Hubsan X4 H107C Tiny Drone is absolute beauty for beginners

Hubsan X4H107L
Hubsan X4 H107L Smartest Quadcopter for beginners with stylish and sexiest design
November 15, 2016

Hubsan X4 H107C Tiny Drone is absolute beauty for beginners

Hubsan X4H107C

Hubsan X4H107C

Hubsan X4 H107C

Hubsan X4 H107C Tiny Drone is considering being as a dependable little camera drone. For beginner drone flyers this drone which comes at just a right place. This drone is a model that’s reliable, effortless to fly, and that drone won’t break the bank. It comes with a camera which makes this quad copter best in average. The first thing you’ll choose this model, if you’re someone who’s never flown a quadcopter before.  This quadcopter is an upgraded and modernize version of the hubsan x4 h107. The lightly converted design of this quadcopter has got a camera and more impressive motors that result in expanded payload.

The Hubsan x4 h107c models is the camera drone which is best in all hubsan x4 models. This drone has features with a 2 mega pixel camera that attempt 480P video from a fixed position at the front of the drone. This drone comes along with a proper packaging included propellers, a prop guard, extra set of propellers, a 3.7v 380 mAh Li-Po battery, 2.4 GHz controller, And instruction booklet. Yet this quadcopter is come straightforward out of the box ready-to- fly, for this it is extremely suggested that first time flyers catch the time to read over the information and install the assistance guard onto the quadcopter body.


Luxury Aerial Photography Footage:

The newest stylish HD Camera version drone h107c is the perfect Quad-copter design for learning how to refine skills, and experiencing great with aerial photography/recording. Extraordinary is comparatively small, so its best- fitted for outdoor flights or indoor flights whereas minimum amount of air is present. In all, the controllers are precise and responsive, therefore even ultimate fresher shouldn’t have any complications getting used by them. The Quad-copter flight time is about 7-8 minutes that is about approximate for a drone of its size, ability, and price range.


What Includes in the box-?

Hubsan x4 h107c-Box-content

Hubsan x4 h107c-Box-content

Hubsan x4 h107c-Accessories

Hubsan x4 h107c-Accessories

It is most important that when you’re going to buy a drone for the first time, you have to know as what comes in the box as understanding the drone’s function. Because of this, we’ve designed the information of all accessories which in the box. See the following-

  • 3.7V 380 mAh Li-Po Battery: “Li-Po” is the short form of “Lithium Polymer”. This is the common battery type used to power the RC quadcopters.
  • 2.4 GHz 4-Channel Transmitter: You’ll be able easy to fly your quadcopter by a 4- Channel Transmitter without worry of conflict of anyone who may be flying a related model nearby.
  • Extra Spare Propellers: If you’re a newbie, opportunities are that you’re going to have your honorable share of crashes. If the first one breaks with having an extra pair of propellers insures that you can get back instantly.
  • Prop Guard: During the time, it does take away from flight time lightly, Prop Guards is most important to increase the longevity of the propellers from the extraneous environment. You will remove the propellers, when you become more experienced.
  • USB Charging Cable: Over charging protection is the helpful sight of the h107c. This protects your quadcopter from overcharging and damage of the battery.



               Model                                          :                    Hubsan X4 H107C

               Color                                            :                   Black, Blue

               Motor(X4)                                  :                   0820 coreless motors

              Controlling Distance                 :                  30 Meters

               Material                                      :                   Plastic

               Size                                               :                   8x8x2.5 cm

              Dimensions                                 :                  (3.15×3.15×0.98)” (L x W x H)

              Shipping Weight                        :                   1.2 pounds

              Gyro                                              :                   6-axis

             Flight Orientation                       :                   Bright blue and Red LEDs

             Camera resolution                      :                   1280x720P with HD Camera

             Memory                                        :                   MicroSD or MicroSDHC card

             Transmitter                                 :                    2.4GHz with 4-Channel

             Transmitter Channel                 :                    4

             Flight Modes                               :                    Normal and Expert

             Battery                                          :                    Voltage: 3.7V,

                                                                                          Capacity: 380mAh

              Flight Time                                  :                    8 minutes with stock

              Smartphone App                        :                     No

              Charge Time                                :                     Under 30 minutes

              Remote Control Battery            :                     4 x AAA



Exclusively Designed and Build

Hubsan x4 h107c-HD-Design


In this part, now we’re going to talk about the design and build of this drone. First and most important thing is that this drone is comparatively small. This drone dimensions are 3-inches wide by 1-inch tall. Without the battery, the integrated unit weights of this drone about 40 grams. And with the battery, the weight is about 50 grams. On first approach, if you’re used the ordinary hubsan x4 you may note that the h107c is a bit ‘heavier’ quadcopter.

The beginner Hubsan X4 H107C Tiny Drone frames is made of plastic body. The put weight plastic frame and the short frame have nice staying power. For this nice plastic frame this drone is take standard place in the industry of RC drone.

Overall, for different looks and solid design I would give the h107c drone an acceptance for design. The beginners will be benefited by this drone for sure.


Camera and Recording Quality

Hubsan x4 h107c-HD-camera

Hubsan x4 h107c-HD-camera

The hubsan x4 h107c is the newer version of hubsan with features a HD 720P (1280×720 resolution) video camera. This drone video resolution is 720×480 at 25 frames per second. And its recorded bit rate is 10.477 mbps per second video camera. When you’re going to buy your drone from Hubsan Company, make sure that “HD” is including in the product name that’s why you don’t have to buy the older version with the 720×480 resolution SD camera during the time that comes with the same model number.

Hit the record button on the quadcopter body for recording. When the record is on a Red LED will start Hashing and the Blue LED already gleaming on the body.

