DJI Phantom 3 Standard Freshers Drone is best for beginners

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DJI Phantom 3 Standard Freshers Drone is best for beginners

DJI Phantom 3 Standard

DJI Phantom 3 Standard

DJI Phantom 3 standard freshers drone is a powerful and easy to fly quadcopter of DJI with creative features. This drone is suitable for the beginners for whom the main requirements are a ready to fly drone in the sky and affordable aerial platform with some intelligent flight modes. This drone is too much safe and everyone can fly it without taking any stress. If you have a tight budget and want to buy a powerful drone then don’t worry, because this drone is the lowest price model of the Phantom 3 series. By this Phantom 3 Standard drone you can fly with totally freedom and enough confidence, because your drone will automatically come back to you at the press of a button.


DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Let’s see the best features of phantom 3 standard drone in the below:

The Features that makes this Drone best from others:

The best features are given below:

  • It has 2.7k camera for smooth video
  • By the camera you can shoot 12 megapixel pictures
  • Featuring with intelligent flight system
  • Can fly in the sky up to 25 minutes
  • It is featuring with auto hover technology
  • It also has 3 axis gimbal
  • For android it can works with the DJI GO app

What is the image and video quality of the camera?

By the camera you can capture everything with more excitement. Captures or shoots excellent pictures and smooth videos from the places where humans can’t go. You can also capture the pictures and videos of your family and friends. Now you can easily record every moment of your life for the future. The camera can shoot 2.7k video. The video you will take by the camera of this drone would be 3 times clear from the videos of your LED or HD television.

It can capture 30 fps (frames per second) and maximum video bit rate is 40 Mbps. You can capture each and every frame in 1080p HD and will not miss any moment. The camera captures 12MP JPEG files for handling you the power for creating some professional photos. The camera has 1/ 2.3” sensor and 20 mm f/2.8 lens and also 94 degree field of view (FOV). Do you know most of the images of the flying cameras are distorted after capture? This drone is made with a 94 degree (FOV) field of view, which will provide you a perfect picture.


Featuring with automatic flight assistant

By the DJI Phantom 3 standard greener drone you can fly with totally freedom and enough confidence, because your drone will automatically come back to you at the press of a button. It is built with GPS system, which records your drone’s takeoff point and then remembers it as you fly. If the control signal of the drone is ever lost, then don’t worry because it will return to you very quickly.

DJI phantom 3 Standard automatic flight assistant

Your phantom remains steady and fully under control at all times during the flight. After the take off of this model of phantom 3 series, it naturally hovers in place and keep waiting for your command. It then easily changes its direction at the press of a finger when you need to stop it, then pauses and then keep waiting for your next direction.


It can hover automatically

When you quit instruction to move then the phantom 3 standard drone hovers perfectly in the place by holding both its position and height. It sits tight for taking guidelines from you. This implies that all you have to do is just thinks about the place where you want to fly. You just set the height and the separation breaking point to keep all flights inside a safe zone. This drone will consequently stop and always remain within your chosen limits as you want to fly.


New intelligent flight Battery

This drone is featuring with a powerful flight battery which has 4480 mAh capacity and because of which you can fly your drone without taking any stress. The battery type is LiPo 4S which has energy 68 Wh and voltage 15.2V. The net weight of the battery is 365g and its maximum charging power is 100 W.

DJI Phantom 3 standard auto hover

Recharging is speedy and simple, and splendid LED markers of the DJI Phantom 3 standard fresher drone let you know current status and power level. A defensive plastic housing averts harm and contains intelligent sensors that make your battery effortless while expanding the life of your battery.


Fly for the long time than before

It can fly in the sky for 25 minutes with a single charge. The licenced djI intelligent flight battery consistently lets you know precisely to what extent you can keep flying, in light of how far and at what altitude you are, and it cautions you when it’s time to head back. This data is spilled live to the GO app on your cell phone.


Featuring with GPS system

Let’s see another feature of this model of phantom 3 drone. All through every flight, your drone sends its present position to a GPS map which is live on your cell phone. Utilize this guide to see exactly where it is, know which direction it is confronting, and guide it back to you in a moment.

Phantom 3 standard live GPS


Since the DJI Phantom 3 standard greener drone knows where it is and exactly where you are, it can compute how much longer it can keep flying. It will send you a massage to land when the battery runs low, and it can automatically get back home and when required.



Phantom 3 Direction indicators

On the phantom 3 standard there are four bright and huge LED lights. This model of phantom 3 drone has four arms. The LED lights on every arm of the phantom 3 standard light up as you fly. So initially, you know in which direction your phantom is confronting and exactly where it is.



