DJI Mavic Pro The Longest Flying Drone Accessories: Equipped with classy accessories

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Necessary Accessories: Mostly required
November 16, 2016

DJI Mavic Pro The Longest Flying Drone Accessories: Equipped with classy accessories

DJI Mavic Pro The Longest Flying Drone Accessories are necessary for taking full advantage of the drone. Have you ordered the supplier for a mavic, but what about the accessories of this drone? It is a powerful or intense drone that transforms the beautiful sky into your innovative canvas and it’s too little that you have seen ever. After purchasing the drone, you might have thought about the things that you will do with it, but I have a question to you. Have you bought the accessories which are important for the DJI Mavic Pro The Longest Flying Drone Accessories? If your answer is- No! then don’t worry. On this article, I will let you know about all accessories that you should buy for your drone and why should you buy the accessories.


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DJI Mavic Pro The Longest Flying Drone Accessories list:

There are almost eight accessories of this drone. The name of the accessories are given below:

  1. Shoulder bag
  2. Gimbal cover
  3. Battery charging hub
  4. Intelligent flight battery
  5. Car charger
  6. Extra propeller
  7. DJI goggles


The first accessory that you have to buy for this drone is a shoulder bag. Assume that you are going to a long drive and it’s very urgent to leave your home quickly. In that situation, if you have the shoulder bag of the DJI Mavic Pro The Longest Flying Drone Accessories so that you can put the drone in the bag not only you can carry the drone but also you can carry battery, phone and other small accessories of the drone. The design of the bag is just awesome.



The another necessary  Dji Mavic Pro the extensive flying drone accessories is gimbal cover. Because the gimbal cover will always protect the gimbal of the drone from any obstacles in time of flight. Though you can fly the drone without gimbal cover but if you have one of this cover then it will give you peace of mind that your drone is free from collision.



Day by day the flight time of the DJI’s drone getting better than past. Though the drone can fly maximum 27 minutes but I think it is not enough time to shoot a long video. Assume that you are out of the home or at the park or driving and you don’t have any extra power outlet for the battery recharging. Then what will you do? I have a solution for you and that is you can buy an extra flight battery. The battery is designed with 3,830 mAh with 11.4v and energy 43.6wh. The battery is built with sensors and LEDs that always display the status and remaining power.



The another accessory that you should not ignore the battery charging hub. It is a very important accessories of the drone. When you are not busy with flying your drone on the sky, you can charge minimum 4 batteries with the help of the charging hub. It fills the battery with high charge level and can also get started with it.



You can charge the mavic’s intelligent flight battery by using the car charger through the cigarette lighter port of your car. No matter where ever you go far from your  house just take a car charger with your other accessories of your drone, it will be really helpful for you. The car charger is featuring with low voltage protection for ensuring enough battery voltage for starting your car. The car charger has a time of around 54 times and I think it will be perfect accessory to use for the drone.

  • The product model is C3S78.
  • The operating temperature 41 degrees to 104 degree F.
  • Charge time 54 minutes.


This is one of DJI Mavic Pro the longest flying quadcopter accessories. It has many features, that features turns the drone into the best flying  and staying for the long time and also landing or returning at the home. But just think,what if unfortunately you lose the one propeller or both propeller of the drone during flight.Then what will you do? The solution is extra propeller. It can solve your problem. Whenever if one propeller breaks down, you can immediately change it. The price of the propeller is not that much high, so you can try it out.



The another coolest accessory for the drone is the goggles. By using goggles you can always stay in the cockpit of the drone. This accessory can give you a live and bird’s eye view from the drone’s camera. The goggles give you this service in a 1080p resolution.

Inside of the goggles, there are two 1080p panels. These two panels offer 85 degree FOV (field of view). The drone, I mean the mavic has a option by which you can connect the drone with two pairs of goggles and your fun will be double.



On the list of DJI Mavic Pro The Longest Flying Drone Accessories the filter professional 6-pack is a awesome product that is especially made for this drone and it will help you to step up your photo shoot. For reducing glare PL and CP filters will always help you and  for reducing shutter speed the ND filters will help you too. Both of the filters will give you a smooth and sharp product within video dimension. These filters have lifetime warranty. On the cloudy days by increasing emission and by helping with other lighting situation these accessories will be the best thing that you have not ever seen.



After buying the new drone you can also buy a combo pack of accessories which includes flight battery, 16GB or 32GB SD memory card, RC cable, propeller etc. You will get almost all accessories in the combo pack which are needed for the drone.




At last all I want to say is that, all the accessories which are discussed in the above are really very important for making your dreams come true.  Without having these accessories you can face unnecessary problems during flying the drone. So, why are you late? I think you should buy the  Dji Mavic Pro The Longest Flying Drone Accessories.




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