Holy Stone X300C FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with excellent camera and creative features

Holy stone HS170
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November 15, 2016

Holy Stone X300C FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with excellent camera and creative features

Holystone X300C

Holystone X300C

Holy Stone X300C FPV RC quadcopter Drone is an optimal drone which is recently gaining popularity in the global market. It has incorporated both the primordial design potency of recreational mini drones and some of the great proficiency of professional drones for aerial photographing. This drone uses a 2MP high definition camera which can take amazing photos and videos when the quadcopter is in the sky. It can record awesome footage, regardless of the light using its PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus) technology.


Holy Stone X300C



Specification of Holy Stone X300C quadcopter:


This drone is come with bonus copter’s Battery and revival Goggles under the inner pack. It has more pretty and cool design for easily replacing motors and other parts. It is included with free Switching between right hand and left hand throttle.


  • Weight of quad copter: about 3.6 ounce
  • Battery: Bout 3.7V 750mAh Li-Polymer
  • Battery of transmitter: 3 x AA 1.5V (not included)
  • The range of Transmitter: 333 feet
  • Type of motor: Coreless motor
  • Material: Electronic Components, Plastic
  • Fuselage length: About 9.5 inches
  • Flight Control Distance: 50-100 meters
  • Maximum Flight speed: 5 mpH
  • Charging time: About 1.2 hours
  • Flight time: About 10 minutes
  • Flight at night: Yes
  • Bright LED lights for night flights.
  • Hooked up to a computer using a USB Charger.


6-axis gyro control


Holy stone X300C FPV RC quadcopter drone quadcopter features a new design and structure that makes concentration and patronage much easier. It uses the newest six (6)-axis gyro control system which makes controlling it very simple and great. It is also more comfortable to fly for those who aren’t very experienced in drone flying.



Unique Features:


There are some unique feature is given below:

  • Three (3) Distinctive Flying Modes

There are three different flying modes that are suited for uses in different elevations. Three distinctive flying modes are below:

  1. The beginner mode

    The beginner mode is that mode which is suited for total beginners.

  2. The intermediate mode

    The intermediate mode is suited for experienced drone users.

  3. The Headless mode

    The headless mode is suited for advanced users.


  • The 360o degree flip button: With a single button press it will help you to make a 360o flip.
  • Goggles: The goggles are just for fancy look.
  • Anatomical Design: It also as a unique anatomical design which ensures a more stable and powerful performance execute all kinds of 3D action with comfort and skills.


The X300C has maximum features what we have come to expect from most mid range quad copters. It also has a great opportunity that is WiFi FPV real time video via your smart phones and it has the capability to record Video/ Photo to your iphone or Android phone. The controller has a holder to fit the phone and use it conveniently.



What the box will contain?

Holy Stone X300C


The packaging system of Holy stone X300C Quad copter is very nicely designed corrugated box. There is a carrying handle which helps the customer to carry comfortably. The box contain Holy Stone company logo which is bright yellow and red colored. The X300C is often packaged in ready to fly state. If the battery is well charged it is able to take flights off the box. Opening the box you will find the following components in the packaging:


  • The Holy stone X300C FPV RC quadcopter drone
  • The FPV phone handling gear
  • Goggles
  • A 2.4 G Transmitter
  • A USB charger
  • A screw driver
  • A battery [3.7V, 750maH]
  • 4 blades
  • A user’s manual





The drone has a uniquely designed structure. It also has amazing design serves two great purposes. Firstly it gives the drone a unique look and it also assists it to have an easier way to reap through the air.

This drone is comes in two main color outlines.

  1. A white (silvery) and
  2. A reddish design.

There are two additional flashlights at the front of the drone that help the both during night flights.



Battery quality:  


  • Holy Stone X300C FPV RC quadcopter drone is comes with a single battery that takes about 72 minutes to fully charge sewer in less than 10 minutes. If you fly the drone in night mode and use an FPV control this flight time can be lowered. The charger is USB based and it’s advised to use a 0.5 Amp USB socket only, otherwise you may fry the charger. I would like to inform you that your computer’s USB socket will work perfectly.

    Charging Process

The charging process is very simple. You should plug the battery into the charger. After plugging the charger the charger is into an USB socket. When the red LED turns on you have to understand that the charging is finished.

The battery of this drone uses a JST plug. So you can charge it with any JST based charger. The drone is balanced with other 3.7 volt LiPo batteries with JST plug. You should just make sure it fits into the quad.



Remote Control:

Holy Stone X300C

After opening the box of the drone you will discover that the X300C drone’s RC is kind of heavy considering the fact that the drone is kind of small. On the first glance, the drone’s remote control looks like the RC of house cars we used to play with children. The remote control is made out of the same cheap plastic as the rest of the drone. The controllers have two way action modes.



Flight Performance:


The drone is a prominent performer in the airspace. It has the ability of making 3D rolls, instantaneous swings, throttle and many other drone acrobatics. This quadcopter has an effective control distance of between 50-100 meter and the 6-axis gyro. It’s unique design play an amazing role in the drone’s stability.