The remote controller of this drone is custom built and the controller always keeps the drone in your command. The appropriate design of the remote controller is very simple to hold and it’s not too much heavy so you can hold it easily. It is easy to control every activities of your drone by the finger of your hands. You can fly as your wish and it is really easy by using the remote.

You can fly without taking any stress up to 15 fields of football because the remote controller of this drone is featuring with the 5.8GHz transmission frequency. It keeps your drone always responsive and connected with you when it is flying up to 1 kilometer or 0.62 mile away from you. In the remote controller there is a WiFI connection by which you can link your phone with the DJI Phantom 3 standard greener drone over the DJI GO app. For seeing a live view of what the drone sees you just connect your phantom with the WiFi network.

Phantom 3 Controller

The controller has a LiPo battery with 2600 mAh capacity. There is a LED screen on the front of the remote controller by which you can see the remaining power of the controller very quickly. It also always reminds you the status of the power and when it is going to low. Don’t worry about the charge of the controller because it can be simply recharged at any time or when you are out of home.



You can shoot and share many nice and smooth pictures by using DJI GO app. This app is built for the universal compatibility, so you have to just connect your phone and have to launch the app in that. This app gives you total freedom for controlling the camera of your phantom 3 standard drone. You can enjoy a live HD video from the drone’s camera on the screen of your mobile phone. You have to adjust the settings of the camera.



In online a lots customers has already given their reviews for this drone.

The good reviews: you can fly this drone easily. It is a quadcopter drone which is built with a high quality camera which captures 2.7k videos. The videos it captures are very sharp, smooth and stable. It is also featuring with 3 axis gimbal and with intelligent flight modes.

Bad things: there are two bad things and these are, the camera of this drone can’t be upgraded or removed. Another thing of the phantom 3 standard drone is the landing gear does not collapse and you have to wait more than one hour for recharging the battery of this drone.



After buying your drone you have to buy some accessories of this drone. That’s why we have presented the list of accessories of this drone in the below:

  1. Intelligent flight battery:  
    Are you planning to to buy phantom 3 standard drone? if yes, then please don’t forget to buy extra battery. because,your flight battery can damage or low charged at any time. suppose you are outside of the home or you’re in a park and enjoying by flying your drone but suddenly the charge of your drone’s battery has been over then what will you do? in that time, if you have extra battery with you then you can use it instantly and enjoy your flying.  The new flight battery has
    4480 mAh capacity. the battery type is LiPo 4S and it has 15.2 V and this battery is designed specifically only the drones of phantom 3 series. Because of the excellent power of this battery the drone can fly up to 23 minutes. the flight battery has built in bright LEDs that shows you the remaining power and the status of the battery.
  2. Car charger kit:
    This accessory is used for charging the remote controller and flight battery. You can change the remote controller and flight battery by the cigarette lighter port of your car. The car charger is featuring with low voltage and overheating protection.
  3. USB charger:
    By the USB charger you can recharge your tablet or smartphone using intelligent battery. Where your mobile’s battery charge runs low, you take the charger and the mobile or tablet for charging.
  4. Extra Propeller:
    If you are thinking that your phantom will not crash then you are in a dark, because you can crash at any time. That’s why, I think you should buy extra propellers. If you are thinking that, you have good experience in multi-rotor and you will not crash, then you are wrong. After the crash the original propellers of the drone will definitely damage. In that time the extra propellers will help you to fly again. That’s why, this is very important accessory of this drone.
  5. Propeller guard:
    You can use the propeller guards when you’re flying over the people or in the confined spaces. There are some people who use the propeller guards everyday. When you will face problem with the propellers, then in that time the propeller guards will be most useful.
  6. Remote controller:
    monitor hood for the smart phones.
  7. Battery charging hub:
    The battery charging hub is made for using the flight battery. The charging hub is capable of charge at least three flight battery.
  8. Hard sheet backpack:
    The backpack has recently released and it’s not so big. That’s why you can carry this easily and it will not look awkward in your shoulder. This backpack is designed with hard case because of this you will get more protection from dropping. So, I think you should buy it.  
  9. ND filter:
    You can buy this accessory for your phantom’s camera.

Therefore, if you are a beginner in drone flying then I think you should try this drone. Because, you can fly this drone without any stress and it’s really easy to fly in the sky. It has intensive and responsive motors which flies your phantom in the way you want. If you have a tight budget then I think you should try DJI Phantom 3 standard freshers drone.



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