DJI AGRAS MG-1 Agriculture Drone structured with intelligent features

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DJI AGRAS MG-1 Agriculture Drone structured with intelligent features



DJI Agras MG-1 Agricultural Drone is a powerful and high-quality octocopter made by the DJI, which is world’s leading company in the drone sector. This drone is designed for the precision variable rate application of herbicides, fertilizers and also the liquid pesticides.

DJI MG-1 Agras


This drone is dust proof and also waterproof. It is made by the anti-corrosive materials. You can fold up this drone after the use for transport or storage. This drone can carry ten-kilogram liquid for spraying in the crops. It has eight rotors by which it can carry the liquids, fertilizers, herbicides etc. This drone can spray the liquids at least for seven acres to ten acres within one hour.


Let’s see the specifications at a glance:

  • Without propellers, the dimensions are 1471 mm x 1471 mm x 482 mm
  • When the arm folded the dimensions are 780mm x 780mm x 482mm
  • Without batteries, the total weight is 8.8 kg
  • Standard and maximum takeoff weights are respectively 22.5 kg and 24.5kg.
  • Capacity of carrying a liquid tank is 10 liters
  • Within one hour it can fly seven to ten acres

Now let’s briefly see all the features and specialties of this drone:



Because of having strong propulsion you can carry 10 kg (kilograms) liquid to spray in the crops. Within ten minutes it can fly at least four thousand to six thousand square meters area. In other words, the drone can spray the liquids at least seven acres to ten acres within one hour. This drone can spray 40 times to 60 times more efficiently than the simple spray machine. Within one second the agras can fly over the crops in the sky up to eight meters. The spraying system of this drone can automatically attach its spraying strategies with the speed of flying. Through this, you easily regulate the use of fertilizer, liquid or other pesticides for avoiding environmental population.



Dji Agras MG-1 Agricultural quadcopter is made for confronting against decay and dust. Because of this, the owner of the drone can save from the costs of repairing and also from the shortest life spans. This drone includes a centrifugal cooling system. While flying the drone the air enters into the aircraft by the intel which is attached in the front. After entering into the aircraft, the air passes to the motors and also captures heat from all of the components. The drone also has a triple filter system that keeps it safe from dust and other obstacles. The cooling and filtering system works for increasing the lifetime of motors by at least three times.



There are four nozzles in this drone for spraying. You can choose the spray nozzles according to the types of liquid for optimizing automatization, amount of sprayed liquid. You can use the nozzle for hours and can spray without any degradation. Each of the nozzles are directly placed below a motor.



The drone has an advanced flight controller which includes with the aircraft. Because of having this flight controller the drone will quickly and easily respond to you’re all instructions. There are three flight modes, these are:

  • Smart mode
  • Manual mode
  • Manual plus mode

So you can choose from these three modes, according to the objectives of every mission. When you choose the smart mode, you can plan the flight with the press of your finger in some buttons. You don’t need to draw a map or use other software for making this drone not only effective but also easy to spray. Again, when you choose the manual plus mode, the drone do exactly the same works with the press of your finger on a button. At last, when you choose the manual mode, the pilot of the drone navigates it.



This drone can record all the recent activities automatically. It can also remember the past activities if anything goes wrong. Suppose, you are working  with the drone and if the work interrupts cause of low battery charge. So what do you think you should do? Do nothing, just charge the battery because the drone can easily resume the flight from its memory with fully charge.



The design of this drone is Y-shaped foldable structure. You can install it without any use of additional tools. You can carry your drone in your car’s trunk because you can fold the motor arms for making the drone compact. The body of the drone made with carbon fiber material for which the frame of the body is not that much heavy. That’s why it can control itself in the harshest conditions.

Dji Agras MG-1 agricultural drone includes  microwave radar with its flight control system. Because of this, the drone can scan effectively the terrain above the crops and also adjust for keeping a constant and height. When the terrain rises and drops, the drone can maintain the density of spraying. That’s why the perfect amount of liquid is applying to the crops.



Another feature of this drone, it is featuring with a dedicated remote controller. The remote controller is made with the light bridge 2 transmission system which is fully new in the controller. Because of having this transmission system the remote controller can control ultra-low-latency. As like the body of the drone, the remote controller will be also free from the dust and water because of its design. It has a display panel which has special low-energy. It gives all the flight information. It can also stay for a long period on a single charge. This drone has made the spraying of pesticides easier than before in the agricultural sector. This has been possible because of the combination of convenient function keys and the responsive joysticks. The best features of the remote controller are given below:


  • It is totally dust free and waterproof
  • It has a display panel
  • Its working time is extended than others.


For flying the drone you have to follow some instructions for safety. The safety informations are given below:


  • Don’t forget to operate this drone in your line-of-sight in the day not in the night. You should not let it go far from you.
  • Don’t fly it under 30 minutes and don’t fly it in the populous aerial because it’s too big.
  • Don’t fly it higher than 400 feet.
  • Don’t fly it within 5.5 km of any air field.
  • If you have no Remotely Piloted Aircraft Certificate (ReOc) then it will be illegal to fly for economic reward or for money.

Day by day agricultural sector is using the drones for spraying or other activities. In the past, the farmers had not used any technology for the farming of crops. That’s why the agricultural sector has not developed so much till now in many countries in the world. But some developed countries have started to use drones in the agricultural sector and they have started to earn more money than before from the agricultural sector. That’s why the DJI company have launched their new agricultural drone named DJI Agras MG-1 Agricultural Drone.


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