Phantom 3 Professional Drone for Videographers with some unique features you should know, Why?

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Phantom 3 Professional Drone for Videographers with some unique features you should know, Why?

Phantom 3 Professional Drone for Videographers

Phantom 3 Professional Drone for Videographers


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Phantom 3 Professional Drone for Videographers is the fastest, cheapest, smartest, and strongest drone with creative features that I have not ever seen. This drone is one of the best drones of four models of phantom series. This drone is suitable for the aerial videographers whose main requirements are high quality UHD 4k video capabilities. This drone fits into your life and makes flying easy and intuitive. Flying in the sky has never been so easy, safe and as much fun like never before.

This drone is also featuring with 12 megapixels camera with 4k video capabilities, easily flying capabilities, GPS assisted hover, vision positioning system, powerful batteries and also automatic flight logs etc. Let’s see the brief discussion of the features of this drone.

Phantom 3 Professional Drone for Videographers Camera & Video Quality

Phantom 3 professional drone for videographers has a excellent camera and it packs years of experience in aerial imaging into one compact. With this drone you can shoot 4k video at up to 30 fps (frame per second) and can capture 12 megapixel images that will look sharp and smooth than before.

The camera sensor of this drone is 1 /2.3” COMS. The camera also has f/2.8 lens which has a 94 degree (FOV) field of view. In time of shooting videos with other drone cameras, an unwanted distortion can occur. But the 94 degree FOV of the camera of this drone can virtually eliminate all unwanted distortion. The drone has 3-axis gimbal that keeps the camera secure and safe in any flight condition and will give you beautiful and stable footage in time of every flight.


This drone always fits into your life and will make your flying easy and intuitive than before. Whenever you want takeoff or land, it will always under your control and also reacting to your all commands while consequently taking care of the most complex parts of safe and stable flight.


You will never lose track of your Phantom 3 professional drone for videographers. It has GPS and GLONASS system and both system consolidate to make the phantom totally aware of its location and connection and connection to you where ever you are. It moves all the more precisely, hovers more accurately, and locks onto satellite faster. With the new accessibility of GLONASS, at least 36 satellites are available to you around the globe whenever. By using DJI GO app, you can always track its location on a live map, and can also record your takeoff point so you can easily take it back to you with the one tap of your finger.


Another interesting and good point of this drone is it featuring with vision positioning system. Your drone literally helps you to fly. All information from every sensor is processed by it. This drone also completes every complex calculation quickly and gives you a stress free flight experience.



Another feature of Phantom 3 professional drone for videographers is it has a powerful flight battery. Its battery type is LiPo 4S with capacity 4480 mAh. The battery voltage is 15.2 V and energy 68 Wh and maximum charging power 100W. The net weight of the battery is 365g. In phantom 3 professional higher voltage, more vitality or energy and more prominent power combine to give you an immensely improved flight experience. The redesigned intelligent flight battery has built in sensors and splendid LEDs that always allow you to see the status and the remaining power of your battery in real time. The phantom persistently calculates its present distance from you and the measure of power needed to return home, so you generally know to what extent you can keep flying and when the time has come to recharge the battery.


Let’s know about another point and that is the maximum flight time of Phantom 3 Professional Drone for Videographers . The flight time of a drone is intensely relying upon its propulsion systems and also on its overall power consumption. The drone is capable of fly in the sky up to 23 minutes. The maximum ascent speed is 5m/s and descent speed 3m/s and the maximum speed is 16m/s (ATTI mode, no wind).



The remote controller gives you new and easy flying and also interacts with your phantom, by its sensitive control sticks, comfortable buttons and also up to 3.1 mile or 5 km range. The remote will perfectly fits into your hands and will give you the opportunity to fly as you wish. This remote has been built specifically for aerial photographers. The dedicated buttons allows you to take photos and videos by the camera. You can direct your Phantom 3 professional drone for videographers, when it flies in the sky and whenever it is and can also bring it back to you by one press of the finger on the button.

You can change your flight modes whenever you want to change and can also set commands by the DJI GO app. For activating your favorite functions, you just design what each sticks does and illustrate the buttons of the remote.


By empowering incredibly long range and HD video stream from your drone’s camera. The Lightbridge is built into the remote and also the phantom 3 itself. Both of the parts work to assure a constant link between you and your drone. By using powerful communication signal it can give all information from the aircraft at a long distance.


