Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter is smarter than others for its creative features.

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Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter is smarter than others for its creative features.

Holy Stone F181RC Quadcopter

Holy Stone F181RC Quadcopter

Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter is the qualified and smartest product. This is the sexiest drone because of its attractive feature. It is a perfect drone and the suggested age for controlling this drone is age fourteen (14) and over. F181 quadcopter is very easy to fly and control. The Holy Stone provides a pretty complete bundle of batteries and charge cable. This drone is actually one of the best for them who are new to Drone Universe.

 Holy Stone F181RC


The Overview of the Holy Stone F181 RC quadcopter drone


The overview of the holy stone f181 mini rc drone is given below:


Measurement per Configuration:

  • Crosswise from motor to motor configuration is Approximately 8.27inches or 21 cm (When Propeller Guards OFF)
  • Side to side from motor to motor: Approximately 5.9inches or 15cm (When Propeller Guards OFF)
  • Crosswise from motor to motor: Approximately 14.3inches or 36.4cm (When Propeller Guards ON)
  • Side to side from motor to motor configuration is Approximately 11.85inches or 30.1cm (When Propeller Guards ON)


Weight per Configuration:

  • When everything is ON (Propeller Guards + Landing Legs + Camera Mounted): 183 grams.
  • When everything is OFF (No Propeller Guards, Landing Legs, No Camera): 113 grams
  • Typical Configuration is (No Propellers, Landing Legs + Camera Mounted): 126 grams
  • Camera Module Weight: About 7-8 grams.


Features of this drone


Let’s see the best features of this drone:

  • Equipped with a key return headless security system for any stage of player to prevent from losing the copter.
  • 6-Axis Gyro stabilization system makes the Holy Stone F181 RC quadcopter more stable and flexible when flying. It has the characteristics of air-resistant and can be flown indoor or outdoor.
  • 4 (four) channel Transmitter
  • 360o (degree) 4-way flips, (left, right, forward, backwards) Continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance.
  • Remote control Battery: About 3.7V 750mAh, Come with two batteries for longer flying time.
  • Control Range: About 50-100 meters
  • Flying Time: Flying time is About 7-9 minutes
  • Maximum Flight Speed: About 10 mph
  • Charging Time: Charging time is About 80 minutes.


Set of Features


This quadcopter comes with a set of features that set it apart from other entry level quad copters.

  • The Headless security system: There is a certain hazard of delicate drones becoming lost. This drone weighs a mere 397g or 14 ounces. That’s why strong winds may slap it off a pilot’s desired flight path. Headless security system of the drone prevents the quadcopter from flying backgrounds or veering of courses. This horse sense, civic drone never gets lost.
  • The safeguard frames: The Holy Stone F181 RC quadcopter comes with volitional safeguard frames. These frames protect the drone’s propellers. Adding the safeguard frames is not necessary.
  • The (four) 4 way flip: This astounding quad copter has the capability to execute for way flips. The 4 way flips makes 360o degree turns in all directions. The function of 4 way flip allows the quadcopter to roll incessantly and conduct actions exactly.
  • Two batteries and two chargers: This drone is comes with two 3.7V, 750mAh batteries. These batteries are makes this drone more powerful. This drone can stay in the air for a comparatively long time.A pilot can charge his drone by connecting it to his computer, because the drone comes with two USB cable charging. This drone is comes with two USB cable charging. The charging time of the battery is a mere 1 hour and 20 minutes. When using other chargers it may take up to two half hours.
  • 4CH 6-Axis Gyro: The Holy Stone F181 RC quadcopter 4CH 6-Axis Gyro system gives the drone durability. It can do clockwise and counterclockwise flips without pilots disquieting about it careening out of control.
Holystone F181 6 axis gyro

Holystone F181 6 axis gyro


Why this Drone is smarter than others?


This drone contains all of the high tech features. Generally attached with Quad copters such as 4-channels, 6-Axis digital stabilization and for controlling and maintaining its orientation it uses 3 accelerometers. F181 can do 360o (degree) flips with a push of button. It operates under the 2.4GHz digital RF spectrum. Up to 300 meters of range which means we can fly this really high up and take with the technically HD camera (1280×720 resolution) the Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter contains. It has two other features:

  • One is One key return
  • And another is Headless mode

These exceptional features make the Holy Stone F181 RC Drone smarter than others drone.


Design and Materials

Holystone F181

Holystone F181

The element used for the body corpus is durable plastic which makes it quite resistant to portable crashes. It can’t regulate its own heat system. So, if we want to resist longer, we have to be patient between flights and wait for cool down. We should always try to avoid using this drone in windy weather because it is not pretty-suited to resist strong winds.

The Propeller guards are designed very well. They protect the Propellers. They are spiffy easy to install and remove as they are dominated by two tabs and one screw.


What’s in the box?

Holy Stone F181RC

The packaging system of this quadcopter is large and very nicely designed corrugated box. There is a carrying handle which helps the customer to carry comfortably. On the box Holy Stone company logo which is bright yellow and red colored. When you will open the box we see the following items:


  • The drone
  • 4-propellers/Blades  (pre-installed)
  • 4-propellers/Blades  (spare extra set)
  • Transmitter
  • Camera module
  • 2X USB charge cable
  • 2X Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Battery (3.7V 750mAh)
  • 2-Landing Slides (Legs)
  • Screwdriver (For propeller Removal)
  • 4-propeller Guards/ Rotating Blades
  • Micro SD card reader
  • 2GB micro SD card.


