Holy Stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter Drone is great with easy flying process

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Holy Stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter Drone is great with easy flying process

Holy Stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter Drone is best from other drones of holy stone company because of its creative features. It is just an awesome product of this company. It is also known as the JJRC F180. This drone is type of (6)-Axis micro Quadcopter. It is mainly flying for indoors although it has the ability of flying outdoor in the clam atmosphere. This drone is one of the smallest and most affordable quads in the market. In some ways, the F180 is the unique drone. Mainly it is more unique in how it flies. It comes with a battery which allowing for eight (8) minutes of flight with each charge. The battery is replaceable which a great achievement for something of this price and size. This drone is an ideal quad for those who have larger drones but want a smaller drone for the purpose of training to improving their piloting skills.


Holy Stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter Drone

Best features of this drone

  • X-shape Airframe is made with carbon fiber
  • F3 6DOF Flight controller
  • F2205, KV brushless motors
  • 20A BLHeli-S one shot 125 ES Cs
  • CMOS 700 TVL camera
  • 25mW/200MW 5.8G wireless video transmission
  • On board buzzer
  • LED Status bar [Taillight]


One of the key features that makes Holy stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter Drone more expedite is headless return home style that helps to track the quadcopter when it losses or go away with the wind. It also helps you to fly back the drone with transmitter direction and ensure users that the drone is under his/her control. You have to bring the automation down slowly.


What’s in the box?

Holy Stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter Drone

The packaging system is very impervious and nice. Whenever you shake the box there is nothing moving around. You should just cut the tape, pull out the plastic. You should take the quick eyeshot at the manual since it fell right out of the box when you pulled the plastic out. The manual is broken English but it will be relatively easy to understand.


Included with the F180c drone

  • Flysky FS-i6 transmitter
  • 3s 1500 mAh flight battery(30c)
  • Balance battery charger
  • 1 set or tri-blade propellers
  • 1 set or two (2)-blade propellers
  • 8G Tx FPV mushroom FPV antena.



  • Main Rotor Diameter is 5.8cm
  • Radio Channels is 4
  • Flight time is about 7 minutes with prop guards, without prop guards the flight time is 8 minutes
  • Body material is plastic
  • Control Mode: 2.4GHZ
  • Control distance is up to 100m
  • Battery: 3.7V 300mAh Li-Po
  • Remote control Battery: 4×1.5V Batteries
  • Charging period is about 45 minutes
  • Minimum age recommendation is 14 years
  • Dimensions: (13.5×13.5×3.5)cm [L×W×H]



Holy Stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter Drone

The Holy stone F180C mini rc toy drone comes with a 2.4G-channels transmitter. This transmitter bear a mini LCD screen for displaying  report such as strangle position, battery power, radio reception, flight modes and strangle pare. The transmitter is also balanced with other x4 clones. After binding the transmitter to F180 is as usual as powering the quad up by conjunctive its battery cable, turning the transmitter and then moving the left strangle stick up down. Before turning the transmitter on, at first the LED lights of F180 will start blinking that indicates it is prepare to bind. Once binding is done, the LEDs will stop.

There is a button on the upper left of the transmitter of the drone that lets you toggle between the 4 difficulties modes like 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. The drone flies conservatively and also easier to control at 25%, which is ideal for the beginners in drone flying. The drone becomes more responsible and also flies more aggressively at 100%.

There is a “shunt” button on the upper right of the drone. When you press the button the F180 is flying and the transmitter will start beeping indicating the drone is ready to perform a flip.


Camera and image quality

Holystone F180C camera

Holystone F180C camera

The image and video quality of this drone is much better than the previous generations. By the new and exclusive camera you can shoot sharp and smooth pictures and videos. You can capture the whole world into your beautiful camera. The non-divergence camera has video recording capacity of 720p determination offers you the better than average quality. These images and videos are gathered on the 2GB SD card. Operating the camera from the transmitter is handy more advantageous than a manual click on the quadcopter.


Flying Modes:

The Holy stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter Drone has four flying modes for 360o flipping either front, back, right, or left. Using the transmitter’s right trigger permits flips with ease. This mini drone is comes with 12 propellers for more flying time along with extra battery unit. It also comes with several sensitivity modes, which is proficient for the take off to start slow with simple and cool controls and then speed up in your way to fast precise operates through the levels of impressibility. At 25-50% flying indoors is like a breeze, while a sensibility level of control across a high distance rapidly.