Another feature of this drone is it can automatically logs and remembers every detail of every flight you take by it. Everything like complete flight route, flight location, distance, time and also each and every photos and videos you took during your flight are at your fingertips for the future reference. In the meantime, a propelled flight recorder always records information from the majority of your drone’s inner system, which can be effectively imparted to the dji support team if you ever have any kind of inquiries or issues.


Suppose, you want to take back your drone to you, then what will you do? Here is the solution. Taking back your drone to you is as simple as pressing a button on the remote or inside the GO app. The system of this drone always remember the place at which it take off and returns and also grounds securely at that place when you order to return home.


For giving you best flying experience every motor of Phantom 3 Professional Drone for Videographers have enough power and precision. The Phantom 3 professional drone for videographers is featured with brushless motors which work with ESCs for making this drone too much fast and responsive than before. Because of having these motors the drone can speed up, set altitude and also can stop instantly. The powerful air barking system of the DJI Company stops your drone immediately.



The control center of the drone is main controller. The main controller of the drone collects every data from the system. The system includes GPS map location, speed of the motor, your all command etc. and analyzes all of the data to give this drone instructions to fly at any moment.


Have you already planned to buy Phantom 3 Professional Drone for Videographers after seeing all of its important features? After buying your Phantom 3 professional drone for videographers for getting better facilities you have to buy some accessories. Assume that the flight battery of the drone has damaged or you need a backpack etc. Then what will you do? The lists of accessories are given below:

  1. Water resistant backpack:

    For going outside the home you have to carry the drone. So, without any backpack you can’t carry your drone. This water resistant back pack will help you to carry your drone. This backpack is designed with waist belt and thick padding. When you will take this backpack in your shoulder then you will feel comfortable. Inside the mash pack of this bag you can hold almost 4 extra batteries and almost four sets of propellers. You will get this backpack with the life time warranty, so you can replace it if anything goes wrong.

  2. Gimbal guard:

    By using the gimbal guard you can protect your drone’s gimbal and also enjoy easier and safer landing and takeoff. The gimbal guard is made with 100% carbon fiber.


  3. Intelligent flight battery (white):

    Assume that, your Phantom 3 professional drone for videographers is flying in the sky suddenly the charge of the battery gets low then what will you do? The solution is extra intelligent flight battery. The power of the battery is 4,480 mAh and this battery is only compatible with the phantom 3, not with the phantom 2 or phantom 1 drone. The battery is featuring with intelligent charging and one-touch power check on board.
  4. Antenna signal range booster:

    This accessory is compatible with phantom 3 drone’s controller transmitter. This antenna signal range booster will increase the connection of both remote control and Wi-Fi video. This accessory is featured with copper parabolic technology which prevents oxidation.

  5. HDMI output module:

    This accessory is compatible with this drone. It supports a double screen display and can export 720p images through the USB port and HDMI. You can use the HDMI output module for broadcasting and video monitoring. It can be organized on the back of the phantom 3’s remote controller.

  6. Camera lens cap cover:

    This accessory is the white color and compatible for phantom 3 professional. This cap will protect your drone’s camera lens in time of transport or storage. Used materials are ABS plastic. This accessory is not fit for the standard drone.





Short reviews

Almost every product has some good and bad sides. Like all other products the Phantom 3 professional drone for videographers also has some good and bad sides. In online a lot customers has given their reviews about this product. One of the customers said that this drone is a wonder of new technology. He also said that he was able to fly the drone and also enjoys the camera of the drone. But there is a problem you will not able to move the camera.

  1. This drone is really easy to fly.
  2. It’s very stable in the air
  3. The camera can capture smooth videos
  4. Featuring with GPS system because of which the drone can return to you automatically if the signal is lost
  5. Featuring with automatic flight modes
  6. The camera can shoot 4k video
  7. The battery takes short time to charge
  1. Because of the wide angle lens, the pictures sometimes get distorted.
  2. You cannot record the videos more than 7-10 minutes by the camera of the drone.





At last, all I want to say is this drone is completely different from other drones of phantom series because of its creative features. I must say this drone is just amazing. Day by day the customer expectations are increasing for the drones of DJI. If you are an aerial videographer and want to buy a drone with creative features then why don’t you buy the Phantom 3 Professional Drone For videographers!






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