DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4 drone

DJI Phantom 4 drone

DJI PHANTOM 4 DRONE IS MOST SEXY AND BEST, smartest, fastest and strongest flying camera drone, permitting you to shoot amazing aerial pictures on your Iphone or Ipod. It does not just fly intelligently with a tap and also consequently make seamless tracking shots, it can independently stay away from deterrents and do much more. Flying has never been so easy and as much fun like never before.

It is also featuring with superior speed, long flight time, 4k ultra HD video camera, 3-axis gimbal and also active track system. Actually it is also created for the high level aerial photography.


You can shoot sharp and clean video by the HD camera in up to 4k at 30 frames per second (fps) and full HD 1080p at 120 frames per second (fps) for the slow motion, by a new lens that increases the sharpness of a picture. The lens has 94 degree field of view, which reduces the distortion of the picture by 36%. The ISO range of the camera of this drone is 100-3200 (for video) and 100-1600 (for photo).

DJI phantom 4 Camera with best image quality

In the camera of the DJI Phantom 4 most sexy and best quadcopter there are some video color profiles. There are 10 color profiles and these profiles will help you to get the look easily that you really want. The camera of this drone is made with the new stabilization system. The drone has 3-axis gimbal that helps to avoid unwanted movements in the flight because the movements of the flight are controlled by the gimbal controller unit. The 3-axis gimbal enables the camera to shoot sharp and smooth pictures in the time of complex maneuvers.


It can fly in the sky for maximum 28 minutes. The powerful motors and intense, large capacity battery gives this drone 28 minutes flight time to stay in the sky. Because of this longer flight time you can shoot long videos.

DJI Phantom 4 Fly for long timeThe DJI Phantom 4 most sexy UAV is also featuring with integrated light bridge technology. This technology permits you to see and observe everything that the drone sees in 720p HD at up to 3.1 miles away. That’s why you can enjoy every excellent moment and can see that places where humans could not go.


The capacity of the powerful and large battery of this drone is 5350 mAh. The phantom’s battery type is LiPo 4S. The voltage and energy of the battery of this drone are respectively 15.2V and 81.3 Wh. The net weight of the battery is 462g and the maximum charging power is 100w. The integrated power management system, good charging capability and smart charge always keep the phantom’s battery easy to charge and also able to fly in the sky for the long time.

DJI Phantom 4 Battery


Another feature of the phantom 4 drone that makes it unique from other drones is more than one flight modes. The Phantom 4 has multiple flight modes. You can change the flight modes as your wish. If you are searching for straightforwardness and cinematic movements then you can do it easily by changing the flight modes. There are three flight modes, these are- position mode, sport mode, atti mode. You can change the flight mode of the drone on any mode from these three modes. When you change the flight mode of your drone on sport mode, it includes additional speed, reaching 72 kph (45 mph). Actually this drone is sufficiently adaptable to meet your diverse flying requests.


Our two eyes are always used to see the obstacles in front of us and also interact with the world. But interestingly, DJI Phantom 4 most sexy and best quadcopter is featuring with automatic obstacle avoidance technology. Because of this feature the phantom can easily avoid obstacles during the flight.

DJI Phantom 4 Automatic obstacle avoidanceIn front of the drone there are two sensors which are combined with the advanced computer vision and processing. These sensors give the drone active obstacle avoidance, which permits it to automatically avoid obstacle in its way. The vision positioning system of DJI has been refined by increasing its altitude over 300% from the phantom 3.


Now everyone can fly and see everything. All you have to do is double tap on your device screen and then your drone will be up in the air. Because of having obstacle sensing system your drone will be always free from obstacles and fly safely. When you want to return home, just give one tap and your drone will come back to you safely. Because of having two obstacle sensors in front of the drone it can fly that places where humans might have not gone yet to shoot smooth and sharp photos.



The phantom 4 aircraft is also featured with active track technology. By using it, the drone can instantly track you wherever you go and catch your instructions, then follow the instructions naturally and store them in the frame. Suppose you are in a drive or you are running in a road, your drone uses its object recognition and computer vision technology and can instantly track you and know where you are.


Another interesting feature of this drone is, it has some music and video templates. You can use these templates for creating images, videos ready within a minute for sharing with others and then share the images or videos with a tap on the screen. I want to say one thing, that is, how your video should look is always up to your creative thinking.


Phantom 4 Sport Mode

We have seen some important features of this drone, now let’s see another excellent feature of this drone. That is, the drone is designed with the sport mode, which can be activated by a tap on the screen. When your DJI Phantom 4 most sexy and best Drone is in sport mode you can get or enjoy a better and faster speed flying experience. In the sport mode the phantom can fly with a speed up to 45 miles within one hour. Not only the sport mode helps you to fly your drone with such a speed but also lets you to fly in the high places. This drone can go the height of 20 fps and also it can descend at 13 fps.


When you will see the design of the flight controller, it will remind you about the phantom 3 drone with the white color. But if you observe the controller perfectly, then you will see that there are some differences in the buttons and switches of the controller.

