Why Holy Stone HS200w is adorable RC quadcopter?

Holy Stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter Drone is great with easy flying process
November 15, 2016

Why Holy Stone HS200w is adorable RC quadcopter?

Holy Stone HS200w

Holy Stone HS200w

Holy Stone HS200w

Holy Stone HS200w

Holy Stone HS200w is adorable RC quadcopter because now a days it is one of the best selling product of Holy Stone.Holy Stone HS200w rc drone is the drone which has 2MP HD First Person View(FPV) HD camera, Altitude hold function,  APP Control, 4 channel 6 axis gyro technology, 6-8 minutes flying time, transmitter, one key return, headless mode and so on. This drone can also be a best gift too. The design of this drone is also very eye catching. Definitely this drone is very adorable with the sexiest design and beautiful features.

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The essential features of Holy Stone HS200w :

This beautiful quadcopter is assembled with the following essential features:

FPV HD Wifi Camera:  This drone is featured with 720P HD Wifi real time lives Video Camera. The camera resolution is 1280×720 Pixel and 2 MP.When you fly you can stream a live videos, that mean you are enable to take aerial videos and images, photos with the help of your smartphone, iphone or Android phone devices because of the FPV features. For this, you have to pair the drone with your devices.



APP Control System Of HS200w


Well, For activating the multiple function such as gravity sensor you have to control the drone with the help of App. So that you can finish your flight motions with the help of holding and moving the android devices respectively. And make sure you engross the devices or your phones in horizontal axis.


Amazing Altitude Hold Function


 The altitude hold function of this drone is amazing.Do you want to know why? Because this quadcopter automatically observe the height. And capture the ingenious sharper images, videos and so on.This really sound that HS200w RC is luscious quadcopter.


Take off & landing button facility


 As early as possible you connect the drone with the remote control just press the take off & landing button. Your drone automatically will take off. Again press the take off & landing button. Slowly it will touch the ground.


LED Lighting system


  This drone is outfitted with LED navigation lights and this light gives indication for the night flight. Isn’t it sound very helpful? Obviously it is.


Flexible to charge

This drone is charged with a USB power charger .This charger will help you to charge the battery without taking your quadcopter battery .This is really superb!

Suitable 4 speed modes for the beginners and expert


  This drone has 4 speed modes. And this is suitable for both the beginner and expert.




 This Quadcopter’s 2.4G technology do this  gettable for several models  so that one can play at the same time without any kind of interference.




Well, this drone facilitates with the multi axis gyro. So as a result it will provide you stability for the easy handling and as well as 360 degree flips.



Headless Mode of this adorable quadcopter

Generally the forward collimation or direction of the flying multi rotor is similar with the nose collimation or direction. So the direction of your transmitter will be same because the forward direction can not do anything with the nose direction.


Adorable HS200w one key return home function

In the headless mode  there is a button to return home. So whenever you will press this button you will fly back to the direction of the transmitter.Isn’t it sound cute.That is why most of the people prefer Holy Stone HS200w RC is cute drone.


Specifications Of Holy Stone HS200w adorable rc quadcopter : Because of the following specification, you can regard Holy Stone HS200w is adorable RC drone.The specifications are as follows:


  1.    Quadcopter weight
  2.    Quadcopter’s Playing time
  3.    Range of transmitter operation
  4.    Range of video transmission
  5.    Dimension of the quadcopter
  6.    Quadcopter charging time
  7.    Video recording Modes of the quadcopter
  8.    Color of the quadcopter


Quadcopter weight:


The weight of this beautiful drone is around 108 gram. And this drone does not need or require any kind of FAA registration.


Quadcopter’s playing time:


The playing time of this drone is around 7-9 minutes. This is enough for experiencing the best adventurous flying thrilling by a drone.


Range of transmitter operation:


The range of this quadcopter transmitter operation is around 100-120 meters. To be honest, this is more standard than other drones.


Range of video transmission:


Another important feature of this drone is video transmission range. The video transmission range of this quadcopter is around of 50 meters.


Dimension of the quadcopter:


This great little drone is of 12.6 x 12.6 x 2.6 Inches. This really looks marvelous.


Quadcopter charging time:


Before you buy a drone, you must consider in the charging time .Obviously people don’t want to waste most of the time on charging. We can see there are so many quadcopters that take more than 80 minutes and this is quite boring for the customer. But in that case, Holy Stone HS200w rc quadcopter is one step ahead. It takes only 60 minutes to charge. Can’t believe, right? Well, the truth is it’s charging time is only 60 minutes. So, there is no doubt that Holy Stone HS200w is charming RC quadcopter.


Video recording Modes of the quadcopter :

Another important feature of this quadcopter is video recording modes. The video recording modes near about 1280 x 720p. And this is very good.


Color of the quadcopter :


Holy Stone provides two color for this model. One is Red color and another is Black. So you have options to choose the color. Isn’t it a great news?


What You will Get in the box:


As soon as you receive the quadcopter, you will get the followings :

  •        2.4GHz Controller
  •        Phone Holder
  •        USB Charger
  •        Spare Propellers
  •        4GB Micro-SD Card
  •        Card Reader
  •        3.7V 650mAh LiPo Battery
  •        User Manual
  •        Screwdriver
  •        Screws for drone

This is really a complete package of Box.


