DJI Mavic Pro The Longest Flying Drone that emerges your expectations

DJI Phantom 4
DJI Phantom 4 Drone is Most Sexy and Best from others, Why?
November 5, 2016

DJI Mavic Pro The Longest Flying Drone that emerges your expectations

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro The Longest Flying Drone is a powerful and intense drone that transforms the beautiful sky on your innovative canvas effectively and without taking any stress, by helping you to make your each and every moment in a best moment, but surprisingly it’s too little that you have seen ever.

DJI Mavic Pro

This drone is really stunning, no drone ever made offer in such a smallest package. The body of mavic pro is made of grey plastic and metal. It’s not little enough for carrying it in jeans pocket. But you can carry it in your winter jacket pockets. And the most interesting thing is you have the best camera with you. The features of this drone are given below:



The image quality of this drone is much clear than the previous drone generations. Speaking of the camera, it’s an absolute beauty. The mavic drone’s camera sensor is 1 /2.3” (CMOS), and effective pixels: 12.35 M (Total pixels: 12.71 M). There is a great thing about the camera is that you have too many options to choose. From these options you can choose to go full automatic and also have the camera to do everything or you can choose to go full manual and can change every setting as your wish or you can think of.

DJI Mavic Camera

It has 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. By utilizing these three special brushless motors and also advanced algorithms, the excellent camera of the drone dji mavic pro moves in opposite direction, removing unexpected movement for the clear, smooth and sharp video. Every picture you take with this drone could be 12MP (megapixel), and will be saved in JPEG or DNG raw. For portrait oriented shots, you can also flip the camera of the drone at 90-degrees, just like we do with our mobile phone.



Speaking of the camera of this drone, it is an absolute beauty. The new clear and powerful camera of the mavic drone supports 4k video at 30 frames per second and full HD 1080p at 96 frames per second, so it is easy to create incredible slow motion. The camera of Mavic’s minimum focusing distance is 19.


Dji Mavic Video


Flight autonomy is DJI mavic pro drone’s nervous and brain system which is a complex network of software and hardware. It includes five cameras, two ultrasonic range finders, GPS/ GLONASS, redundant sensors. It also includes a group of 24 CPUs for processing and fusing all of the information. Flight autonomy gives this drone the intelligence to avoid obstacles, hindrances and hover precisely.



Now let’s know about the maximum time of fly of this drone. The mavic drone is smaller than the phantom 4 however this decrease in size does not indicate a reduction in its flight time. The flight time of a drone is intensely relying upon its propulsion system and also on its overall power consumption.

DJI Mavic Flight time


The dji mavic pro drone really flies any longer than you would anticipate from its compact size. It is capacity of flying is up to 27 minutes and can reach speeds of 40 mph (64 kph) and can fly maximum 8mi (13km) due to its intense or powerful, high efficiency motors.



Automatic obstacle avoidance is another feature of the mavic drone. During a high distance flight or when descending from an insufficient height in return to home mode, an unprotected drone could hit by obstacles. This drone  also utilizes flight autonomy technology to sense hindrances or obstacles up to 49 ft (15m) away. When the drone  flies, double forward and descending vision sensors measure the distance amongst itself and obstacles by taking photographs by the cameras and utilizing the data to make a 3D guide that lets it know exactly where the obstacles are. Dji mavic pro can then sidestep these hindrances, brake to drift, diminishing accidents and even when flying beyond visual range.



The mavic drone has intense or powerful 3,830 mAh battery which is built in sensors and LEDs that always display the status and remaining power. Battery type of this drone is LiPo 3S with voltage 11.4v and energy 43.6wh. Net weight of the battery is approx. 0.5 Lbs (240g).



When you fly this drone no need to hire a film crew because what you need is just active track. For making creative shots as smooth as possible with just one tap, active track uses deep learning and computer vision and also the advanced autonomous flight strategies. You just need to tell  whom to track and it will handles the other stuffs,and makes you shoot like a pro.




By your using your phone you can fly Dji Mavic Pro the extractive flying drone. Possibly all you want to do is get a quick drone, set up tracking to shoot a companion or friend of you or even simply set out skywards towards a fast flight. For doing this, all you need is your phone. Not just does this drone support flying on your phone with a joysticks, yet additionally you have full access to the greater part of its intelligent flight modes,tap fly, spot flight, trace, profile and circle. Utilizing only your phone, you can catch or capture photos and video so amazing, that no one will trust you did it by tapping a screen!




The dji mavic pro has two of each key sensor because on a drone the source of a problem is that, a sensor not working precisely as it ought to. Because of having two sensors, if one sensor goes wrong the other kicks into to take its place.

DJI Mavic Camera

During dji’s years of experience in drone improvement and from broad reliability tests dji has found that the propulsion system and batteries are exceedingly reliable while sensors, actually the measurement unit of the drone and the compass are inclined to errors. This is the reason this drone  has made these sensors excess, with the two sensors working simultaneously. At whatever point the system of dji mavic pro drone detects an irregularity in one, it switches to the next, keeping your flight consistent and reliable.