Holystone X300C camera

Holystone X300C camera

Holy Stone X300C FPV RC quadcopter drone has a fixed front camera which is 2MP. This camera’s resolution is quite poor, but it provides a First Person View (FPV). It will help you to record videos and take aerial snaps where necessary. All videos and photos taken by the camera can be stored into SD card. These photos and videos are also uploaded directly to the smart phone.



List of Accessories:


Holy Stone is the company which is provided some accessories for every product of them. If any parts of your drone damages you can buy them easily. There are some accessories of this drone are below:

  1. 17 in 1 60W soldering iron kit set

    Before using this you should add a few amount of water. Choose the voltage of 110V-120V or 220V-240V.

  2. 8 in 1 60W soldering iron kit set

    Before using this you should add a few amount of water. Choose the voltage of 110V-120V or 220V-240V.

  3. New style screwdriver set (130mm various angle veer/100mm 3xtend)

    This is the set of 45 in 1 professional hardware screw driver tool. This set of tools is designed for repairing RC helicopter, mobile, phones, hard drives and other.

  4. Remote Control helicopter repair tools

    this is the set of 2X cross screwdriver. 1x long screwdriver and 1x short screwdriver.

  5. VR 3D smart glasses

    There are Black and White colors of VR 3D smart glasses.

  6. Remote control Transmitter

    If your remote control transmitter damages then don’t worry about this. Because you can easily buy an extra remote control transmitter of Holy stone MJX X300C RC quadcopter.

  7. Remote control LEVER

    There is remote control Lever of the holy stone X300 RC drone for you. You can buy this easily.

  8. Charger and balance charger box set

    This is the set which has red JTS interface. You can charge the 6×3.7V battery at the same time 1 to 6 BC-1S06 charger.

  9. USB charger wire

    This is the MJX X300C FPV 2.4G 6 Axis headless mode rc quadcopter with HD camera spare parts.

  10. Small helicopter colorful mini car USB charger

    Small helicopter colorful mini car USB charger for 3.7V battery.

  11. 1 to 8s lipo battery voltage tester low voltage buzzer alarm

    If you need you can buy the voltage tester. When the voltage is below the set value it will buzzer with red LED light.

  12. Manual book

    If you lost your manual book you can buy an extra manual book.

  13. Screw pack set

    There is an extra screw pack also available for you.

  14. Upper headset

    Holy stone company also provide the upper head set. There are two colors of upper head. Silver color and white colors are available for you.

  15. Battery Cover

    If you need you can buy a battery cover which very attractive and it is a white color battery cover.

  16. Outer Frame

    There are two colors of outer frame. One is silver color and another is white color.

  17. 3 MP camera

    You can also buy an extra 0.3 MP camera.

  18. TF micro SD card and card reader

    The range of the SD card is about 2GB to 64GB.

  19. Mobile Hold

    There is mobile hold also available for you.

  20. Motor cable

    There are two types of motor cable which are long motor cable and short motor cable.

  21. Motor deck

    There is a silver color motor cable.

  22. Holy Stone five in one charger with 5 USB cable

    It is a fast battery charger which has the capability to charging 5 batteries at the same time. You can connect the USB port with your computer, Android phone or iPhone adapter. It has the indicator light which showing the charging status, over charge protection and also has the short Circuit Protection Function which is very helpful for battery. Its maximum current input is about 2.5A and safe current output is about 500mAh.

  23. Holy Stone 4Pcs 3.7V 7500mAh rechargeable Lipo batteries

    If your battery damages you can buy extra battery for The Holy Stone F181RC drone. The battery designs with 3.7V 800mAh. It has the charging protection and short circuit protection.

  24. Holy Stone Original motors as spare parts (4 Pieces)

    It is a replacement part for the F181RC copter. There are blue and red color motor which is clockwise and the black and white color motor which is anti clockwise. There are four (4) pieces motor. 2 motor is clockwise and other 2 motor is anti clockwise.

  25. Main Blade propellers

    There are four (4) propellers 2A and 2B.

  26. Holy Stone F181RC main propellers and blades & guard spare part

    You can easily replace the main propellers and blades. There are the main propellers and blades.  



Essential Suggestions:


  • You should careful about USB charger. The charger usage should under currents input 0.5A to avoid burning up the USB charger.
  • You should take a 10 minute cool-down break when you are flying, to ensure the parts of the drone last as long as possible.


Short reviews:


There are some pros and cons:




  • The holy stone X300C FPV RC quadcopter drone has been built of heavy and bulky plastic covering and prop guards that are capable to sustain diverse crushes.
  • It is able to handle bulky winds better than many other drones of its class.
  • This drone is very easy to use because it has a FPV feature.
  • X300C FPV RC has a rationally camera which camera can help you to take some ethereal photographs.





  • Since it is more of a recreational drone, it’s price is quite high.
  • This drone has an overheating problem that may affect its durability.
  • This drone is slow in connectivity







If you are still confusing you mind of what sort of drone you are looking for, I would like to request you to check out all of our listing to search and compare to find the perfect fit for you. After seeing all the features, i think you must go for Holy Stone X300C FPV RC quadcopter Drone.




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