Hubsan X4 H502S Superior Functionality Drone: an excellent featured drone in your budget

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Hubsan X4 H502S Superior Functionality Drone: an excellent featured drone in your budget

Hubsan X4H502S

Hubsan X4H502S

Hubsan X4 H502S Superior Functionality Drone is a standout amongst the latest drone by hubsan.  The air adjoining drones has changed peaceful a bit in the previous few years. With their growing presence in every parts of human life, their expectation is becoming received successively by people. Hubsan x4 h502s is one of the best models of hubsan. Now, we’re going to describe all information about this drone.



This model is coming directly after exceptionally famous hubsan x4 h501s model. Cost is initially decreased but some promoted elements are still here. That is awesome news for everyone of us running on a lower budget! On first view, you’ll find that it’s particularly the same as hubsan x4 h501s model. Honestly, they are comparative however hubsan x4 h502s is successfully littler comparable with hubsan h501s. We’ll get further in difference of these two models detail later.

Hubsan X4 H502S Superior Functionality Drone: Know more

When you’re going to buy a drone the common question which knocks in your mind is “what is the best esteem for my money?”Then the answer will be Hubsan X4 H502S superior functionality drone is best for you. It as of now is the most minimal cost drone which is prepared to- fly out of the case GPS outfitted quadcopter with fly me mode and an extremely decent camera. Extremely reasonable for what it offers, comes with numerous helpful elements such as: signal reducing security, come back to home and height maintain.

Flying time and monitoring range are above normal. It is a FPV ramble, which means you, can watch continuously the live video recorded from its camera and showed specifically to the FPV screen. Live video transmission is done in 5.8 GHz recurrence. Hubsan X4 H502S superior functionality drone incorporates such elements as position hold, headless mode, follow me and come back to home. It has an astonishing flight time extending between 12 to 13 minutes and a control separation of 200 meters! All in one bundle prepared to fly out of the box.



Flight Time   :    Up to 13 minutes

Camera         :    Built-in-2MP FPV

Battery Type:   7.4V 2000mAh Lipo battery

Go                  :   200 meters

Remote         :   2.4 GHz frequency

Gyro               :    6 axis



hubsan x4 h502s-package

hubsan x4 h502s-package

H502S RC Quadcopter

Transmitter including a 4.3” FPV screens


1 Spare props (2 CW, 2 CCW)

1 x Instruction manual (in English)

A Screwdriver

A single Battery



Brand Name                                    :   Hubsan

Model Number                               :     H502S

Quadcopter Name                         :     Hubsan X4 H502S RC

Frequency of Vibration                :     2.4G

Direction                                         :     4CH

Quadcopter Size                            :     165*165*60mm

Weight (along with the battery):      140-147g

Battery                                            :      7.4V (2S) 610 mAh Li-Po Battery with 35g

Camera                                           :      Built-in HD camera 720p

Motor                                              :       0820 x4 without core

Max Flight Radius                        :      200+/- 15 m

Wireless                                        :      5.8G wireless video transmission

Flight Time                                   :      Around 12-13 minutes

Charging Time                              :      Around 30-40 minutes

Transmitter                                  :      2.4G FPV transmitter

Resolution                                    :      480*272




hubsan x4 h502s-Functions

hubsan x4 h502s-Functions

  • Headless Mode
  • GPS system
  • Altitude Mode
  • RTH Function
  • Failsafe Mode
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Easy Follow Me Function



  1. Worked in 720P HD camera is tuned amazingly to catch staggering pictures and recordings from the sky. Additional 2pcs battery, total 3 pcs battery in Original Packaging. Flying time longer than original.
  2. With GPS auto situating framework, exact situating area, consummate propelled supporter.
  3. Follow me mode with GPS empowers the Hubsan X4 H502S superior functionality drone flying itself to catch your enterprise wherever you are.
  4. 8G FPV Real-Time Video Transmission: Share the recordings and photographs to the LCD show at whatever time anyplace.
  5. With headless mode function, no need to change the position of airplane before flying.

We are describing everything about the product of hubsan h502s. So, now it’s easy to find out that why this drone is best for you in your budget.



  • One key Smart Automatic Return

hubsan x4 h502s-One-Key-Smart-Automatic-Return

hubsan x4 h502s-One-Key-Smart-Automatic-Return

One key smart automatic return system makes hubsan x4 h502s easier to fly. One key pointed return programmed return exactness 0-2m.


  • Follow Me Mode

hubsan x4 h502s-follow-me-function

hubsan x4 h502s-follow-me-function

Come back to home and follow me capacities functions admirably as well. It was short time cynic about follow me work on such moderate drone yet now you truly inspired by it.


  • Stable Hover Assure

keep the drone fly at a specific elevation, make it steadier. The automation system will take after the remote control to move when flying.

hubsan x4 h502s-stable-hover-headless-mode

hubsan x4 h502s-stable-hover-headless-mode

  • Headless Mode

Make it simpler to control, quick and simple for anybody to fly. Headless Mode and Altitude Holder set Height, Follow Me and Return to Landing: The least expensive automation with follow me mode. Exceptionally moderate for what it offers, accompanies numerous helpful components such as: signal loss safeguard, come back to home and height hold.


  • HD Camera-

hubsan x4 h502s-aerial-photograph

hubsan x4 h502s-aerial-photograph

Hubsan X4 H502S superior functionality drone comes outfitted with 720p camera adjustment framework works extremely well as well.


  • GPS Precise Positioning

hubsan x4 h502s-aerial-GPS-system

hubsan x4 h502s-aerial-GPS-system

Area, return and auto situating framework. Follow me mode with GPS which authorized this drone flying itself to catch the drive wherever it is. Most recent 6-hub flight control framework with customizable helicopter sensitivity, permits super stable flight.


