HUBSAN X4 FPV BRUSHLESS H501S A Gorgeous Quadcopter that provides some unique features in little budget
November 23, 2016
Hubsan x4 h107d mini quadcopter provides best features within lower budget
March 6, 2017


hubsan x4 plus h107p micro quadcopter

hubsan x4 plus h107p micro quadcopter

hubsan x4 plus h107p micro quadcopter

hubsan x4 plus h107p micro quadcopter

Hubsan x4 plus h107p micro quadcopter is an entry level drone including an altitude hold mode typically found on longer more costly quadcopters, this help to control power consumption, gives longer flight times, and help beginners fly easily. Hubsan x4 h107p which is a long awaited update version of Hubsan’s popular x4 range of mini quadcopters. This means this drone comes with no camera and was decorated purely for fun flying. The recent lightweight airframe shows great durability and a lively look. Though this is a toy drone but not very little, not very big and not only great for indoor flying but also awesome for outdoor flying. With new components like Altitude Hold Mode and a one key 360-degree rollover functions make this drone perfect for the beginner flyers. For the beginners and experienced pilots, this quad becomes a great choice for its dual-mode ability functions.


Why is this drone best for the beginners?

Hubsan x4 plus h107p micro quadcopter will be your best companion in the event that you are planning to purchase a drone for the first time. Alike it will be incredible for the people who are looking forward to rehearsing before moving onward more costly quadcopter.

Another wonderful feature is its Altitude Hold Mode which empowers the quadcopter to fly back to starting spot with no trouble. This advanced function is particularly found in the expensive quadcopters.

“Push the throttle stick, the quadcopter will rise; discharge the stick, the quadcopter will keep that altitude all around” isn’t it good for the beginner??

An important component is the 6-Axis center point control which makes this quadcopter strong against regular causes like wind and makes the flight steadier.

Overall this toy quadcopter is the best for the beginners.

Product Highlights

  • 6-Axis Gyro: Latest 6-Axis flight control system with ordinary Gyro sensitivity.



  • Flight Performance: Allows super stable and flexible flight.




  • 4 Channels System: With this functions, you can enjoy different way flip like forward/ backward, up/ down, turn left/right, sideward flight, One Key 360 degree rollover and spin.




  • The newish lightweight airframe with strong durability and a lively look.




  • 2.4 GHz Transmitter: 2.4GHz transmitter control guarantees the strong anti- jamming ability.




  • Flight Range: With approximately 100 meters flight range this drone can control distance easily.




  • One Key 360 Degree Rollover: This feature makes you more feel like the fun of rolling.




  • USB Charging: That USB charging system is advantageous for you to charge by means of computer or desktop.




  • Charging Time: Charging time around 30 minutes which can support around 10- 12 minutes flight.




  • Four built-in LED colorful lights for excessive attraction & glamor.




  • Flying System: Best suit for both indoor & outdoor flying and in light & in dark.



Well Decorated Quadcopter

At first glance, the hubsan x4 plus h107p micro quadcopter differs from its ancestor in the design of its body. The h107p body has a strong resemblance to the well known DM007 with its straight- front facing LED light yet holds the natural curves and look of the hubsan x4 h107l [AT]. It also accompanies an indistinguishable transmitter from its predecessor.

The h107p does, however, vary fairly from its other – 2 hubsan x4 siblings with regards to looks- the h107D+ {AT} and H107C+ {AT} both have a more science appearance when compared to the h107P’s more natural styling and graphics.

This beginner hubsan x4 h107p quadcopter frames is made of the plastic body. For the best color combination and the nice plastic frame this quadcopter is taken standard place in the automative industry of RC drone.

Overall, for outstanding looks and strong design, I would give the h107p quadcopter an acceptance for graphic design.


Legitimate Stance Controls BY 6- Axis Gyro

The hubsan x4 plus h107p micro quadcopter will be furnished with 6-Axis Gyro which ensures legitimate Stance Control of the drone. Along these lines holds your aircraft steady in the air making the easier. With the assistance of this modern feature, the beginners can feel more great and fearless to fly this quad.


Altitude Hold Mode

One update the hubsan x4 h107p has over its ancestor is the addition of Altitude Hold- a unique feature that permits the quadcopter to keep up its altitude without pilot input. To assist this function, the transmitter comes with a spring – stacked throttle stick that focuses itself at half throttle.

Latest toy drone with Altitude Hold are as of now the warmth nowadays. In this Altitude Hold Mode, keep the quadcopter fly a certain height based on practicing from a barometer. The hubsan x4 plus h107p micro drone will observe by a fixed altitude mode.


Flight Performance

The hubsan x4 h107l {AT} was renowned for being an aggressive sports flier. It was a toy quadcopter that could push a pilot’s skills and capacities as far as possible when flown sufficiently quickly. With the h107p, hubsan has chosen to take an altogether different strategy.

The hubsan x4 plus h107p micro quadcopter is slower and less aggressive than its predecessor. With Altitude Hold, the quadcopter is very predictable and noticeable in the air and makes a noted beginner quadcopter for pilots who have almost no experience of flying drone.


One Key 360 Degree Rollover

If you want to do stunts with your quadcopter then this function will attract your consideration. You freely flip forward and backward even if left and right by hubsan h107p’s 360 – degree rollover option. Besides this you can likewise do the twist; Flick and roll and so on by pressing a simple button.


Flight Range

Every drone has their own specific flight range. So, for getting the best done you have to know about the flight range of your preferable quadcopter. This drone is actually worked very well though this is a toy drone. In each flight this drone’s flight range around 100 meters. This flight range is unbelievably quickly, responsive and perfectly.