The mavic drone follows up on your each command almost instantly. Whether you need to shoot a moderate, effortless streaming shot, or get your blood pumping with the 40 mph (65 kph) sport mode. The movement of your thumbs on the mavic’s control sticks is always translated very quickly into movement in the air, so you know in a split second that you are in full control. Its capable and powerful motors and expertly upgraded propellers, give more power than you would expect for its size.




The DJI mavic pro drone has precision landing technology means it is able to land automatically land almost exactly in that place where you want to take off. The drone has two downward-facing vision sensors that record a video of the ground pair with the satellite directions, when you take off. When you command the mavic pro to fly home, it will come back to that coordinate, match the video, and land back to your feet.




Automatic templates for video editing, photos and videos management, simple video editing functions bring all of the tools  that you need for making a video in your mobile phone. You have to just choose all of the shots in the camera of dji mavic pro that will look amazing, then you can share it straight to the Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Twitter, and other social websites and also in Sky Pixel.




Instead of utilization Wi-Fi transmission, the mavic pro uses dji’s recently created ocusync transmission system. This system is the part of light bridge family, that’s why this system performs obviously better than Wi-Fi transmission at all transmission speeds.

DJI Mavic Transmission

Ocusync likewise utilizes more successful computerized pressure and channel transmission technologies, permitting it to transmit HD video dependably even in environments with solid radio impedance. Contrasted with conventional analog transmission, ocusync transmission system of the dji mavic pro can transmit video at 720p and 1080p- proportionate to a 4-10 times better quality, without a shading cast, static impedance, flashing or other issues connected with analog transmission.




When you wear the high quality wireless dji goggles, you can see the world through the eyes of a bird. Dji google makes flying absolutely immersive, putting two exact 1920+1080p LTPS shows with 85 degree wide point of view before your eyes for a true bird’s eye to take a gander at your general surroundings. Worked in ocusync conveys a 1080p video stream and in light of the fact that it associates straightforwardly with the mavic drone and not with a link or Wi-Fi connection with the controller, a super low idleness.




After buying your drone you should think about the accessories of this drone. The list of the accessories are given below:

  • Shoulder bag: The first accessory that you have to buy for this drone is a shoulder bag. suppose, you are going to a long drive and it’s very urgent to leave your home quickly. In that situation, if you have the shoulder bag then you can put the mavic and other necessary things on the bag.


  • Gimbal cover: This is another necessary accessory of the mavic drone. Because the gimbal cover will always protect the gimbal of the drone from obstacles, water etc.

  • Flight battery: Day by day the flight time of the DJI’s drone are getting better than past. Though the mavic can fly for maximum 27 minutes but i think it is not enough time to shoot a long video. Suppose, you are out of the home or at the park or driving and  you have not any extra power outlet for the battery recharging. what will you do then? I have a solution for you and that is you can buy extra flight battery.

  • Battery charging hub: This is the another useful accessories of the mavic that you should not ignore when you are buying the accessories. When you are not busy with flying your drone on the sky, the charging hub can charge minimum 4 batteries. Then fills the battery with high charge level and then also begins with that.

  • Car charger: You can change the mavic’s intelligent flight battery by using the cigarette lighter port of your car. When you are going to the outside, if you take a car charger with your other accessories of your drone and it will be really helpful. The car charger is featuring with low voltage protection for ensuring enough battery voltage for starting your car. The car charger has a time of around 54 times, and i think it will be perfect accessory to use with mavic.

  • Extra propellers: Mavic has many features that make the drone better for flying staying for the long time. It has also landing or return at the home. But imagine, if unfortunately you lose propeller of the drone during flight, then what will you do? I have a solution for you, extra propeller can solve your problem. Whenever if one propeller break down, you can immediately change it. the price of the propeller is not too much high, so you can try it.

  • DJI goggles: The another coolest accessory for this drone is DJI goggles. By using goggles you can always stay in the cockpit of the drone. This accessory can give you a live bird’s eye view from the Mavic’s camera. The goggles give you this service in a 1080p resolution. Inside of the goggles, there are two 1080p (panels). These two panels offer 85 degree field of view. There is an option of connecting the drone with two pairs of goggles and your fun will be double.

  • Filter professional: On the mavic accessories list, the filter professional 6-pack is a awesome product. That is especially made for this drone. And it will help you to step up your photo shoot. For reducing glare, PL and CP filters will always help you, and for reducing shutter speed the ND filters will help you.



DJI Mavic pro is recently released drone of the dji that’s why  customers have given their reviews.

Good Reviews:  The drone is too small and portable. Another reviewed that it will easily fit in your pocket. This drone is super light and made by the cheap plastic. The remote controller is going to be a life saver. The drone can fly up to 25 minutes which is just awesome.



Though this drone has many advantages but it is not waterproof. One customer said that this drone takes 50 minutes to get charged. You will not get the goggles with the drone you have buy it extra.

At last I want to say that the Mavic is the smallest, powerful, and best drone I have ever seen. Though it’s too small than the other drones such as phantom 4, phantom 3, it works nicely. The price of this drone is also less from the price of the phantom. This tiny, foldable, super smart drone can do a lot of cool tricks. This drone can go past or slow depending on your needs. In one word, the best drone of the month October is Dji Mavic Pro The Longest Flying Drone.



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