Holy stone F181 RC quadcopter includes two 3.7V 750mAh batteries and also two USB Charge cable. So if you want to charge both batteries at a time you can do that and also can fly your drone. You have to wait at least 10 minutes after one flight to give the motors of the drone a chance to cool down, which is probably a good advice. The F181 RC will fly for between 7 and 8 minutes and takes 80 minutes to charge. So it’s good thing it’s come with two batteries and two chargers.

This drone is a camera Quad copter. It features an HD camera output at 720 resolutions making it the best camera. The Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter  video is shot in motion JPEG video codec (MJPG) at 30fps. The files are stored in the AVI video container. The audio is recorded in 16-bit Mono and makes use of a lowly 8000Hz sample rate.



Holy Stone F181RC

This is the amazing drone which comes with a user friendly transmitter. It has a small but very clear LCD screen. This transmitter operates the drone’s headless security system makes confirm that a pilot always has complete control of his quadcopter. The transmitter has four yashmak rates of 40, 60, 80 and 100 mph. It is very easy for a pilot to control the speed of the drone’s pitch and deviation. When the pilot hitting the one key return for stopping it from advancing too swiftly. The transmitter is comes with an adjustable settings are found on the transmitter’s LED display.


LED lights

Holystone F181 LED light

Holystone F181 LED light

At front of the F181 RC drone there is a flashlight which makes it very easy to fly at night. The LEDs and the F181 drone’s colored pod lenses will make a difference in distinguishing in the sky. Super bright LED light makes Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter an angel in the night sky.


Camera and image quality  

Holystone F181 camera

Holystone F181 camera

The Holy Stone F181 comes with a 2MP camera which has the capability of recording videos and taking snaps of 720P HD camera module. It also has the stability for filming video. These snaps and videos can be stored into the default 2GB SD card which includes with the drones. There is also an alternative attached flash disk at drone’s USB drive.

Opposite side of the camera we find the camera module three (3)-pin connector plug, power switch ON/OFF and an internal JST connector which allows to charging the battery.


Battery quality and Time of Flight

This aircraft takes at least 80 minutes for full charge. Obviously that is unsatisfying for us. But the good news is holy stone company offers two (2) batteries for per drone which is very positive matter for them.


Featuring with LCD screen

This Quadcopter use a modified controller which is like a typical playstation pad with extra LCD screen included on the front end to offer direct image from the drone. It has buttons and joystick like operates that will be enable to monitoring the drone’s stability, sensitivity and agility. It also helps switch ON or OFF the drone’s lights and camera. The LCD screen will enable to operate the drone’s sensitivity levels, signal quality and the recording status.


List of accessories

Holy Stone is the company which is provided some accessories for every product of them. If any parts of your drone damages you can buy it easily. There are some accessories of Holy Stone F181RC quadcopter below:


  • Five in one charger with 5 USB cable:

    It is a fast battery charger which has the capability to charging 5 batteries at the same time. You can connect the USB port with your computer, Android phone or iPhone adapter. It has the indicator light which showing the charging status, over charge protection and also has the short Circuit Protection Function which is very helpful for battery. Its maximum current input is about 2.5A and safe current output is about 500mAh.


  • 2 X 3.7V 800mAh Lipo Battery:  

    If your battery damages you can buy extra battery for This drone. The battery design is 2 × 3.7V 800mAh. It has the charging protection and short circuit protection.


  • Original motors as spare parts (4 Pieces):

    It is a replacement part for the F181 RC copter. There are blue and red color motor which are clockwise and the black and white color motor which are anti clockwise. There are four (4) pieces motor. 2 motor is clockwise and other 2 motor is anti clockwise.



  • Main Blade propellers:

    There are four (4) propellers 2A and 2B.


  • Main propellers and blades & guard spare part:

    You can easily replace the main propellers and blades. There are the main propellers and blades.



Short Reviews


Holy Stone F181 RC quadcopter with HD camera review will be very much helpful for you. I think after reading this review you will able to know about this mini rc drone. Every product has some pros and cons. So this drone has some positive and negative side also. In online marketplace customers have given reviews about this drone. There are some pros and cons about this copter below.



  • They can prevent some robust and hard landing.
  • Have responsive remote controls
  • It has responsive customer service
  • Good quality camera
  • Stable flight
  • Long battery life
  • Durability
  • wind resistant
  • Affordable price at under $100
  • Their design is very sleek and innovative
  • Efficient customer services
  • Particular parts of the Holy Stone F181 are replaceable and scope of buying separately.


  • User manual has unclear English instructions but it will be easy to realize for customers.
  • Its battery does not long lasting that’s why Holy stone Company provides an extra battery for F181.
  • Its Camera quality could be better.






There are some suggestions for pilots given below:

  • For beginning pilots: The holy stone F181 RC quadcopter makes suitable entry level quad copter. Experienced pilots will have fun using this drone to perform aerobatics that will stun their friends.
  • Fly in the open spaces: The pilots fly the quadcopter over open spaces. Its flight path is one directional and flying it in open spaces makes it less lightly to stuck in trees.
  • Leisure time: It is advisable to give this drone at least an hour’s leisure between flights, as the motor supervise to heat up quickly. There is no need to constantly replace the motor if pilots give it time to cool.
  • Fly in less powerful winds
  • Do not fly over open water
  • Pilots should fly the drone enough distance from the ground.



Certainly the F181 is a great camera quadcopter drone overall. This quadcopter is very easy to fly. It has a sexy design and comfortable to fly with its LCD flight controller. The holystone company provides extra propellers, Pair of batteries and charge cable. It is really good for the user in terms of being able to fly longer. If you are on market, I would like to request to you that please have a look at this drone. After seeing all the features, i think you should buy the Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter.




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