You can try the camera both indoor outdoor. There is a microSD memory card slot below tail section to record video which is activated.


Better Flying Experience

Though you’re a complete novice, you’ll find that the h107c will be very easy to fly. You will easily get used to it in no time, if you have some experience in flying drones. Though this quadcopter come with Ready- To- Fly (RTF), but for flying this drone you need to do is that is slide the battery, hit the air and power on the transmitter.

Flight control system is expert and normal in two flight modes along with six-axis gimble.

However you start flying, you will invent how responsive this drone is and how it rules left to right and front to back with super speed, a lot advance than the model Syma X1.[AT]

Because of your handful indoor flying, we advised you to attach the propellers guard before sending it to the air for saving your h107c from unexpected crash.


Charging and Battery

For giving you about eight minutes flight time in total, this drone which comes with a powerful 3.7V mAh Lithium Polymer battery. It gives you the fun of flying. The similar USB in charger will recharge the battery in nearing 30-40 minutes that is right around the warrant for quadcopter batteries. It is completely recommend by the users that buying various batteries just to maximize the flying time and minimize expecting around and charging time of this drone.

At the same price range compared to other drones. It has a charging time about 30-40 minutes, which is very “Quick” charging than other drones like Syma X5c1[AT] because it has a charging time about 90 minutes. In one review, the user demands that this is best for minimize the charging time after using a USB charger.


Remote Controller

Hubsan x4 h107c-Controller

Hubsan x4 h107c-Controller

Without talking about the drone’s transmitter it would not be complete to describe the Hubsan X4 H107c Tiny Drone review. In brief, the controller is very cold- looking! It will fit goodly in your hands because it looks like a tone down PS3 controller. This drone comes with a light 2.4 small LCD radio control transmitter. Together with a 2.4GHz brand spectrum, you will get abundant of ranges while flying and also your friend can change his remote without discontinuing your drone. Is that good?

Besides all necessary buttons and controller sticks, it has an LCD uncolored display for aim coordination to balance the drone, to balance the battery level and also to balance the hubsan logo.

This drone is a Ready-To-Fly drone, so you can set the copter in a starting position by putting a battery in its compartment.

After that, you turn on the remote controller and as soon as the 2.4 LEDs pause flicking partially then you is ready to take off your drone.

Including a 6-axis gyroplane, doing four-ways turn over as like left, right, forward, backward and also different tricks are making easy to fly this drone.



  • Extremely easy to fly
  • Hd Recoding
  • 6-axis Flight Control system
  • Adjustable Gyro Settings
  • Normal & Expert flight modes
  • Easy to move in all directions
  • Exclusively build-in Camera
  • Affordable Replacement Parts
  • Extra Set of Propellers
  • Able to replace Lithium Polymer battery easily
  • Under budget
  • Motors for Expert Vertical climbs and takeoffs



  • Camera can’t be controlled perfectly
  • Indeterminate looking wiring prop to the battery
  • The motors didn’t work sometime
  • Position check of arms after a single crash
  • Best for the indoor flying and a blast for the outdoors flying
  • The most common problem is that the propellers not to good


Overall Review:

Hubsan X4 H107C

In one word, great copter at a great value! This is an awesome quadcopter for first time RC buyers and also for all age hobbyists’ people, who love to fly in the sky. With an adjustable sensitivity and with full 4D trim settings this actually is a quadcopter that anybody can fly. Great deal and great value- the camera quality is great to use [check out the Youtube videos] to see that works perfectly and deliver a great benefit that it automatically adjusts the colors.

The most important things that you must love it this are very easy to fly. You can fly this from 45 minutes to 1 hour in a day. The Expert Mode greatly satisfied you for more experienced flight. You can handle this drone after crash by replacing the propellers so no worry of any damage. Last of all I just saying you try this drone must its sure that you will get fun with this drone.


Important Information For The user:

This drone comes with a protection ring engaged onto the lower side of the internal packaging! If you buy the Hubsan X4 H107C Tiny Drone then you don’t need to order individual one unless you in away blasting this one!

If you are newish to flying Quad-copter or another RC Quad-copters exercise the protection ring to use first off. It is highly recommended for you that always fly this drone with the protection ring for the best result.

If you want to record video you will need to purchase micro SD card . It’s available on online markets. To copy videos from the Micro SD card you have to buy Micro SD card reader. You can fly this drone 6-7 minutes and this is depending on your flying skill. So see the manual instruction to learn the process of flying your drone. It takes a bit to learn how to fly well.

Hubsan x4 h107c-dimension

Hubsan x4 h107c-dimension


Different Accessories of Hubsan X4 h107c:

  1. Protection Cover: Hubsan h107c RC Quad-copter parts protection cover blades guard. The guard is fit perfectly. By using of this guard you will learned how to accurately control your drone. Great protection for the rotors.
  1. Spare Parts Crash Pack: Hubsan h107c Quad-copter Spare Parts Crash Pack.


                   Body shell color    :   mainly red+ black.

                    Material                 :    durable plastic and soft rubber

       Nice kit of essential parts for the h107c to keep your drone in good shape. The main quadcopter comes with its own prop protector, so you may need this if you have an extra battery.


Final decision:

If you are looking for your first Quadcopter then the hubsan h107c is perfect for you. This is a mini quadcopter with excellent features. If you want video in your primary quadcopter, then look no on the other hand! Before you move along to a maximum end and richer model as like DJI Phantom 4[AT], you can try this one for practice. This drone gives you some interesting footage and qualifies you to build up your flying skill properly. With best features of 2MP camera that will dedicate you wonderful footage to enjoy, you can raise one level up later as you improve your skill. We expect that you have enjoyed our review on Hubsan x4 H107c Tiny Drone.




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