Cheerson Jumper CX-91 RACING QUADCOPTER with impressive features

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Cheerson Jumper CX-91 RACING QUADCOPTER with impressive features

Cheerson cx-91-jumper

Cheerson cx-91-jumper


Cheerson Jumper CX-91 Racing Quadcopter is a racing drone, which is produced by the Cheerson brand. It is the latest racing drone with fast speed FPV & inverted flying capabilities. Recently, the company released the first picture & a short video of this drone with the latest offering.  This is achieved by using reversible electronic speed controllers which force the motors quickly to rotate in the opposite direction.


Cheerson CX-91 Jumper

The cheerson CX-91 jumper images and video are testing the CX-91 FPV fast speed drone with standard & tri-blade propellers. The first CX-91 maybe just a FPV drone racer but for stunt flying they release separate CX-91. That’s my point that tri-blade for FPV racing & stunt propellers is perfect for an acrobatic model.

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Why is it the best choice for the beginners?

We all know that drone racing is the new trend among drone enthusiasts. Many famous companies have realized this & decided to enter into this new expanding market. Cheerson, which is one of the latest drone manufacturers, produced a very affordable but lucrative drone. After achieving global success with the products such as Cheerson CX-20 & CX-35, the company now renowned pretty well for producing the FPV racing drone cheerson jumper CX-91 racing quadcopters  in the market.


Today we are here to review Cheerson first brushless racer drone. Our goal is to bring the most valuable information for you. Now we are taking a deeper look into Cheerson CX-91 jumper & analyze if the drone racer represents a good value for your money or not. You may also aware that Cheerson CX-91 is a beginner to intermediate entry towards FPV racing & it is not a fully professional racing drone. So I think this may the best choice for the beginners.



Cheerson Jumper CX-91 Racing Quadcopter’s First Impression


If you closely look at this, it is clearly seen that cheerson jumper CX-91 racing quadcopters  reveals the top outer shell is easy to remove. It comes up with locking pins at four corners, which have usually seen in RC cars. It’s just made with nylon hard plastic with the landing gears & motor arms. There is no carbon fiber frame. At the front, there is a camera between the 2 LED lights and an antenna. At the bottom, a placeholder is there for a large 1600mAh lipo battery & a strip which wrap it tight.


Product Specification:

  • Brand Name: Cheerson
  • Product Name: cheerson jumper CX-91 racing quadcopters  with 2.0 MP Camera
  • Item Name: CX-91
  • Type: Racing Quadcopter
  • Color: Black
  • Motor type: Brushless Motor
  • Max Speed: About 80km/h theoretically
  • Built-in Gyro: 6 Axis Gyros
  • Frequency: 5.8G
  • Channel: 32 CH
  • Flying time: 12 minutes
  • Night Flight: Yes
  • Model power: 11.1V 1600mAh Lithium battery (included)
  • Transmitter Power: 4*AA dry battery (not included)
  • Charging Time: about 90 minutes
  • Channel: 4-channels
  • Remote Control: 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control
  • R/C distance: about 300m
  • Quadcopter size: 240*250*80 mm
  • Product size: 485*130*315 mm
  • Quadcopter weight: about 420g (with battery)
  • Length of the main rotor: 120 mm
  • Brushless motor: 1806
  • Brushless ESC: 4 in 1 brushless ESC 18A
  • Working environment temperature: -10°C to +40°C
  • Function: left/right sideward flight, up/down, forward/backward, turn left/right, rolling 360°
  • Material: Electronic Components Plastic
  • Kit Types: RTF
  • Level: Advanced Level

Summarizing the above descriptions, the cheerson jumper CX-91 racing quadcopters  comes in the market available in black color with four 1806 type brushless motors Weight 420g approximately. The flight is around 12 minutes in total, which is powered by 11.1V 35C 3S LiPo battery.



Main Features of the QUADCOPTER:


The company was initially known as a company that produces low & end quadcopters for the mass people. Their products were always at a very good price along with limited features. Recently the company said that they will bring racing quadcopters into the industry and this will have a good entry price.

