Hubsan X4 H502E Superior Functionality Drone: Equipped with upgraded facilities and smart accessories

Hubsan X4H502S
Hubsan X4 H502S Superior Functionality Drone: an excellent featured drone in your budget
November 15, 2016
HUBSAN X4 FPV BRUSHLESS H501S A Gorgeous Quadcopter that provides some unique features in little budget
November 23, 2016

Hubsan X4 H502E Superior Functionality Drone: Equipped with upgraded facilities and smart accessories

Hubsan X4 H502E

Hubsan X4 H502E

Hubsan x4 h502e superior functionality drone with great features, GPS precise positioning and one Key Smart Automatic Return this quadcopter is an amazing for the beginners. Thus this drone is getting a lot of customers and it is estimated that this trend will continue in the future too. It’s the lowest priced quadcopter with the system of GPS guidance and stability that I have seen. If you’re novice then you can fly this drone with a very short learning curve. The h502e is considering as the latest x4 quadcopter. This aircraft comes with an already built-in return to the home key, GPS system, 720p HD camera, height adjustment feature and a headless flight mode which makes the quadcopter very easy to fly for the drone lovers.



If the connection of hubsan x4 h502e superior functionality drone is lost from the radio transmitter, the feature a built-in GPS is worth the quadcopter to take place into failsafe mode and also be worth to call once again at the push of a button. Multi-performance transmitter features all the ordinary allowances from the touch of a button with suitably placed buttons for (RTH) Return to Home and the functions of camera/video making this quadcopter and enjoyment to fly easily.

This quadcopter has appeared in a small box with the usual summary instructions on the packaging as mention as manual.


Hubsan X4 H502E Superior Functionality Drone Package Included:




You will get this fantastic X4 H502E drone in a very aristocratic package. So you will get:

  • Hubsan x4 h502e drone
  • 1 AC Adapter
  • A Transmitter Handset
  • An USB Lithium Polymer balance charger
  • Set of extra propellers (8 pieces)
  • Propeller Screw Set
  • One Powerful Li-Po hubsan h502e battery
  • Screwdriver- 1
  • Complete user manual


Product Introduction:

  1. Material of the product    :          Plastic, Alloy
  2. Channel                               :          4
  3. Battery Type                       :           Li-Po, 7.4V 610mAh
  4. Batteries for Remote Controller   : 4 AA Battery (not enclosed)
  5. Main Rotor Diameter        :           5.3 inch (135mm)
  6. Flight Time                          :           10-12 minutes
  7. Charging Time                    :           150 minutes
  8. Frequency                           :           2.4GHz
  9. Gyro                                     :           6 –axis
  10. Built-in Camera                  :           720P
  11. Color                                    :           White
  12. Width                                   :          165mm
  13. Height                                  :           60mm
  14. Length                                  :          165mm
  15. Dimensions                         :          (20.8x20.8 x 10.6) cm (L x W x H)

The Hubsan x4 h502e superior functionality drone impressive arrangement set of features which makes it’s apart from its competitor. The High- quality 720P HD Camera makes allowance for some impressive aerial photography and the videos combined with the altitude level mode which gives flight times till 12 minutes. Isn’t this quad is fantastic?-

In titles budget, you can get this amazing beautiful quadcopter with 720p HD Camera that will capture both pictures and recording video.





  • HD Quality 720P Camera
  • Excellence Performance
  • Easy to Return Home
  • Headless Control Mode
  • Automatic Failsafe Mode
  • Hubsan Altitude Hold
  • GPS System Prepared
  • Follow Me Function

Best Functions: GPS System, Altitude Height Mode, Automatic Return Mode


  •  Return and Tracking Function.

With adjustable gyro sensitivity along with latest 6-axis flight control system, this supports super stable flight.

Automatic Return 

  • Automatic return to home exactness 0-2m. One Key Smart Return to home mode.

Altitude Mode

  •  Placement the drone fly at a certain height/level prepared it more stable flight.

With 720P HD Camera

  •  this drone built-in 720p Megapixel HD Camera.