  • 5.8G Real Time Transmission with No Delaying– this implies it will be super simple to share the recordings and photographs to the LCD show at whatever time anyplace.



  • You have to make sure you’re 7.4V 610mAh Li-Po battery is completely charged and also make sure that you have fresh AA batteries in your remote.
  • Trace a nice level point that is clear and then you have to connect your battery to your drone and then turn on your remote.
  • After hearing a BEEP you can be ensured that your drone has been combined with its controller. Before the Beep your video feed will pop-up. By pressing the right stick and then clicking left stick down on the controller you can continue on. This will give up a menu to change different settings.
  • After looking at the screen of the Hubsan X4 H502S superior functionality drone you will see a button left corner Drone+ controller symbol in your controller.
  • This Drone + controller are searching for satellite signal.
  • At least 6 GPS signals must have for both the controller and the drone in order to fly. After locking the GPS signals press the right thumb stick to the bottom right corner and the left thumb stick to the bottom left corner and the motor will engage.
  • Now your drone is ready to take-off.



hubsan x4 h502s-Remote-control

hubsan x4 h502s-Remote-control

H502s-controller Transmitter has a vast 4.3” LCD screen of 640px* 480px determination. A ton of flight pivotal data is appeared on it, such as: GPS position for both automation and transmitter, battery voltage, nearby speed, elevation and heading and in addition the present pitch and roll.


This is awesome and exceptionally supportive yet. And it has one cons. This requires 4 AA batteries to “sustain” this transmitter. In the light of its vast screen, it devours basically control and your batteries will be unfilled after 3-4 flights in normal.

To remunerate this you have must be one straightforward arrangement: so, you have to get some shabby rechargeable AA batteries.



Every drone has their own specific flight ability. So, for choosing the best drone you’ve to know about the flight performance of every drone. The flight performance of Hubsan X4 H502S superior functionality drone is actually works well. Even in stormy condition, the h502s is able to maintain position very appropriately. The features if this drone works very well, they all look very intuitional. At one time you’re able to achieve the quadcopter in the air, everything is smooth launching. The Follow Me Mode is the very attractive part of this drone. To active the follow me mode you can use this quadcopter easily. It works however you set the height. It’s sure you can enjoy the flying happiness with this quadcopter. These quadcopter settings are effortlessly control through the manu.



In general for photography & videography drone is used. It captures the whole view of the land.  In the sense of film marketing, the cinematographers are able to make the best use of drone photography & videography. For best you have to choose the best drone which is best in camera.

Do you want a best drone which has the best camera adjustment framework?

Let’s see the position of Hubsan X4 H502S superior functionality drone for photography or videography.

Videography and Photography particulars

This drone comes furnished with 720P camera and results are very good in all respects. 720P video looks really great and camera adjustment framework works specifically well and truly. It’s practically Jello impact free. Contrasted with other automation cameras in this value extend, I believe it’s one of the best featured drones ever seen. FPV quality is on catching target as well.

Consolidated with Virtual Reality Headset, you can appreciate genuine FPV involvement with this automation. Keep in mind what I said some time recently, transmitter hag pre-bored gaps so receiving wire moods are super simple. This is not required by any means, I’m trying to say it in the event that you’re going to be more experienced flyer.

Anyway, the h502s remains a suitable challenge for shooting right video, ultra transportable with decent freedom and not by any stretch of the imagination risky for other. If hubsan expected to offer reasonable follow me ramble with best camera and flight attributes-so, their main objective is completely accomplished. It’s simply astonished how steady and “Passionate” this 155g short time of innovation is. It’s incredible decision for some gatherings of flyers: First Time Flyers, Camera kinsmen on tight spending plan—or any individual who’s searching for little but skilled automation that won’t much harm in the event that it crashes. However, it won’t crash; we as a whole know you’re great flyer.

Are you able to find out your question answer? I think you’ll.


Short Reviews

Let’s see the pros and cons of this drone:


  • One of the best and cheapest FPV/GPS/Follow Me Drone!
  • The flight time is around 13- 14 minutes depending on how perfectly you’re flying.
  • Very steady and smooth flyer
  • Great for taking video and pictures.
  • Return To Home Button is a life saver
  • The GPS Hold helps this drone to hold itself in the wind.
  • FPV screen was excellent and had detailed pictures.



  • It’s too slow and steady to a point and its gets truly hard to get down with the drone when you have it up high.






We are going to give the list of accessories which is preferable for hubsan x4 h502s. Ok, let’s start…..

Carrying Case Handy Bag:

  • Bearable outside carrying case for hubsan x4 h502s
  • Outside handy carrying for light weight
  • Size:   47x24x8cm
  • Net weight:  335g

This carrying case has been designed to keep the drone of hubsan safety while travelling. This case is waterproof so it’s help to keep your drone from damage.

2pcs 7.4V 610mAh Battery & 8 Blades & Nylon Carrying Bag:

  • 2 Propeller Sets & Screw Sets
  • 1 Handbag Carrying Case

They’re great quality and easy to spot in the time of flying. Price is also great with the 8 blades per set.

UUMART Clockwise Motor CW/CCW:

  • Package including 1x CW Motor + 1x CCW Motor
  • Easy install
  • Great backup





A Brief Statement

This is an excellent drone for the features and for the lowest price that are offered by the company. This fantastic drone can be flown by anyone. The features will keep it safe and bring it home if the need arises. You will be able to fly this drone in the wind with great enjoyment. It works absolutely for what it intended for and I feel anyone can fly this drone after reading the manual instructions. After this review I think you will be helpful to take your decision to buy Hubsan X4 H502S Superior Functionality Drone.



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