Complete Airframe for Better Protection

You always want to protect your drone from crashes. For this better protection of your quadcopter you will be furnished with completely assembled airframe design which is newish lightweight however tough. The Blade Guards are organized in such a way that it protects the drone from crashing against any surface.


What is Included in the Package?

  • 1 x Hubsan x4 plus h107p RC Toy drone
  • 1 x  2.4 GHz Original Transmitter
  • 1 x 3.7V 530mAh Li-Po Battery
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 4 x Spare Blades Set
  • 4 x Spare Blades Protection Guard
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x instruction Manual

Product Specification

       Brand Name                       :                  Hubsan

       Product No                         :                  H107P

       Product Name                   :                  X4 Plus

       Level                                    :                 Beginner level

       Drone Type                        :                 Quadcopter, RC flight simulator

       Product Features              :                 Radio Control System

       Product Material              :                 Electronic components, Plastic

       Remote Control                :                 2.4GHz wireless remote control

       Channel                              :                 4-Channel

       Transmitter Power           :                4 x AAA battery (not Installed)

       Model Power                    :                Built- in rechargeable battery

       Transmitter Battery         :           4 x 1.5 V AAA Battery (not installed)

       Control Distance              :                Approximately 100 meters

       Built- in Gyro                    :                6- Axis Gyro

       Motor Type                      :                Brushed Motor

       Original Battery              :                 3.7V 530mAh Li-Po Battery

      Night Flight                       :                   Yes



  • 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Carrying Case For Hubsan x4 h107P
  • 3.7V 530mAh Li-Po Battery


2.4 GHz Wireless Transmitters:

With the assistance of these 4 channels, Smart Remote Controller the controlling of this quadcopter has turned out to be easier. With this 2.4GHz wireless remote controller, you can control trim, power and flight mode.

The transmitter permits you to fine-tune the affectability levels of both speed modes- Normal Mode three levels of increments ( among 20 and 60%) while Expert Mode has five levels (among 60 and 100%).

Being such a little and light quadcopter, the hubsan x4 plus h107p micro quadcopter is best flown indoors and in calm climate.

USB Charging Cable:

Every drone needs a USB charging cable for charging the quadcopter. Like that hubsan h107p has a USB charging cable to charge the copter via computer or desktop. This capable charger will charge your quadcopter legitimately taking 40-45 minutes. This charger will make charging more advantageous.

Li-Po Battery:

You will get lithium battery with this hubsan x4 plus h107p micro quadcopter which will give you longer flight time. Add up to capacity of these batteries is 530mAh and the voltage is resolved as 3.7V. This Li-Po battery with 3.7V 530mAh it takes charge time around 45 minutes and with each charge it keeps the quad in air around 9- 12minutes.

Carrying Case For Hubsan X4 H107P:

You will need a carrying case for your drone to keep safely in the time of travelling. So, you have to buy a carrying case for your drone. You will find this carrying case in online. You can use this carrying case for storing your quadcopter, as well as for protection. Traveling with this carrying case is perfectly in style.



  • This drone is a newbie friendly drone
  • The Altitude Hold success with this guard quadcopter
  • Hubsan x4 h107p is fast and easy to control
  • Dual Mode ability makes this drone great for beginner or newbie quad pilots and also experienced pilots
  • The motors of this drone are fairly powerful making funnels, flips and rolls a breeze
  • If you need a durable drone, this hubsan x4 plus h107p micro quadcopter is for you
  • Battery life was really great a quadcopter that can achieve high speeds
  • The flight time is around 9-12 minutes out of each charge. You can take fun of this little quad
  • Charging the installed battery with the installed USB charging cable took approximately 40-45 minutes the best features you can find in this beginner drone
  • The 4 LED light make night flying a fun activity. This LED lights are very bright. So splendid, that they can be seen in the daytime and in the nighttime its looks awesome



  • Altitude Hold Mode is not really needed for a quadcopter of this small size
  • This drone is not too good as a upgrade version of another hubsan x4  product not to bad as a beginner quadcopter


Hubsan H107p is an awesome small flying quadcopter however it is an extreme one. This quadcopter is for all intents and purpose indestructible. You can submit crash after crash however this will stay to perform dependably. The primary purpose for this quadcopter is- it offers most recent technologies at a low cost. Another reason is its effortlessness to use.

This copter comes as a toy drone. Thus you don’t have to get worried about it. Simply get it out from the box, charge it and you are prepared to fly. In the event that any of its parts get damaged or broken then you can replace them because of its well decorated design.

In the Online, we can see that this toy drone gets a lots of customer reviews. By seeing this huge amount of review you can easily understand that how much famous this quadcopter really is.

In the brief of the price, you can get this toy & beginner drone under $50. The cost is so low comparing what astounding things the hubsan x4 plus h107p micro quadcopter is giving to you.


Important Information

  • Keep your drone battery temperature lower than 45 degree C while charging
  • This quadcopter is not appropriate for people under 14. Suggested by the manufacturer
  • Read the full instruction manual perfectly and then being ready to fly the drone.



The hubsan x4 plus h107p is a pleasant and awesome quadcopter. It’s quick and agile enough for more experienced quadcopter pilots yet manageable and sufficiently stable for newbie drone fliers. This drone comes with a nice array of extra accessories like the extra propellers and the optional propeller guard and is loaded with unique features. The included manual is genuinely well written making it easy to understand. I would recommend this beginner drone to anyone. Buy with confidence the hubsan x4 plus h107p micro quadcopter.


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