Small Power Safeguard

  •  this drone unpremeditated return to home and break down take-off point.

Uncompromising Protection

  • If the signal of the wireless is separated more than three seconds, the drone will automatically fall in ground.

Standard firmware Upgrade

  •  the drone comes with supporting standard firmware upgrade micro USB protection and Expert Mode.

USB Rechargeable

  •  with black, line 0.6m, the USB charging cable allows charging by computer or wall charger.

These functions are described in details below:


Headless Mode

The hubsan x4 h502e superior functionality drone comes with the headless mode, which mode makes flying easy. The drone with this mode makes this keep flying more, even easier to fly especially for the beginners and also helpful for the more experienced pilots. This mode is activated by oppressing the Rudder/Radar staff down for 0.5 seconds in mode 2, or the Radar/Elevator staff down for 0.5 seconds in mode will be indicated. Instead of the airplane always moves correlative to the pilot pressing left moves left, pressing for onwards moves onwards, and instantly.


With Failsafe Mode Return To Home



First of all thanks to GPS Navigation System, the hubsan x4 h502e superior functionality drone is able to apply oneself to its “Home or Takeoff” point. If the connection of the quadcopter is corrupted with the transmitter, Failsafe Mode will go about, making the quadcopter to automatically come back to home point and land without any interruption the quadcopter will land safely to the home point by the function of One Key Smart Automatic Return to home at any time and also automatic return at any time in flight.


Altitude Hold Mode Along With Stable Hover

hubsan-x4-h502e-Altitude Mode & stable-hover

hubsan-x4-h502e-Altitude Mode & stable-hover

In this mode, keep the drone fly at a certain height based on exercising from a barometer. The hubsan x4 h502e will maintain by a fixed altitude mode. Straight Movement, as well as frequency, will still be worth.


Follow Me Function

This follows me function works well. With this function, the quadcopter will padlock onto the location of the transmitter and sign it. This is most helpful when recording a usual subject that would be humorous to follow manually.


HD Camera

With high-quality 720P HD Camera, the hubsan x4 h502e superior functionality drone can record extremely impressive aerial high- definition pictures and flight videos. You will be very happy with this camera because it takes great video! If you love photography then we recommended this drone for you. When you’re going to buy your drone from Hubsan Company, make sure that you check the camera. You can try the camera both indoor and outdoor. There is a micro SD memory card slot below tail section to record video. This drone furnished with 720P camera and the results of this camera quality are very good. It looks really great and camera adjustment is working specifically well and truly with 720P video resolution.


The Transmitter



Without talking about the drone’s transmitter it would not be complete to describe the product full description. If you’re going to buy drone the first thing you’ve to do is that knowing the full specification of that drone. Now we’re trying to point out the advantages of the Hubsan X4 h502e’s transmitter. In brief, the controller of this drone is very cold- looking. The transmitter comes with the new feature that is you can conveniently place switches and buttons on the front face of the transmitter for Returning to Home and also can control the camera/video functions. This is awesome and exceptionally supportive with this transmitter to fly this drone in the air. It’s easy to use for the beginners and also for everyone.



 Everyone has their own specific flight ability. So, for getting the best done you’ve to know about the flight performance of every drone. This hubsan x4 h502e superior functionality drone‘s flight performance is actually worked very well. The follow Me Mood able this drones to fly in his own way. This little drone is fast and obviously really fast then other beginner drones. It takes about 10- 12 minutes in each flight. This flight performance is unbelievably responsive, quickly and perfectly.



  • Remarkably stable and easy to fly.
  • Excellent beginner quad with GPS.
  • With best GPS system hubsan X4 h502e is the cheapest quadcopter on the market.
  • Greatest full function GPS quadcopter in your budget.
  • The pictures and video are great for a 720P camera.
  • A feature with the return to home this is solid GPS quadcopter.
  • Just simply connect the charger and battery to fly the drone.
  • Long time flying performance about 12 minutes.
  • With great features of not taking a long time to change this drone.
  • Stable Flight Mode make this quadcopter to fly at a position sky and keep it stay here.
  • The brushed motor is not so powerful to hurt someone if this drone flies into someone and anything happens worst.



