimension: 50 x 50 x 19 cm.

Flight time: Almost 7 Minutes

Flight Features: Altitude hold, Headless mode, 3D flips, 2 flight speed (high and low)

Battery: 7.4V 2000mAh Li-ion

Camera: 8MP with 1080p/720p video

Charge time: 200 Minutes

Weight: 617g (with battery and camera)

Controlling distance: almost 70 meters

Headlight Mode: Yes

Color: Red

Frequency: 2.4G

Transmitter Battery: 4”AA” batteries



SYMA X8HG-Design & Material

SYMA X8HG-Design & Material

The Syma X8HG toy drone for kids comes with a sustain and attractive body which is included with battery compartment, motors and gears. A 2000 mAh battery can easily accommodate in the battery compartment. It should be managed with care so that the wires are not affected.

A 3D lock system is included in the 6 axis Gyro which makes the drone more embodied and more effective in using the device. Moreover, the drone comes with high quality plastic made blade protectors. The propellers of this quadcoptor added strength and stunning build.

It is noted that other features are important on X8HG drone such as 360º aerial stunt and LED lights for performing on the night without losing.



In some perspective, the Syma X8HG toy drone for kids is similar to another drone X5HW.  It is also very sustainable and easy to fly in the air. The altitude hold of this makes flying more suitable for the beginners. This feature will help you to control the height autonomously. Normally it is not used in the lower cost drones. Because of its weight and strong build you can handle this quadcoptor more precisely.

There are two speed modes in this drone. One is High and another one is Low. It has a 2000mAH battery which provides almost 7 minute flight time or more. It depends on your flying system and nature condition.


The Headless Mode

SYMA X8HG-Headless-Mode

SYMA X8HG-Headless-Mode

Headless Mode is another interesting feature of this drone. This mode is too good and it works well so that everyone can easily control. When your battery is getting low, a warning will be given to you so that you get enough time to land the quadcoptor.



SYMA X8HG-High Quality camera

SYMA X8HG-High Quality camera


Syma included an 8MP HD camera in X8HG model drones that is able to record at 720p or 1080p resolution. As a toy graded drone, its camera quality is good but you can’t compare it with the latest high quality aerial photography camera. The camera is attached to the body with a special quick mount. However, the drone is capable of its own drone as well as GoPro clones. So you can upgrade your camera quality in the future for getting smooth video and photo.

You can move the camera around 360 degrees as you want. There is also a simple modular which makes the camera easy to capture in different sights.

As I said before, the syma X8HG toy drone for kids camera has superb image quality, though it is a toy graded drone. You can choose this drone for image and video quality if you are tired of low image quality from cheaper toy drones.

Though X8HG does not include FPV monitor, but you can use your smartphone for live video as a monitor. You have to connect WiFi to your phone through a free application which is available for both iOS and Android.



SYMA X8HG-Transmitter

SYMA X8HG-Transmitter

The transmitter is one of the important features of this quadcoptor. It is very easy to use and two colors are available in the market. One is white and another one is orange. At 2.4 GHz frequency it works. By using transmitter button you can turn-on and off the drone.

There are many cheaper quadcoptors in the market that have transmitter which are not easy to use, but Syma makes the transmitter for easy control. Both thumb flyers and pinch flyers use the control sticks smoothly. This transmitter will show you all information such as sticks, battery level and signal quality. It also displays when you are recording video and capturing pictures. It is very responsive and easy to control the movement.



The Syma X8HG comes with a 7.4V 2000 mAh LiPo battery and makes precise part which fits nicely with quadcoptor. It is interesting that there is a nice plastic clip in the compartment with which you can close the door. You can keep the quadcoptor in the sky for around 5-7 minutes depend on conditions and nature and it takes almost 200 minutes to fully charge the battery.



SYMA X8HG-Accessories

SYMA X8HG-Accessories

If you want to take full advantage of this drone, you have to ensure the accessories of its. First, you have to introduce with accessories.On this point I will let you know all important accessories of Syma X8GH which will help you to smooth fly. That’s why you should buy these accessories.

  • Charger: There is a seat charger with US plug power adapter.
  • Battery:  It is a replacement 7.4V 2000m battery with powerful performance. You have to charge with only lipo battery. Be careful so that the battery don’t charge over. If you follow this instruction you can use it long time.
  • Blade Protector: Blade protector will prevent your propeller from any impediment or damage. You can collect orange or white color.
  • Motors: If your quadcoptor don’t fly, hope it is motor issue. So you can replace the motor with a new one. You have to ensure that the cable color is similar to replace one.
  • Remote controller:  It is a great remote control with which you could fly more quadcoptors at  the same time. It is also faster than other remote controller. It has a brilliant frequency with 2.4GHZ.
  • Gimbal: This is a camera holder for Syma X8HG which is capable of carrying different camera model. It is easy to install and sustainable that makes quality pictures and videos.






Every product have some good or bad sides. Like every product this dorne also have some good or bad sides. Let’s see the pros and cons:


  • It is a strong and sustainable drone
  • Nice video and photo quality
  • A great LED light which will help to see both in day and night
  • Good flight time compares to others toy graded fly.
  • Altitude hold perform outstandingly and will assist you to easily control.



  • You can’t move the camera mount so you always film in the forward.
  • Direction quality is poor and complex to understand.






Now all i want to say is this drone is a popular drone of X8G series. With a lower price tag, it is very suitable drone for those who are searching for a good taking photos and recording videos. If this drone meet with your all requirements then I think you should buy it and you will not disappointed. When you will compete with others in its class, i am sure the best drone will be SYMA X8HG TOY DRONE FOR KIDS.




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