Cheerson CX-91 Jumper

Let’s have a detailed look at some of the important features of cheerson jumper CX-91 racing quadcopters :

  • 720*1280 HD camera which is adopted for real-time image transmission & taking pictures
  • 5.8G 32CH transmitter can realize automatic search frequency
  • Highly agile FPV racer
  • FPV monitor adopts snowflakes screen & built-in OSD
  • Ultrafast flight speed easily manipulated
  • Mode 1 (right-hand throttle) Mode 2 (left-hand throttle) are available
  • Carbon fiber, Super Anti-fall structure
  • Easy & quick change propeller device
  • Steady rise mode & manual mode are optional
  • The remote control is highly sensitive
  • It can automatically avoid obstacles


720*1280 HD Cameras

It is true that this couldn’t be an FPV racer without some kind of video equipment on a board. Here the CX-91 exceeds expectations. A 720*1280 HD video camera paired with a 32 channel 5.8 GHz video transmitter with SD card port for recording your flights. It has a circularly polarized antenna for crisp video reception under race conditions.

The stylish & sexiest cheerson jumper CX-91 racing quadcopters is fitted with a high-definition 4.3” LCD screen placed on the 2.4 GHz remote controller, complete with On Screen Display (OSD) to give your real time information on your battery state.

Some more information about the drone camera:

  •        Photograph type: single shot
  •        Video resolution: 1280*720P HD
  •         Transmission distance of Video: 300 meters
  •         Type of Video: 5.8G FPV 32CH
  •         Color: black
  •         Support: Micro SD



11.1V 1600mAh Lithium battery

The drone has 11.1 voltage, 1600mAh 35C, 3S battery powers up to 12 minutes of flight time. It is slightly an average flight time which is good. At the time of battery running low, CX-91 has a safety system which will make the safest landing of the quadcopters, which may avoid the hard crashes. The RC controller doesn’t use its own battery, but it is powered by 4 AA dry batteries.

You can use the USB charging cable to charge your cheerson jumper CX-91 racing quadcopters from a computer. But it’s a request to you that don’t try to use the charger in iPhone/iPad because it may damage or destroy your quadcopter. Never leave your batteries for being over charged. It may be dangerous for all lithium ion batteries which may lead a chance of fire. When the LED light goes out it means that the charging is complete.



Flight time

It is the sensitive part of the review. Everyone wants more & more fly time in our quadcopters. The company says that you get a flight time of around 12 minutes, it actually 10 to be précised. Yes, you might get 12 minutes if the weather & other thing are positive.

You can recharge your cheerson jumper CX-91 racing quadcopters  with the help of a USB cable. It also has a big light which shows you that the battery is now charging. The battery of cheerson jumper CX-91 racing quadcopter is fully charged within 90 minutes. After flying once, you can change the batteries & fly again with varieties set of rechargeable batteries.  



FPV Monitor

The 4.3” FPV Monitor come up with a sunshade. The brightness is just awesome.  There is no problem if you’re in strong daylight. It is a FXT model.

Cheerson CX-91 Jumper FPV monitor

The FPV screen has a snowflakes screen which displays OSD data such as battery voltage & current FPV channels. The cheerson jumper CX-91 racing quadcopters  gives you a near-perfect introduction to FPV racing monitor without the hassle of having same components at a time which matching the performance of many High-end FPV drones.



5.8G 32CH Video Transmitter

You don’t need to have a prior understanding of drones & quadcopters or to read product’s review to find out because the transmission of cheerson jumper CX-91 racing quadcopters  is very good. To be honest, most quadcopters has great transmission technology & they all are pretty same. There are 4 different channels along with a 5.8GHz frequency which will make sure that the drone is always listening to your instructions. The transmitter offer has two types of speed mode:

                Mode-1 (right-hand throttle)


              Mode-2 (left-hand throttle)

The low-speed mode is for the beginners & the high-speed mode is for the expert. The transmitter helps to show the throttle settings, battery life, camera settings & trim settings etc.

The pilot can also see the flight status on the LCD screen display live. The two joysticks are used to move the drone in any direction.


                                   80km/h Speed

The speed of cheerson jumper CX-91 racing quadcopters  is very good & you hardly see a quadcopter that can run fast. The maximum speed of this quadcopters is 80km per hour & can easily catch videos with that speed.



Modes (1 & 2) customer transmitter


This packs an interesting & useful set of features. It has two flight modes which are Stabilize & Manual. On stabilize mode, CX-91 can automatically balance itself out. It is for the beginners as it enables a much easier control of the quadcopter.

