UDI U818A will give wings to your dreams about flying. It will be the best for you if you are looking forward to buy a drone for the first time or in low price. This is one of the fascinating, well build & popular aircraft having all of the most recent & astounding technologies and features. Udi RC’s this drone is electric fuelled, radio controlled and furnished with 6 whirligigs for adjustment.

One of the secrets of its high acceptance is its affordability and its ability to provide hours of fun with the easiest control system.

The drone is provided in a fully assembled condition which is ready to fly right out of the box. The best flight time after a full charge is near about 9 minutes which is so much better than the other aircraft of the same category. As it is so easy to fly, it is great for the armature or beginner pilots. To perform stunts and difficult acts like inversion you will be provided with an additional button on your remote control. In a nutshell, this drone is a complete package for you.


Why is the best choice for the beginners?

U818A will be your best companion if you are buying drone for the first time. Likewise, it will be great for the people who are looking forward to practice before moving on to more expensive aircraft.

Having the feature of Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) it eliminates the troubles a user face at the starting. Another awesome feature is its Return to a home key function which empowers the drone to fly back to beginning place without any trouble. This advanced feature is especially seen in the expensive quadcopters.

An important element is the 6-hub control which makes this automation solid against regular causes like wind and makes the flight more stable.

Overall this camera drone is the best for the beginners.

Product Specification

Model: U818A

Manufacturer: UDI RC

Size of the drone:

Length and Width: 340*330 mm

Height: 60 mm

Category: Camera drone

Style: Quadcopter

Colour: Black

Weight of Item: 4.2 ounces

Shipping Weight: 2.3 pounds

Maximum Flight Time: 7-9 minutes

Communication Distance: 80 feet

Model Number of Motor: 0820

Estimated lifetime: 14 years and up

Skill level: Beginner

Micro SD Card: 2 GB

Camera Resolution: 1280*720 pixels

Indoor Hovering: Enabled by Auto connection

Operating Temperature Range: -10 to 40 Degree Celsius


Impressive HD Camera of quadcopter U818A

This popular aircraft will provide you with an outstanding drone camera. Let’s have a look on this. This forward facing camera can capture epic aerial photos and videos with outstanding colour and white balance.

For recording videos, you need to press the button which has a little video camera sign next to it before taking off. When you are done with recording then press the same button again. One thing is very important to remember that this drone will record only video rather than any kind of audios. Photos can also be taken by pressing the button which has camera image next to it.

Technical information about this u8181a drone camera is given below:



  • This camera can flip 360 degrees to forward, backward, left & right.
  • Still Photography type: Single shot.
  • Camera Resolution: 1280*720p
  • Maximum video storage bitrate: 30 Mbps
  • Types of supported SD Card: TF
  • Maximum Capacity of it: 32 GB
  • File Format: FAT32
  • Video Type: AVI
  • Photo Type: JPEG

The taken photos & videos can easily be seen by plugging the camera into any computer with the help of the provided USB Data Cable. With the help of this Data port & USB Data Cable, the users can also upload their AVI & JPEG files to any platforms like- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, Photoshop etc.


Which features make it better?

  • Strong capable engines empower the helicopter to fly longer and effectively.
  • It comes with a highly flexible plastic defensive cover which secures the propeller in time of flying and upgrades the performance of this aircraft.
  • Forward-controlling HD camera takes epic photos and videos.
  • Removable 2 GB micro SD card can store enough footage from more than one flight.
  • By the help of the given SD card reader, users can post their new AVI & JPEG files into Facebook, Instagram, Email, Twitter etc.
  • Through 4-channel 4 GHz transmitter LCD screen you can watch full flight status.
  • Stable flight & simple operation is ensured by 4 channel controller.
  • 360-degree flips are possible toward forward, backward, left and right.
  • This u818a model can be easily moved to any direction by using 2 Joysticks.
  • LED running lights & remote control signal light helps to make it visible in any weather.
  • One key to turning LED lights off and on.
  • Provides controls for trim, power & flight mode in a single transmitter.
  • This udi drone gives low battery alarm to secure it from crashes.
  • 2 long life batteries will be provided with a USB battery charger. Thus they can use these 2 by swapping.


