Cheerson CX-Stars Mini Drone with quality features in your lower budget

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November 18, 2016
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Cheerson CX-Stars Mini Drone with quality features in your lower budget

Cheerson CX-Stars Mini

Cheerson CX-Stars Mini

Cheerson cx-stars mini drone is the smallest drone ever without any doubt. Cheerson is an intimate name to everyone who have seen or bought their products. Once, CX-10 was the ruling champion for its functionality, durability & also for its small size.

Cheerson cx-stars mini drone

Now the company launches their new product CX-stars which is even smaller than CX-10 with the same functionality but new and fascinating designs. The design has made the drone more attractive than others.

The drone is available in four different colors which makes it perfect for gifts. The gyroscopes and accelerometers maintain the balance of stability of this quadcopter despite its miniature size. You can carry the remote & slide both your pocket easily. You can also land the flight anywhere you want. This is a perfect choice for the beginners.

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The nano drone at a glance

Cheerson cx-stars mini drone


This is an excellent product from cheerson which will attract anyone with its amazing quality features. If you start your flight once, you will definitely want to fly again & again with this quadcopter. After several flights it will be easier for you to control. This aircraft is very much comfortable & flight is also beautiful. It is a golden chance for the beginners to train themselves with it. You can also buy this only for fun or only for playing games. It is very suitable for the kids.

At first glance Cheerson CX-stars mini quadcopter almost looks same as CX-10 in size & seems similar plastic for outer shell. There are some differences between the two products. The CX-10 begins with the charging port which has been redesigned even smaller & easier to connect with the charger.

The quadcopter comes with a built-in non-removable 80mAh battery, which is good for flying. The quad comes with a small battery & the charging time is very short. It is fully charged within 10 to 15 minutes. It can face unwanted situations & various difficulties. If you got stuck in the trees, you can smoothly get out from this situation. It is available in blue, green, orange & black in the consumer market.



Cheerson cx-stars mini drone

  • Frequency: 2.4G
  • Channel: 4CH
  • Gyro: 6 axis
  • Size:  3.5cm*2.2cm (1.37” * 0.87”)
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 7.5g
  • Diameter: 21mm
  • Flying time: 5 to 8 minutes
  • Flying range: up to 100 ft
  • Battery: 3.7V 80mAh lithium battery
  • Transmitter battery: 2*AAA dry battery
  • Charging time: 30 minutes
  • Colors: Blue, Orange, Green & pink
  • Spare parts: Blades x4, manual x1, USB linex1


Good quality features

  • 2.4GHz radio controller capable of 100 ft transmission
  • Turn ascend/descend, forward/backward, left/right
  • Right sideward fly, left sideward fly, throw to fly, hover
  • Two speed of high & low headless mode
  • Excellent LED light design
  • 4 directional & 360 degree 3D flips
  • 4 channel, with 6 axis gyro, easier to stable & control flying
  • Flying height: 12 meters
  • Operating mode: Beginner & expert
  • F4 driving & brush motor to be high-powered


Build quality

The Cheerson CX-stars mini set new standards for quality in Pico quads with amazing durable body & propellers. It is possible to crash the quad anywhere in multiple times willingly or by accident. The specialty of this quad is that the pilot can crash the flight without causing any damage.


2.4G frequency RC Transmitter

The transmitter allows anyone to fly the drone with a very strong signal along with the other aircrafts.


6-axis gyro system

The quad provides strong stability, stronger wind resistance, easy to implement various flight movements, easy to control with built-in gyroscope.


The smallest pocket Quadcopter


The drone is designed with the thought of compact body & lightweight, integrating the 2.3*2.3*2.0 cm dimension & 7g weight only. It is just an unprecedented angel that hovering on your palm. You can carry the remote control and the quad easily in your pocket.


Is the flight journey reliable?

The controller is much better than earlier. The sticks are less rigid than the CX-10 slightly. It allows more precision with little force which is needed for maneuvers. As for its small size, it is easy to fly anywhere you to . The quad is more stable than the laws of physics.

There is an issue with the Cheerson CX-stars mini that it has small range, you cannot fly the drone more than 8 minutes. The quad is mainly intended for indoor uses and for that reason it works well. So it’s not a big deal if you would like to fly far away with that range.

Above all it is a break taking & little scary experience to fly with this quadcopter.


ABS aviation material

It comes with harmonious structure design & delicate workmanship surface management.


Super bright LED colorful light

cheerson cx-satars LED lights

cheerson cx-satars LED lights

The drone has some colorful twinkling lights in four corners. You can fly in the dark at night because of its LED lighting system. The lights are showing the shinning elegant treatment. It increases the beauty of the drone. You can enjoy your flight during the daylight & dark night both with the super bright colorful LED light.


3.7V 80mAh lithium battery with protection

The battery capacity of Cheerson CX-stars mini aircraft is reliable & protects health of human from any sudden electric shock. For this safety it is 100% secure for kids. The pilot  can also enjoy a long lasting flight with this potential battery. We can see in the features of the drone that the type of the battery is basically lithium. This type of battery is used very much nowadays. The voltage of the battery is 3.7V & the maximum capacity is 80mAh. The net weight is 7.5g.


Notification while battery is low

Just take a second and think while you are enjoying your flight in the sky if suddenly it crashes in the ground without any alarm. What would you do then? Do you want this type of drone? Of course, not! You don’t want that. To solve this problem the Cheerson CX-stars drone comes with low battery alarm.