Accessories of the HolyStone HS200w FPV adorable rc quadcopter:


Because of the following accessories you will say that
Holy Stone HS200w RC is attractive quadcopter. And this is also a helpful guide for the customers before they go for buy. So the lists are as follows:

1)    Quadcopter itself

2)    USB charger

3)    Extra free battery card

4)    Propeller guard

5)    Remote controller

6)    Propellers

7)    Lipo Battery

8)     Blades

9)    Screw for blades, drones and screw driver

10)  Propeller  Guard

11)  Card reader

12)  4GB Micro-SD Card

13) Phone Holder

14) Landing Gear

15) Replacement Motor


Quadcopter itself:

In the box you will find the beautiful quadcopter. Either black or red. It depends on your eye preference.

Extra free battery card:


They will provide you a extra free battery card so that you can get an extra battery. For getting this you have to do a little effort. You have to just write and share your awesome honest flying experience via review. And you will get the extra battery.


Remote controller:


Conducting and controlling this drone you need a remote controller. This remote controller is very helpful for your safe flying. There is a system I mean in this 2.4GHz remote controller there is a system that will provide you information and will  give you information. It also give you warnings whenever it will be in danger or going to face any problem. And also  this remote controller will warn you when it will be very low.

This drone has two thumb stick. One is in the left other one is in the right. The left one is used to increase or decrease the flight speed. Right one is used to take off or landing function. In the central there is a power button and this is main button. There is also 4 indicator buttons.

Once the drone take off you can use the throttle stick and forward backward stick to control the flight. If the pilot would like to stop the flight after taking off, simply press the a key/landing button again, the drone would land back ground automatically, until the propellers stop rotating. And to be honest Holy Stone HS200w RC is sexy quad.


USB Charger:


This is very important as well as very helpful. USB charger is very convenient for charging and can be easily charged. Moreover, via this USB you can charge this drone in many way such as from laptop, car etc.


Phone Holder:


Well, for your android, iphone there is phone holder too. It’s for your convenience to hold the phone as well as controlling the drone at the same time. You have to just unscrew the phone holder then have to put it in the bottom of the controller.


Spare Propellers:


 This is very important accessories of the quad. Around more than 4    propellers are given. These propellers are made of plastic and carbon fiber. For your continuous flying, you should buy some extra propellers in case of any kind of destruction.


Lipo Battery:


This drone provides excellent Lipo battery for your blissful flying experience. It is best as you know. The power of this battery is 650mAh. It is around of 3.7 volt.  Always try to buy an extra battery for your better safety. This is not necessary but it’s very good.


Propeller guard:


Well, you will be given 4 propeller guard .These are for the protection of your propellers so that any kind of harm can be happened in case of any accident and destruction. You can buy some extra propeller guard too for the reservation.


Landing Gear:


Another important part is landing gear. This is another protective part for a drone.2 landing gear will be given along the drone. This landing gear will protect your propeller. Actually it will protect the sensitive parts of your drone. Because of this landing gear when the drone lands it’s seems very beautiful.


Replacement Motor:


There is a motor below the propeller. It helps to rotate the drones beautifully. Any time you can replace this motor.



Well, you will get 8 blades for your outstanding flying 4 blades are black and 4 blades are white. You can buy some extra blades for your safety.


Screw for blades, drones and screw driver:


Obviously screw is the important accessories for your drone. You will get screw for blades, drones and to fix them screw driver will also be provided.


Micro-SD Card:


For restoring the images, videos you will get a 4GB Micro SD Card. So you can keep more aerial images and videos near you.


Card reader:


You will also be provided a card reader for your 4GB Micro SD Card so that you can fix the card in your laptop or anywhere to see the images and videos.


Pros and Cons of Holy Stone HS200w Adorable RC Quadcopter:


  1. Unique feature and great quadcopter for the beginners.
  2. Because of FPV you can stream live video and images
  3. This is fast as well as powerful quadcopter.


For the longer flying you have to keep some extra batteries. Actually this is needed in other drones too. So it is a suggestion to keep some extra batteries.


Holy Stone hs200w adorable rc quadcopter reviews:


Let’s see what other customer are saying after buying this drone:

One of the customer said that Holy Stone hs200w provides great value and great aviator. He said the FPV camera facility, altitude hold function and more worked great. He got so much fun that he referred other to buy this.

Another customer said that, his wife gave this on his birthday as birthday present. He said that it is very easy to fly as well as to control also. He found everything awesome. His expression after his first flying was that it is a great quadcopter.So you can say Holy stone hs 200w is dreamy drone.

Another customer said that he has bought this for his 9 years son and he was having so much fun that he had mastered on flying via this drone.

Another customer for the second time bought product from the holystone and said excellent both for the beginners and the intermediate. He enjoyed the live stream video and camera images.

Another valuable customer said that because of the USB charger it is much easier for charging and also suggested for buying some extra batteries for the longest flying.

So, you can see they are saying this is a great quadcopter indeed for buy.


Well, at the end all I can say this is best quadcopter .You will find so many things here. You will get unlimited fun, aerial videos, images, excellent altitude hold function and best flying experience. There is also option to choosing color. Either you can buy black color drone or either you can buy red color. This is also easy to control. So if you want to have some fun flying                                                      around your surroundings , then you must try with this. So, above the reasons one person blindly can say that Holy Stone HS200w is adorable rc quadcopter.



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