It is easy to fly and is quite stable in the air. It has deviation rate that is faster than other models in its category and has a unique way of doing flips. Most of the micro Quadcopters flips like pancakes. F180 has the flexible prop guards which provide very good protection for the propellers and also for the entire quad.


List of Accessories

Holy Stone is the company which is provided some accessories for every product of them. If any parts of your drone is damaged you can buy them easily. There are some accessories of Holy stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter Drone is given below:


  1. 17 in 1 60W soldering iron kit set

    Before using this you should add a few amount of water. Choose the voltage of 110V-120V or 220V-240V.

  2. 8 in 1 60W soldering iron kit set

    Before using this you should add a few amount of water. Choose the voltage of 110V-120V or 220V-240V.

  3. New style screwdriver set (130mm various angle veer/100mm 3xtend)

    This is the set of 45 in 1 professional hardware screw driver tool. This set of tools is designed for repairing RC helicopter, mobile, phones, hard drives and other.

  4. Remote Control helicopter repair tools

    this is the set of 2X cross screwdriver. 1x long screwdriver and 1x short screwdriver.

  5. VR 3D smart glasses

    There are Black and White colors of VR 3D smart glasses.

  6. Remote control Transmitter

    If your remote control transmitter is damaged then don’t worry about this. Because you can easily buy an extra remote control transmitter of Holy stone F180 RC quadcopter.

  7. Remote control LEVER

    There is remote control Lever of the holy stone F180C drone for you. You can buy this easily.

  8. Charger and balance charger box set

    This is the set which has red JTS interface. You can charge the 6×3.7V battery at the same time 1 to 6 BC-1S06 charger.

  9. USB charger wire

    There is a USB charger wire for you.

  10. Small helicopter colorful mini car USB charger

    Small helicopter colorful mini car USB charger for 3.7V battery.

  11. 1 to 8s lipo battery voltage tester low voltage buzzer alarm

    If you need you can buy the voltage tester. When the voltage is below the set value it will buzzer with red LED light.

  12. Manual book

    If you lost your manual book you can buy an extra manual book.

  13. Screw pack set


    There is an extra screw pack also available for you.

  14. Upper head set

    Holy stone company also provide the upper head set. There are two colors of upper head. Silver color and white colors are available for you.

  15. Battery Cover

    If you need you can buy a battery cover which very attractive and it is a white color battery cover.

  16. Outer Frame

    There are two colors of outer frame. One is silver color and another is white color.

  17. 0.3 MP camera

    You can also buy an extra 0.3 MP camera.

  18. TF micro SD card and card reader


    The range of the SD card is about 2GB to 64GB.

  19. Mobile Hold

    There is mobile hold also available for you.

  20. PCB/Controller equipment

  21. Power card for the PCB controller equipment

  22. Motor cable

    There are two types of motor cable which are long motor cable and short motor cable.

  23. Motor deck

    There is a silver color motor cable.

  24. Holy Stone five in one charger with 5 USB cable

    It is a fast battery charger which has the capability to charging 5 batteries at the same time. You can connect the USB port with your computer, Android phone or iPhone adapter. It has the indicator light which showing the charging status, over charge protection and also has the short Circuit Protection Function which is very helpful for battery. Its maximum current input is about 2.5A and safe current output is about 500mAh.

  25. Holy Stone Original motors as spare parts (4 Pieces)

    It is a replacement part for the F180RC copter. There are blue and red color motor which is clockwise and the black and white color motor which is anti clockwise. There are four (4) pieces motor. 2 motor is clockwise and other 2 motor is anti clockwise.


  26. Main Blade propellers

    There are four (4) propellers 2A and 2B.

  27. Holy Stone F180RC main propellers and blades & guard spare part

    You can easily replace the main propellers and blades. There are the main propellers and blades.







  • Headless return home mode
  • Fast and stable
  • Responsive to Controls
  • Highly Durable, even if we used it on water
  • Has HD camera
  • Different sensitivity modes
  • In the pack there are several extras
  • Less than an hour charging time
  • Spare part availability



  • Camera is not performing well in low light areas
  • When battery dies in between recording the videos are lost
  • In high winds it is difficult to using.
  • Heating up on use
  • Five (5) – seven (7) minutes only for flying per charge






At last all I want to say is, F180RC drone is the smallest, powerful and fastest drone of the holystone company. You can get this mini quadcopter drone with low price. You can fly this mini quadcopter over and over again without any anxiety creak might seriously damage it. The propellers are very affordable and easy to replace. If you are in search of gentle price, extensive features, and portable controls then I would like to mention you to consider this quadcopter. Those who are new to the Drone universe should buy the Holy Stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter Drone.




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