When the battery will become low, the aircraft notifies you with the flash of its LED lights. It means it is time to land the aircraft. After the notification you must land your flight within 1 minute to save your aircraft. This feature may save the quadcopter from various damages.


360 degree 3D flips & position hovering

You are able to control the hovering at any angle in the sky. At the same, it also acquires the 4-dimensional roll over performance which shares the shining smile & blissful moment with the person whom you like from the bottom your heart.

If you like to do stunts, the Cheerson CX-stars quadcopter is the best choice for you. You can do a lots of stunning stunts with the help of its 360 degree 3D flipping options. Its easy to flip like roll, flick, twist etc with this drone. People can also flip to left or right, forward or backward whatever you want.


Three speed modes switch

The quadcopter is equipped with high/medium/low speed switch. It is providing the superb experience for players & newbie. So you don’t have to worry about the direction from now.

In controller, you have the choice of selecting 3 speed modes by pressing the left key. In speed mode 1, you can use it in a small room. Speed mode 2, use the experienced pilot. If you are brave enough then you can use speed modes for outdoor flight.


Hand throws

It is throwing away the traditional flight modes all by transmitter operation. You can slightly throw your quad into the sky & you will fly freely.


Remote Controller

Cheerson cx-stars mini drone

With the help of this controller you can control the aircraft very easily with your fingers at different style. You can control the flight mode, trim & power of the drone by the transmitter. There are two joysticks which are used to move the quad in any direction. If you want to flip 360 degree press the roll button. But if you want to flip 360 degree flip it in any direction.For that you have to use left trigger + right joystick. For turning you have to use the on or off lighting system.

It is said earlier that the controller of Cheerson CX-stars mini quad has been improved in various ways. There still has the sticks & trim buttons to control the quad but the controller is wider than before. In the centre, there is an innovative compartment where you can store the quad. It perfectly fits inside the controller. The controller also has 2* AAA batteries which are not included with the drone.

The company has thought to add a new addition in the quad that is: you can charge your quad through the controller while it is inside. But unfortunately you have to wait for getting the facility in the next version.


Accessories of the cheerson cx-stars user manual

cheerson cx-satars accessories

cheerson cx-satars accessories

  • 1 cheerson CX-stars nano drone with lipo battery
  • 1* Controller
  • USB cable for charging
  • One Game console like controller
  • A Rotor blades with replacement
  • 2* CW/CCW speed motor
  • An Instruction book
  • 1* Color box






  1. Nano drone with lipo battery:

The battery capacity of this aircraft is reliable & protects health of human from any sudden electric shock. For this safety it is 100% secure for kids. The pilot  can also enjoy a long lasting flight with this potential battery. The voltage of the battery is 3.7V & the maximum capacity is 80mAh. The net weight is 7.5g.


  1. USB cable for charging:

There is a facility that you can charge your cx-star mini drone via your computer. If you go out along with your laptop and forget about the charger of your quadcopter you may easily charge your quad with the USB cable via laptop or computer.

This amazing USB charging cable of Cheerson CX-stars mini drone provides you different charging methods. With this the charging will become more feasible. The requisite charging time is 30 minutes.


  1. Game console like controller:

With the help of this controller you can control the aircraft very easily. You can control the flight mode also with the help with this. There are two joysticks which are used to move the quad in any direction. If you want to flip 360 degree you are able to do this by this game console.


  1. Rotor blades with replacement:

You can collect an extra rotor blade. If you face any problem with this you can replace it & use it smoothly. These are found separately in the market.


  1. CW/CCW speed motor:

The cheerson CX-stars will be provided with 2pcs CW/CCW speed motor. If one motor is being spoiled you can easily use another one.


Customer reviews about the quad

The product has a good number of acknowledgments in customer. The main reason behind its tremendous sell is its lower price. With the low price, you will get advanced & quality features. It serves an amazing service to the customers.

The users of Cheerson CX-stars mini drone who enjoyed the amazing flight journey, sharing their beautiful experience on online marketplace. The quad can adjust inside the controller which makes the quad very fashionable & can carry it all around. For the small size, the charging time of the battery is shortened to 30 minutes. The sticks of the controller are comparatively easier to use & assuring a smoother flight. As it is very small in size, it is not lawful to fly the quad in outdoors.





Pros of the quadcopter

  • Very light in weight
  • Very well priced for every person
  • Easily portable
  • Easy to learn how to fly & control
  • It is great quadcopter for the beginners
  • Fully charged within 20 minutes
  • About 5 to 8 minutes of flying time
  • One can go any direction he/she wants
  • The plastic of this aircraft has high deflection
  • During the night you can easily identify the front side by the LED light
  • By pushing the button the pilot can enjoy stunning stunts because it has 360 degree flipping features


Additional information you should know about

  • People above 14 years old can use it
  • When you are doing flips keep in mind that the drone is 10 to 15 ft higher from the ground to avoid crashes.
  • While you use the quadcopter for the first time you can keep the protective cover on it & practice indoor to learn, after learning you can remove the cover & enjoying the flight.



Of course yes. This is one of the smallest quads I have ever seen. If you are looking for a mini drone with reliable features then you must buy CX-stars, an extraordinary product of Cheerson Company. You definitely enjoy the flight journey.This is the best choice for kids.

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to operate a drone then go & buy this drone. It may be the best fit for you.

Above all, the quadcopter is overall very enjoyable to fly. Recently the company added some new features for attracting the customer to buy their product. If you buy this, I am 100% confident that you won’t regret anymore. So go & buy Cheerson cx-stars mini classy drone as early as possible.



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