3DR Solo

3DR Solo

3DR Solo

3DR Solo

3DR SOLO SMART DRONE is especially made for the aerial photography and videography to capture your moments in a frame.Drone has made aeronautical photography, cinematography and videography more available than any time in recent memory, be that as it may, getting proficient looking shots is still genuinely precarious. Unless you’ve had years of practice, it’s truly hard to fly a drone and control a camera in the meantime. A great deal of new drone has been turned out of art and there is a considerable measure of drone company out there. The solo comes in to evolve. This drone planned this particularly to shoot aeronautical video, and furnished it with a scope of independent flight moods that makes it simpler to catch those smooth, hot, professional looking cinematic shots.


Flight time : 20 min.

Range : .6 miles (1 km.)

Max speed : 55 mph

Max altitude  : 400ft (122m) per FAA regulation

Max ascent speed: 10 m/s in stabilized mode and 5 m/s in fly mode

Max payload: 800g

Batter: 5200 mAH

Controller battery: 2600 mAH 7.2 Vdc rechargeable Lithium Ion

Charge time: 1.5 hour

Radio frequency: 2.4 GHz

HD media link: 3DR link secure Wi-Fi network

Motor:  800 kV

Autopilot software:  APM on Pixhawk 2

Propellers: 10in.(24cm) diameter 4.5 in. (144cm) pitch self tightening; glass- reinforced nylon propellers

Dimension: 10 in. tall (25cm) 18 in. (46cm) motor to motor

Weight:  3.3 1bs (1.5 kg) / 3.9 1bs (1.8 kg) with Go Pro and solo Gimble



3DR Controller

3DR Controller

There’s one in the controller, and one installed the drone itself that handles all abnormal state flight scripting, liberating Solo’s Pixhawk 2 autopilot to concentrate exclusively on keeping the copter noticeable all around. This design makes the drone extraordinarily dependable, as there’s a much lower shot of a firmware solidify.

3DR solo smart drone worked intimately with GoPro to guarantee full similarity. This implies and also having the capacity to see a top notch video feast upon your IOS or Android gadget, you likewise have full control over the GoPro’s settings remotely. So on the off chance that you need to change the determination, field of view or whatever else while flying, you can. The controller has an “oar” on the left shoulder (to one side in the picture above) for altering the tilt point of the camera, and two catches on the inverse side which put the camera at two diverse preset edges.

There’s a little LCD show in the focal point of the controller demonstrates the exact edge alongside other valuable data. One little complain is that the controller’s whole front board has an intelligent gleaming completion which isn’t perfect as you’re as of now getting glare from your telephone or tablet’s screen, and it makes the show harder to see. This is what you’ll see on the show: when your camera is connected, you can control all of its setting amid flight, right from the 3DR controller.

Battery capacity

Solo can hit more than 55 MPH. The 5200mAh battery cuts into the highest point of the art and keeps going 25 minutes, or 20 in case you’re utilizing a gimbal and GoPro camera. On the off chance that you require a drone  that can stay aware of an auto, cruise, snowboard, mountain bicycle, or whatever else that moves quickly, solo would be an awesome decision.

What’s the capability?

The Solo has the ability to head out up to 5 miles and achieve statures up to 400 feet, and that is simply because FAA controls put stipulations on flight tallness. The satellite guided flight likewise keeps a takeoff.

One of the stunning elements of the 3DR solo smart drone is the capacity for the application to promptly make an administration ticket if the automation is slammed. In the event that after accommodation and survey 3DR has verified that the cause was inside glitch with the framework and not an administrative mistake, they will totally supplant the copter and gimbal (on the off chance that one was introduced), and give you store acknowledgment for another GoPro.


Flight Time and Camera Quality
GoPro with Solo 3-Axis Gimbal

GoPro with Solo 3-Axis Gimbal

You’ll need to ensure that you’re in a region that hasn’t been assigned as a no-fly zone by the FAA. Gratefully, the solo application (accessible for Android and IOS) will let you know – it has worked in cautions, fueled via Airmap.io. to fill you in regarding whether you’re inside five miles of an air terminal, or in the another no-fly zone. On the off chance that you are close to an airplane terminal, the application gives the telephone number to the control tower to educate them that you’ll be working inside that space.

Departure is a two-organize handle. After GPS is secured in, the remote will provoke you to hold down the fly button to start the Solo’s engines. Once the props are turning, the remote will then incite you to hold fly down again to take off. The automation will climb into the air and you’ll have the capacity to take control.

The 3DR solo smart drone offers stunning shot what they call Smart Shots. These are automated and camera moves smoothly so that cinematographers can take a good flying shot by using this. Press the button at the bottom left corner of the application and you get a decision on Cable Cam, Orbit, Follow and Selife. This designed to make it easy to get professional aerial video.