Accessories make flying easy

The user will be provided with:

  • 4GHz LCD controller
  • Powerful LiPo Batteries
  • USB Battery Charger
  • SD Card of 2 GB
  • SD Card Reader
  • AC Adaptor
  • Charge Box
  • Extra Screwdriver
  • One set of spare blades





Let’s have a detailed look on these:


2.4GHz LCD Controller of U818A

With the help of this 4 channel smart Remote Controller the controlling of this drone has become much easier. With this 2.4 GHz LCD controller, you can control trim, flight mode, and power.

In this controller, there is a digital readout which shows throttle setting, remote battery life, trim settings, camera settings etc. This transmitter offers 2 types of speed modes. One is the Low-speed mode for the beginners or kids and the other one is the High-speed mode for the experts or racers.

On the provided remote there will be an Inversion button which allows the consumers to flip the aircraft. For the main control you can use the left & right stick situated on the transmitter.

Detailed description of this u818a remote controller is given below :

  • Easy to handle Effective design & auto assigned ID.
  • Operational frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Transmitting Distance in outdoor: 80m
  • Power Supply: Built-in AA Battery.
  • Required Battery: 4*1.5V Alkaline batteries.
  • Operational Temperature Range: -1 to 40 Degree Celsius
  • Storage Temperature Range: -20 to 45 Degree Celsius [below 3 months]

: 22 to 28 Degree Celsius [above 3 months]


Lipo Battery needed for this drone

You will get lithium batteries with this drone which will give you longer flight time. Total Capacity of these batteries is 500mAh and the voltage is determined as 3.7V. Net weight of this Lipo type u818a drone batteries is 15.3-gram per.

Now the temperature part-the Temperature range of Operation should be kept between (-10) to 40 Degree Celsius. For the Charging Temperature range, this should remain 0 to 40 Degree Celsius. You should maintain this temperature carefully to keep your batteries in good condition.

USB Charger for your drone battery

This powerful charger will charge your drone properly taking only 120 minutes. The provided USB battery Charger has been made in such a way that it can offer various charging ways. This charger will make charging more convenient.

One Set of Spare Blades

To lower your cost and tension the company will provide you with 4 extra propellers. These are well-built and lucrative. Among the 4 propellers 2 of them are White and the other 2 are Black. If any problem occurs with the main propellers then you can easily replace them with these and enjoy the same amazing flights again.

Micro SD Card for storage

You will be provided with a microSD card of 2 GB. Several flights can be stored properly in the removable TF card.


Stunning additional Features -which will make you wow:

This UAV comes with a lot of latest and mesmerizing features. These features are adding more and more values to the aircraft. Let’s have detailed discussion on those:

Proper posture controls by Multi-Axis Gyro

The drone will be provided with 6 Axis Gyro which ensures proper Posture Control of the copter. Thus holds your aircraft more stable in the air making the control easier. With the help of this modern feature, the beginners can feel more comfortable and fearless to fly this quad.

Fully-Assembled Airframe for better protection

For the better protection of your drone, you will be provided with fully assembled airframe design which is lightweight though tough. The Blade Guards are designed in such a way that it protects the quad from crashing against any hard surface.

Easy to replace due to Modular Design

You don’t have to get worried by thinking what you will do if the u818a drone parts broke down or damaged. Due to the Modular Design the user can easily replace or change the parts of this drone whenever they want.

Mesmerizing LED Navigational Lights

This udi drone is decorated with a lot of navigational LED lights. These enhance the beauty of this aircraft a lot at night. But it looks gorgeous in both day and night. In the front of this aircraft there are undercarriage Blue lights and in the back, there are Red lights. These remain on all time. You can turn them off if you want.

Amazing Stunts by 360 degrees flipping function

If you love to do stunts with your drone then this feature will attract your attention. You can easily flip forward, backward, left and right by u818a’s 360-degree rotating option. Beside this, you can also do the twist, roll, and flick etc. by pressing a single button.

Low Battery Notification

If the drone battery gets low in time of flight then it may cause crashes or any unwanted situations. To solve this problem this UAV will give you alarm is situations like this. After getting low battery alarm, you should land your quadcopter within 1 minute to avoid crashes.


How to start up- manually

1st step: Enter the battery into the drone and let it get charged. Ensure that the battery is fully charged to experience your flight without any interruptions.

2nd step: On the Transmitter, make sure that the left throttle key is all down. Then enter new batteries and turn the Remote Control on.

