HUBSAN Products

  • Hubsan x4 h107d mini quadcopter provides best features within lower budget
    Hubsan x4 h107d mini quadcopter is one of the world’s smallest FPV systems quadcopter with a digital camera. This drone can be comfortably used indoors & outdoors. Flight can be made even in gentle wind conditions. This quadcopter is a palm-sized quad-rotor RC section helicopter with an incorporated FPV camera I have ever seen. For the first person view pilots, this drone is perfect for them. The pilot can enjoy each and every view by using this quadcopter. This most recent upgraded drone of hubsan manufacturer is hubsan x4 h107d portable 4 channel 6- Axis gyro FPV with 0.3MP camera. This RC quadcopter designs with ultra lightweight and solid body frame. This hubsan x4 h107d quadcopter performs full direction flight, forward/backward, up/down, left/right rotation with super bright light. Thanks to the implicit 6-Axis gyro together with adaptable gyro sensitivity, allowing super stable flight. Mini size combines with a rich appearance, hubsan x4 h107d RC quadcopter could be an extraordinary gift for children as well as friends who are new to RC hobby! In addition, hubsan x4 h107d mini quadcopter is not only a simple quadcopter toy, as well as a superb flying camera that captures and records each exceptional minute […]
  • hubsan x4 plus h107p micro quadcopter
    Hubsan x4 plus h107p micro quadcopter is an entry level drone including an altitude hold mode typically found on longer more costly quadcopters, this help to control power consumption, gives longer flight times, and help beginners fly easily. Hubsan x4 h107p which is a long awaited update version of Hubsan’s popular x4 range of mini quadcopters. This means this drone comes with no camera and was decorated purely for fun flying. The recent lightweight airframe shows great durability and a lively look. Though this is a toy drone but not very little, not very big and not only great for indoor flying but also awesome for outdoor flying. With new components like Altitude Hold Mode and a one key 360-degree rollover functions make this drone perfect for the beginner flyers. For the beginners and experienced pilots, this quad becomes a great choice for its dual-mode ability functions.   Why is this drone best for the beginners? Hubsan x4 plus h107p micro quadcopter will be your best companion in the event that you are planning to purchase a drone for the first time. Alike it will be incredible for the people who are looking forward to rehearsing before moving onward more […]
  • HUBSAN X4 FPV BRUSHLESS H501S A Gorgeous Quadcopter that provides some unique features in little budget
    Hubsan x4 fpv brushless h501s a gorgeous quadcopter is the most recently updated model by hubsan. Hubsan Manufacturer Company has produced several copters which have been the enrichment in the market.         [An Aerophotographic Quad Copter with 1080P HD Camera for beginners.] The blinged- out gold & white x4 h501s brushless from hubsan is a structured QuadCopter with unified 1080P video camera and included 4.3” FPV transmitter radio control system. The flight controller has a wide set of useful features more mechanized by its GPS system. Such features are Follow Me Mode, Headless Mode, Automatic Return & Landing and OSD (On- Screen Display) Live Data. This hubsan x4 fpv brushless a pretty drone is classic for “Selfie” due to it’s follow me mode and HD onboard Camera. This drone is powered by four brushless motors with self-strictness propellers. The package included comes ready- to – fly, simply requiring four AA batteries for the radio controller to get started. Superb hubsan x4 h501s fpv brushless quadcopter has a mini flight time of 18-20 minutes above average and a control distance about 300 meters. On the highest point of this by h501s x4 features KV1650, PM1806 brushless motors which exceptionally strong.    Product […]
  • Hubsan X4 H502E
    Hubsan X4 H502E Superior Functionality Drone: Equipped with upgraded facilities and smart accessories
