Let’s Introduce With PARROT BEBOP: One Of The Best Drones Selling Compan

Let’s Introduce With PARROT BEBOP: One Of The Best Drones Selling Compan

Parrot Bebop 2 FPV

Parrot Bebop 2 FPV


PARROT BEBOP has become one of the best drones selling company recently .When it comes about drones, a name automatically comes. Yes, it is none other than PARROT BEBOP. They are continuously providing most innovative drones and other products over the whole world. In online numerous amounts of customers have given reviews for the best pleasures they had gotten by purchasing drones and other products from the PARROT BEBOP. The unique feature and the mixture of the expert, developer, and ideas of the talented expert made the PARROT BEBOP’s product more charming and sexiest. It is a well renowned company because of its lucrative product and after sales services and the uses of best technologies. You will be overwhelmed by seeing their charming discoveries.


History Of PARROT BEBOP Establishment

Well, in 1994 it was founded by Henri Seydoux. Headquarters of PARROT BEBOP is at 174 quai de Jemmapes Paris, Ile-de-France 75010 France. The type of this company is public and this company currently employs more than 1000 employees. It is said that PARROT BEBOP is one of the most favorite company for the drone lovers and drone buyers. And it creates it maximum sales overseas.

Voicemate was introduced in 1995 along with personal digital assistant with voice recognition. With the help of impaired people this was used.

In 2000 for the first time PARROT BEBOP introduced Bluetooth hands free car kit in partnership with Ericsson.

In January 2010 they introduced AR drones and still introducing one by one best drone.

PARROT BEBOP has been traded as Euro next Paris since 2006. (FR0004038263 – PARRO). It also helps for creating, developing as well as marketing consumer technology products for smart phones and tablets worldwide. Like other companies PARROT BEBOP is build on a general technological expertise, so that it can innovate new things to surprise the new era.

The revenue or income statement of a company represents the status of a company. It also comes into light the scenario of the strength and weakness of a company. In that case, you have to say PARROT BEBOP is in a very well position and represents that it provides best drones and other services to its customer.

This company also thinks and does for the society as well as environment friendly. For the ultimate progress of its surrounding it has taken a lot of projects and also running a lot of projects.


Attractive segments or sectors of PARROT BEBOP

PARROT BEBOP serves people through the following segments or sectors. Such as:


  • Lucrative Drones

PARROT BEBOP is providing Attractive consumer drone which includes Disco ( This drone is smart and has wings), adorable mini drone (The tagline of the company is that go after the mission of the mini drone because nothing can end or stop you. The products are such as: PARROT BEBOP Swing, PARROT BEBOP Mambo, PARROT BEBOP Airborne night, PARROT BEBOP Jumping Race, PARROT BEBOP jumping Night, PARROT BEBOP Hydrofoil, PARROT BEBOP Airborne Cargo), AR drone(This drone is a android phone controlled drone) and also bebop drones, Bebop 2 and so on. It provides commercial drones and Civil drones ( which includes repose drones and also provides solution for the professional use).


  • Connected Devices

Audio, Bluetooth (PARROT BEBOP’s Bluetooth hands free technology can also be found in first mount) and so on.


  • Automotive 

This includes the most comprehensive range of hand free communication and as well as information on the market for vehicles. The products are such as : PARROT BEBOP RNB 6, PARROT BEBOP ASTEROID 1-DIN, Tablet and SMART,MINIKIT spearkerphone, Driveblue ,PARROT BEBOP MKi 9000/ 9100/ 9200 , PARROT BEBOP CK3100(Bluetooth car kit with LCD screen) ,PARROT BEBOP CK3000.


  • Car Telephony

This company offers chipsets which includes DSP as well as copyrighted noise reduction also and echo cancelling algorithms also. It offers Bluetooth hands free car kits too.


  • Others

Another important segment is hand free system and gardening.See they do think for the environment too.

PARROT BEBOP’s Connected Object: Well this company is focusing on audio too.

There are some specialties you may know about PARROT BEBOP by visiting their official website.


How PARROT BEBOP sells their products


 Well, PARROT BEBOP sells their product to their manufacturer as well to their OEM providers. It also sells the products via retail distribution network as well as via online too.

PARROT BEBOP and It’s Educational program: The tagline of PARROT BEBOP is to learn, to teach and also to innovate with drones. For expanding the knowledge regarding drones around the whole world this company has taken a lot of steps in the academic institutions across the globe. PARROT BEBOP is putting effort so that school, colleges and universities can be able to adopt drones in the classroom, in the lab as well as in the field site. So this company is trying to prepare this generation for the recent and upcoming era so that they can cope up with the changes.

Future of the PARROT BEBOP

They use the best technologies, idea, expert, equipements and so on. They give after sales service and have a active support team. Their product is also unique and customer’s preference is also given on their product. They have huge customers because of their great quality. And they also promised and have taken project to improve in the near future and continuously they are improving and trying to make the customers happy. For example: Drone code project 2015 of PARROT BEBOP.

At the end, we can say that you guys can purchase product from this company as PARROT BEBOP is one of the best drones selling company.





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