3rd step: Sit tight for a few moments to check whether both devices are synchronized or not. After hearing 3 beeps you can be ensured that both devices are properly combined. If the devices are not matching properly then follow the 4th step.

4th step: In this step, you need to push the left throttle stick all the way up and then down as quickly as possible.


What UDI U818A box will contain?

  • One u818a Quadcopter.
  • One Remote Controller
  • One 500mAh Drone Battery
  • One USB Battery Charger
  • One Microsd Card of 2 GB
  • One SD Card Reader
  • One AC Adaptor
  • One Charge Box
  • One Screwdriver
  • One Complete Instruction Manual


  • The perfect combination of amazing quality & low price-This udi drone is available in double digit price range while giving a lot of functions like high-priced aircraft. Thus you can save your money while enjoying high-class features.
  • If any parts broke or get damaged then you can easily replace them due to its Modular Design.
  • Controlling flight is easy and instinctive- The smart controller of this aircraft requires simple handling. Thus by this transmitter flying has been made much easier than before.
  • Build-in camera-High quality epic aerial pictures and videos can be taken by already building in 640*480 pixels camera.
  • Stable flight even in the wind- In spite of being lightweight, it can remain stable in strong winds near about 10 mph or more.
  • Fabulous LCD screen of the controller-Users will be provided with a fantastic LED monitor situated on the transmitter to have on screen menu display with FPV capabilities.
  • U818A is not like other low-cost drones in the case of durability- It is more durable & versatile. This can minimize low-affect crashes in a good manner which is very much important for the people who are just learning how to fly a drone.
  • In inexpensive models, the remote is very small more like a toy. But this drone will provide you with a nice sized transmitter which can ensure more comfortable handling by adult hands.


  • Batteries pass on rather quick. Thus I will suggest you buy extra batteries.
  • Replacement parts are somehow little expensive.
  • The camera cannot be redesigned.
  • In the case of video recording, this camera can record only videos rather than any kind of audios.

These cons can be easily removed or minimized. After removing these cons you will end up with an outstanding u818a quadcopter drone which is exceptional in every aspect.





Additional information you should know about.

  • The user should be at least 14 years old or up.
  • It will be better if you avoid flying this above concrete or asphalt. As the chance of crashing is higher as a beginner, crashing on a hard base can cause damages.
  • In time of doing flips make sure that your drone is 10-15 feet higher from the ground. Otherwise, you may end with a crash.
  • It will be good if you remain careful right after your flight as the battery will get little hot. So you should wait for like at least 10 minutes before placing it in another charge.
  • You can buy extra Micro SD card with more storage capacity or more than one SD card for storage, as the given 2 GB SD card won’t be able to support to store several high-quality long time videos.
  • If you want to charge the battery faster than you can use a 5V 2A AC adapter to charge. This is not included with the drone so you have to buy it.
  • Rather than taking the SD Card out every time, you can use a USB Cable to transfer the taken photos and videos.




U818A is a great little flying drone but it is a tough one. This drone is virtually indestructible. You can commit crash after crash but this will remain to perform reliably.  The main reason behind this is- it offers latest technologies at a very low price. Another reason is its simplicity to use.

This copter comes as an RFT form. Thus you don’t need to get worried about it. Just get it out from the package, charge it and you are ready to fly. If any of its parts get damaged or broken then you can simply replace them due to its modular design. With one touch of a button, epic photos and videos can be taken

We can see that this drone obtains a lots of customer reviews. This is a huge number. By this amount you can easily understand that how much popular this drone really is.

In the case of the price, you can get this drone in below $60. This price is so low comparing what amazing things this drone is providing to you.

The manufacturer has set the estimated lifetime of this aircraft as 14 years or more. Thus the customer can play with this drone for a long time.

From this detail, it can be concluded that this amazing u818a quadcopter has an outstanding review from the customers. As it is so much acceptable to the consumers, you can buy this popular drone without rethinking.



This 6 axis gyro quadcopter is truly a fantastic aircraft in low price. This little drone is well designed and constructed. Its outstanding drone camera and other accessories add a great value to it. It will be the best drone for the beginner/ amateur pilots or for the kids to play around or to prepare you as a drone pilot. If you are already an advanced pilot then you may find a lot of advanced features in it. Thus, I will highly recommend all the drone lovers & hobbyist to try fascinating Quadcopter UDI U8181A.



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