  • Sometimes the brushed motors burn out easily.

Solution: So for saving your money and motor you have to try best that any dirt or debris cannot get into the motor mounts.

  • The Stable Hover Mode doesn’t work properly sometimes.

Solution: To fix this problem you’ve to get 6+ GPS satellites and mark the boundary very well.

  • This drone has no microphone function.
  • This drone have no option of switch on/off,


Some Tips to keep Your Drone Safe:

The user of this drone saying that don’t your motor being dirt! By following the proper instructions from magnetic object first of all, mark your boundary well before flying the drone in the sky. To find Headless Mode works well you’ve to make sure read the manual instruction properly. If you want your drone’s GPS hold to work, make sure that you’ve 6+ Satellites and check it before takeoff.


Why This Drone Is Easier to Fly?

If you set up everything and flying, you can easily spend 12 minutes on each flight. The original flight can help 8-12 minutes from the company included. In a way of 2 radio transmitter, a power of an engine can support is on the left.

Firstly, turn on the power buttons of your quad, secondly the radio. Connect the battery in the quadcopter and then copter plain on a land area immediately. This will help the copter to self- level the gyro.

Now, doing the following step by step—

Step No-1 is to calibration by turning it horizontally a few wheel-shaped clockwise directions until the radio transmitter alert you to finish the step calibrate the compass.

Step No-2 following, vertically turns the quadcopter clockwise direction up to the radio seems complete.

When you’re ready to fly, place both sticks inside arm the motors, the propellers will start to rotate slowly. Now, the quadcopter has entered into flight preparation mode. The Motor does not auto stopped above the landing. To stop the motors, hold both sticks inside at the lowest point for 3 seconds.


Useful information you need to know about this drone.

  • This UAV is recommended for people of above 14 years.
  • While charging, we will suggest you keep the temperature range of your drone battery below than 45 Degree Celsius.   
  • This drone have SD camera slot but they don’t offer any SD card



  •   Hubsan parts protection cover blades guard
  •   The transmitter for hubsan
  •    Quadcopter Spare parts
  •    Carrying Case for Hubsan x4 h502e
  •     Hubsan h502e needed screwdriver
  1. Hubsan parts protection cover blades guard

This cover guard is safe protection cover for hubsan drone. This cover pack is perfectly provides optimal protection to its parts. This guard is fit perfectly. By using of this guard you easily able to control your drone.

  1. The smart transmitter for hubsan

This smart transmitter gives you reliable and precise control of the drone. It helps to fly in an expecting level in sky.

  1. Quadcopter spare parts

They’re great quality and easy to spot in the time of flying. Price is also great with the 4 blades per set.

  1. Carrying case for hubsan x4 h502e
  •         High quality
  •         Durable
  •         Waterproof material & waterproof zipper

This Carrying case has been designed to keep the drone hubsan safely while travelling. This case is waterproof so it’s help to keep your drone from damage.

  1.  Hubsan h502e needed screwdriver

A set of screwdriver are offered by the hubsan. By using this screwdriver you can fix your drone in any time by following the instruction manual.


Review on online marketplace:

This quad is having an abundant effect on the market and has been popular nowadays. The beginner drone flyers desire to have this hubsan x4 h502e superior functionality drone. The people who buy this drone found this drone useful and solid. This quadcopter has lot of reviews from a customer. 






This is an Amazing FPV quadcopter for the beginners. Hubsan has been making drone for years, but this drone is being the most perfect and most preferable beginner quadcopter. You’ll find this quad on the market in quite a little price than other quads. This is the latest version of the hubsan h502s. This drone did a beautiful job with the high- quality camera. This drone is supported the Headless Control Mode and these unique features make this drone different from another drone. In one word, you’ll surely get the excellent flying experienced after using this hubsan x4 h502e the superior functionality drone.



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