Cheerson CX-91 Jumper modes

Manual mode puts the control entirely in the pilot hands, therefore suitable for expert flyers. Except all this, it also includes a safety function for when the battery starts running low, it will land itself avoiding sudden falls.





cheerson jumper CX-91 racing quadcopters can be controlled up to 300 meters just like its predecessor, the drone have a 3d roll over with the basic sideward, backward, up & down flight, have some entertainment also with the hover mode.



What the box will contain?


The cheerson jumper CX-91 racing quadcopters  presents with design integrate package. It has a performance that brings a smile to the face of the buyer even with the most demanding racer at a price.  Let’s go through what the box has its inside:  

  • 1*Cheerson CX-91 jumper FPV quadcopter
  • 1*11.1V 1600mAh 35C 3S battery
  • 1*Cheerson CX-91 5.8G 32CH Monitor
  • 1*Monitor holder
  • 1*Mushroom antenna
  • 8*Black propeller
  • 1*Balance charger
  • 1*screw driver
  • 1*wrench for assemble/ disassemble propellers
  • 1*Memory card Set
  • 1* Data transmission cable
  • 1*Manual


Accessories of this amazing aircraft


  • Upper body shell cover
  • Lower body shell cover
  • Extra battery facility
  • Intelligent mushroom antenna
  • Extra propellers
  • USB charging cable
  • Individual packaging


  1. Upper body shell cover

You are enjoying the cheerson jumper CX-91 racing quadcopters  suppose for 1 month & suddenly it is being scratched on the upper shell. It does not seem good to see. You can change it very easily. You can buy it separately under $20.


  1. Lower body shell cover

Imagine the lower shell of your aircraft is broken & it’s put you in trouble at the time of flying. What will you do then? You don’t need to worry much. Because you can get the cheerson CX-91 jumper’s lower shell under $20.


  1. Extra battery facility

Just think you are flying in the sky & enjoying the views of nature, suddenly your quad warning you for low battery & also a chance of being crashed. From overcome this situation you can carry an extra battery. When your aircraft warning you, you can change the battery at that moment & continue your fantastic flight journey. You can buy the 11.1V 1600mAh Lithium battery under $30.



  1. Intelligent mushroom antenna

The cheerson jumper CX-91 racing quadcopters aircraft looks more attractive with the red & black antenna. The mushroom antenna is mainly used for balancing the quad.



  1. Extra propellers
    For facing uncertainty, you can buy & store a set of propellers. In one set there have 8 propellers. If your propellers suddenly broke down & your flight has fallen on the ground, you can reset the propellers in your quad & fly again.


  1. USB charging cable

This amazing USB charging cable of the cheerson jumper CX-91 racing quadcopters provides you different charging methods. With this, the charging will become more feasible. The requisite charging time is 3 hours. By using the USB cable you can transfer the photos & videos easily in your computer & store those photos & videos in your computer for future needs.



  1. Individual packaging

If a customer who is like to preen his all staff at the right place, he must by this drone definitely. Because every the parts of the aircraft have separate package. You will be comfortable with the packaging because you can learn how to use all the parts separately.



Is Cheerson jumper CX-91 racing quadcopters the best option to buy?

Yes. But the product is almost new in the market, that’s why it is not much familiar to the customer. Everyone wants the best option to buy & the company produces their best drone with the entire requirement anyone wants. Just have a look in details why it is the best option to buy:

Good 4.3” FPV monitor

Easy brushless racer for beginner

Strong FPV signal

More powerful & stronger ESC

Strong control range

Easy manual flips

12mins of amazing flying duration

720P recording without frame rate dropped for the FPV part

Working with rear LED’s



Last two words about the racing quadcopters:

Are you looking for your first FPV racing drone, but confused by the range of options available? If your answer is yes, then the cheerson jumper CX-91 racing quadcopters  might be the answer you’re looking for. You don’t need to think twice before purchasing it.

I personally think that it is one of the easiest brushless racers for beginners. The new version is sportier & has a good speed. As it’s little costly in price under $300, but we all know the entire best thing in the world is expensive. Are you still thinking!!!!! Then stop thinking. Just go for it & enjoy your 12 minutes of flying. Have a safe journey with Cheerson Jumper CX-91 Racing Quadcopter.




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