    Hubsan x4 h502e superior functionality drone with great features, GPS precise positioning and one Key Smart Automatic Return this quadcopter is an amazing for the beginners. Thus this drone is getting a lot of customers and it is estimated that this trend will continue in the future too. It’s the lowest priced quadcopter with the system of GPS guidance and stability that I have seen. If you’re novice then you can fly this drone with a very short learning curve. The h502e is considering as the latest x4 quadcopter. This aircraft comes with an already built-in return to the home key, GPS system, 720p HD camera, height adjustment feature and a headless flight mode which makes the quadcopter very easy to fly for the drone lovers. If the connection of hubsan x4 h502e superior functionality drone is lost from the radio transmitter, the feature a built-in GPS is worth the quadcopter to take place into failsafe mode and also be worth to call once again at the push of a button. Multi-performance transmitter features all the ordinary allowances from the touch of a button with suitably placed buttons for (RTH) Return to Home and the functions of camera/video making this quadcopter […]
  • Hubsan X4H502S
    Hubsan X4 H502S Superior Functionality Drone: an excellent featured drone in your budget
    Hubsan X4 H502S Superior Functionality Drone is a standout amongst the latest drone by hubsan.  The air adjoining drones has changed peaceful a bit in the previous few years. With their growing presence in every parts of human life, their expectation is becoming received successively by people. Hubsan x4 h502s is one of the best models of hubsan. Now, we’re going to describe all information about this drone. This model is coming directly after exceptionally famous hubsan x4 h501s model. Cost is initially decreased but some promoted elements are still here. That is awesome news for everyone of us running on a lower budget! On first view, you’ll find that it’s particularly the same as hubsan x4 h501s model. Honestly, they are comparative however hubsan x4 h502s is successfully littler comparable with hubsan h501s. We’ll get further in difference of these two models detail later. Hubsan X4 H502S Superior Functionality Drone: Know more When you’re going to buy a drone the common question which knocks in your mind is “what is the best esteem for my money?”Then the answer will be Hubsan X4 H502S superior functionality drone is best for you. It as of now is the most minimal cost drone […]
  • Hubsan X4H107L
    Hubsan X4 H107L Smartest Quadcopter for beginners with stylish and sexiest design
      Hubsan X4 H107L smartest quadcopter is also called the “sexy little drone” by the RC fans, because of its huge stylish design, super cold controller design, and the way it slides easily through the air. This Drone is easy to fly and control and it is a great little drone! In these drone worlds this drone is actually one of the best choices for the newer. If you are a beginner, you face that it takes a little practice to get to that level. If you once get the aim of it, you will easily control the drone and also you can gain crazy flight speed. Hubsan X4 H107L comes in an almost ready-to-use state, from the shop. mWhen you open the box you will notice the best thing that is the small size of this drone. The quadcopter is really light, 28 grams light to be more appropriate and it is smaller than the palm of your hand. However, the beginners and the first-time operator, can freely get used to its get- at- able controls, because this quadcopter is flies very aggressively, and is very reactive to the commands. Body Appearance    With a black coating, and a […]
  • Hubsan X4H107C
    Hubsan X4 H107C Tiny Drone is absolute beauty for beginners
    Hubsan X4 H107C Tiny Drone is considering being as a dependable little camera drone. For beginner drone flyers this drone which comes at just a right place. This drone is a model that’s reliable, effortless to fly, and that drone won’t break the bank. It comes with a camera which makes this quad copter best in average. The first thing you’ll choose this model, if you’re someone who’s never flown a quadcopter before.  This quadcopter is an upgraded and modernize version of the hubsan x4 h107. The lightly converted design of this quadcopter has got a camera and more impressive motors that result in expanded payload. The Hubsan x4 h107c models is the camera drone which is best in all hubsan x4 models. This drone has features with a 2 mega pixel camera that attempt 480P video from a fixed position at the front of the drone. This drone comes along with a proper packaging included propellers, a prop guard, extra set of propellers, a 3.7v 380 mAh Li-Po battery, 2.4 GHz controller, And instruction booklet. Yet this quadcopter is come straightforward out of the box ready-to- fly, for this it is extremely suggested that first time flyers catch the […]