Cable Cam is 3DR’s interpretation of waypoint route. To set it up you’ll fly the Solo to different focuses on space, recording every one utilizing the remote control. Once the flight way is set, you’ll have the capacity to fly the solo along it utilizing the right stick to control its speed. The airplane will adhere to the set way, changing height step by step between focusing on the event that you’ve set them at various altitudes. While it’s flying you can utilize the left control stick to tilt the gimbal here and there. It’s an exceptionally valuable apparatus in case you’re keen on setting up a shot along a confounded way and need to focus on the visuals as the Solo (generally) flies itself.

Orbit mode does what you’d anticipate. The slick part is that you can without much of a stretch set the focal point of the circle by changing to a satellite guide see in the application and dragging it until the point of convergence is under the marker. You can change the sweep of the circle utilizing the forward and back control, while in the meantime expanding or diminishing elevation. At the same time, the camera will stay altered at the focal point of the circle and you can utilize the oar to conform the tilt edge (of course the camera will focus on ground level). Once more, the footage looks incredible.

Follow me is likewise clear as crystal. The Solo will stay concentrated on your position and move at an indistinguishable speed of your move. Contingent upon its position with respect to you, it could take after behind you, panning along the edge, or even in ‘push mode’ when you’re travelling towards it. Another mode inside Follow me is Watching me. This implies the Solo will drift where it is, yet swing to face you at all times. You could utilize this, for instance, at a circuit or any area where you need the drone to stay in one place yet monitor you as you move around


Last is Selfie. You can take selfie from the highest point by just clicking on selfie mode. When it has achieved the uttermost point, the Solo continues recording and comes back to the begin position on similar direction. This move is generally simple to do physically. However, it’s still decent to have a programmed alternative, particularly as Selfie mode tilts the camera amid the move to ensure you’re the focal point of the edge. You will need to ensure that the Solo has a reasonable way behind it-it flies 165 feet in backward and 82 feet up amid the shot.

For every single Smart Shot, you can utilize the satellite guide view to check for snags (it has no inherent hindrance shirking), or to make it less demanding to position the Solo. On the off chance that you don’t have a cell association on your telephone or tablet, you can utilize the application to reserve satellite symbolism of the territory you’ll be flying in before taking off.


For getting full advantage of this drone you should buy some accessories. The list of accessories are given below:

  1. Solo smart battery: The battery is able to power your drone up to 25 minutes without camera. It is especially built for the 3DR solo.
  2. Solo propeller set: Collect the propeller set for replacement before your emergency so that you can back to fly when you want.
  3. Solo Gimbal: this accessory is intimately related with the GoPro camera. It will provide you smooth and smart shot.
  4. Backpack for solo: This backpack will save your drone and accessories also. It is also waterproof bag.
  5. Polar Pro 3DR Prop Guard set: Propeller guard will save the blades from all impediment at flight time.
  6. Polar Pro LED lights: The solo uses LED lights to remind you in which way it is.
  7. Solo combo pack: It is a package of all accessories like memory card, high speed card reader and more……and the drone.



In spite of the fact that the 3D Robotics solo smart drone is a progressed quadcoptor with boundless conceivable outcomes; a novice can without much of a stretch fly this model. Single button controls the departure, land, and return home. A respite button can be pushed if there should arise an occurrence of a frenzy, which keeps the copter floating in one place until you’re prepared to proceed. Your position dependably stays exactly with the consolidated satellite guided flight.

Apart all good things there need to concern for some issues.

The Solo is not without issues, its GPS boss among them. Indeed, even in a region with clear, open skies it takes around three minutes to bolt onto a flag.

Working extent, which can be an issue with automation, isn’t stupendous, however it isn’t poor either.

The solo application demonstrates just essential telemetry information-elevation and apart from home. It doesn’t show velocity.

Battery life is a worry. 3D Robotics guarantees that the solo can fly for 20 minutes on a completely charged battery, however, my field tests demonstrated that real flight time is shorter.






The 3D Robotics Solo is a propelled ramble that has a considerable measure of solid components. These incorporate tight mix with GoPro cameras, a superb remote control that makes smooth, repeatable gimbal change a reality, and various Smart Shot modes that can add some drama to your elevated video. The GPS availability and greatest range could be better, however, these issues aren’t generally a tremendous different to ease of use, and 3DR’s incredible self-governing flight modes make you disregard them in a rush.

Be that as it may, there are a few drawbacks to the Solo also. Its GPS sets aside a long opportunity to bolt on, and some of the time it can’t get a flag by any means. At last i want to say that, you should try 3DR SOLO SMART DRONE.

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