Phantom 4 Flight ControllerThe play or pause buttons of the controller of the phantom 4 drone has been changed. You will see the switches opposite to the button of the video recorder has now changed to PSA version in place of PFA version. On the earlier version of DJI’s drones the PFA version was used. PSA version is now a pause button that handles both of the functionalities. The button helps the drone in hovering in place.


The new propeller mounts allow each of the propeller for locking securely with a push and releasing the propeller easily. You can lock the propeller of your drone and can also release the propeller easily whenever you want.


After buying your phantom you will need some accessories with it. Some accessories of this drone are given below:

DJI Phantom 4 Accessories

  1. A smartphone or tablet:
    After buying the DJI Phantom 4 most desirable and greatest quadcopter, you will definitely have to buy a smartphone or tablet for enjoying its all features.
  2. Travel backpack:

    Assume that you are planning to go any where on a plane or biking or driving a car and you want to carry your drone with you then what will you do? Without any bag it will break down instantly. There are many options to carry the phantom 3. Though the phantom 4 is newly published drone in the market. But you can buy a travel backpack made by the DJI for carrying the phantom 4. The backpack has more than one pockets on the outside and inside to keep things like key, batteries, chargers, ND filters etc. The backpack has a best feature, that is inside it there is a laptop compartment.   

  3. Extra quickly releasing propellers:

    Though the phantom 4 is featuring with automatic obstacle avoidance, there is no guarantee that the drone will not crash if you handle it perfectly and do not send it to backwards. The drone can only avoid the obstacles which are in front it. If you want to take a shot in time of flying and send your DJI Phantom 4 backwards and hit with something then what will you do? The solution is using extra propeller. Though in the box of phantom there is an extra set but I think you should have take two extra propeller sets if you are thinking about going to a long trip. The weight of each propeller is 11g.

  4. Extra intelligent flight battery:

    The flight time of the drones are going to higher and higher everywhere. The DJI Phantom 4 most sexy and best quadcopter can fly for the 28 minutes, but i think this time is not enough for shooting any real and long video. That’s why you should buy an extra flight battery for overcoming the problem. When you travel you don’t have to add any extra power outlet for recharging the battery. The battery has 15.2 voltage and it is built with bright LEDs. Because of having the LEDs you can see the remaining power and also the status of the battery.  

  5. Car charger:

    The accessory is used for charging the remote controller and flight battery. You can charge the remote controller and flight battery by the cigarette lighter port of your car. The car charger is featuring with low voltage and overheating protection. The charger takes 1 hour 10 minutes for charging the intelligent flight battery and 3 hour 20 minutes for charging the remote controller.

  6. Battery charging hub:

    The battery charging hub is made for using the flight battery. The charger hub is capable of charge at least three flight batteries. All of the batteries will be charges one after one according to their high to low power level. there is a storage mode in the charging hub which allows it to keep the flight battery at 50 percent charge and this charge is ideal for the storage.

  7. USB charger:

    By the USB charger you can recharge your tablet or smartphone using intelligent battery. When your mobile’s battery charge runs low then you can take the charger and connect the mobile or tablet for charging.

  8. Tablet sun hood:

    Disastrously most of the mobile screens reflects with the sunray. The solution of this problem is DJI sun hood you can use this for protecting the screen from the reflection of sunray.

  9. Propeller guard: In time of collision you can protect your drone’s propellers from damaging by the propeller guard. The propeller guards are highly reliable, less weight and also protect the propellers from damaging.


Every products have some good and bad sides. That’s why the DJI Phantom 4 has some good and bad sides. Lots customers have given their reviews about this product.

Good reviews: The DJI Phantom 4 most seductive and best quadcopter is a very glossy one compared with other drones. If you have already flown a quadcopter, then you will not face any problem for getting started with this drone. Its new addition sport mode will help you to get your location quickly. Another addition of this drone is the obstacle sensing system will help the drone to avoid the hindrances or obstacles automatically. In the above I have already discussed about its excellent camera with the new addition slow motion video shooting.

The limitations: There is nothing without any limitations. That’s why there are some limitations of the phantom. Though it can avoid obstacles automatically but the sensing system sees only that thing which is in front of this. You also have to buy an iphone or a tablet for flying the drone and controlling the controller of it. The extra batteries of this drone are high priced. The camera of this drone is tightly fixed with the body, that’s why if you ever want to upgrade the camera of the drone there is no option to do this.   


So what are you thinking about DJI Phantom 4 drone? Though it has some limitations but I think it’s just excellent. The main feature of this drone that I like is, its automatic obstacle avoidance power. Because for this feature everyone can fly their drones without taking any stress.

Phantom 4 Sharing Pictures and Videos instantly

Let me clear one thing about its price. The price of this aircraft is too high rather than other drones of DJI. But I think if you want a excellent camera UAV with powerful capacity, longer flight time then this drone should be your first choice and forget about the price, it’s nothing! Always remember best product’s price is always higher than the other products. I think you should not miss all the above features when these features are in one drone. So all I want to say, DJI PHANTOM 4 DRONE IS MOST SEXY AND BEST.



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