Cheerson CX-22 Follower with amazing quality and features

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Cheerson CX-22 Follower with amazing quality and features



Cheerson CX-22 follower

Cheerson CX-22 follower is one of the best drones of Cheerson Company. It has a robust frame and an aerodynamic body with an amazing visual effect which can easily seek anyone’s attention.

Cheerson Hobby has been producing RC toys for many years. If you are a fan of mini-drones, then you have to know about Cheerson products. However, the company discovered their techniques to build bigger quads to match with professional drone makers.

Most of the time users complain about the poor quality and the sudden fall of the drones while flying. There may have many reasons but this type of things happen when the drone is not better wired and soldered. But if you use cheerson product, you won’t have to face the problems as the company promised to their users.

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Have a look at this wonderful drone

Cheerson CX-22 follower

At First Glance Cheerson CX-22 follower quad almost looks same as CX-20 in size and seems similar plastic from the outer shell. But there are some differences between the two products. The main thing which draws your attention that is the two big driven indicators at the front.It also has a benefit for night flight. As CX-20 which color is complete milky white but the product has dual color for a better orientation, it may help you to distinguish the quadcopters easily from the front and back.

Another change in CX-22 is noticeable that is the light weighted propeller with the parallel landing skids. It is a complete ready to fly FPV quadcopter itself with the Follow-me function, the transmitter with the change over CX-20, it has a digital screen on the transmitter with the mountable HD LCD Monitor for FPV and has a GPS antenna.



  • Aircraft size: 40*40*21.5 cm
  • Weight: 700G
  • Carrying weight: less than 500G
  • Blade diameter: 24CM
  • Remote control range: 800 meters
  • Remote control battery: 4*AA 105V 5
  • Body battery capacity: 11.1V 5400MAH
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Flight height: 200 meters above
  • Flight duration of Cheerson CX-22 follower: 25 minutes
  • Video Resolution: HD: 1920*1080P & HD: 1280*720P
  • Maximum Video bit rate: 96.00 Kbps
  • Controlled rotation range: Tilt: -80 ° to + 30 °
  • Angel amount of Jitter: ± 0.04 °
  • 5.8G FPV video transmission distance: 500-800 meters
  • Receiving one image display screen: 7 inch screen/dual receiving antenna
  • Support: Micro SD (maximum support 64GB capacity)
  • Remote control: 2.4G frequency
  • Color: White & orange, White & blue


Highlighting the quality features

Dual GPS systems

The correctness of landing is an important fact and could save the drone from crashing. There were many pilots who lost their drones just because they didn’t know the return home function and their drone landed somewhere unsafe. The Cheerson CX-22 follower has a dual GPS system. It is a very improved flight of positioning with great accuracy & stability.



By this features, it has increased the number of aircraft follower, remote controller, arbitrary & easy manipulation.


Circle Hovering

During the time of setting radius, it has the facility of circle hovering. With the smooth hovering performance, the drone can help to take professional videos to the pilots. It may also serve for the Photographers & Sports flyer.


Amazing 1080P HD camera for aerial video

Cheerson CX-22 follower

The drone comes with HD sports camera which has the high definition of image transmission of FPV equipment. The front facing camera can catch aerial photos & videos with high-quality resolution. It is relatively light.

For capturing video records, you have to turn the button on before taking off. When you are done with the recordings then click the button again.


You should keep in mind that the Cheerson CX-22 follower is only recording videos not audios. You can click photos also by pressing the button of cameras.

All the settings of the camera are available with the 4 external buttons on it. There have some options for setting the camera. These are – classic resolution, timestamp & white balancing.

Some more information about the drone camera:

  • Photograph type: single shot
  • Video resolution: HD: 1920*1080P & HD: 1280*720P
  • Maximum Video bit rate: 96.00 Kbps
  • Transmission distance of Video: 500-800 meters
  • Typeof Video: 5.8G FPV
  • Color: milky white
  • Support: Micro SD (64GB capacity)


Super bright LED light

The drone has two big colorful twinkling lights at the front. You can fly in the dark at night because of its LED lighting system. The lights are showing the shining elegant treatment. It increases the beauty of the drone. You can enjoy your flight during the daylight & dark night both with the super bright colorful LED light.


FPV system

For first person view, the flight has a camera with 1080HD. It has a 7” FPV diversity monitor and speakers too, with a maximum resolution of 800*480, a contrast of 500:1 & the maximum visual angle of 140/120. The monitor of Cheerson CX-22 Follower looks good but little heavy with around 600g. The DIP switch is located on the bottom of right. It is also providing two dipole antennas for SMA connectors.


Flight time

You will get the drone with a higher capacity battery & attractively designed operator. It has 25 minutes of maximum flight time. For the two big LED lights, one can fly the drone at nights.


11.1V 5400mAh battery with high-end design

It has long lasting battery with robust frame & Aerodynamic body. The battery capacity  is reliable & protects the health of human from any sudden electric shock. For this safety, it is 100% secure for professional photographers. The pilot can also enjoy a long lasting flight with the potential battery of Cheerson CX-22 Follower aircraft.We can see in the features of the drone that the type of the battery is basically lithium. This type of battery is used very much nowadays. The voltage of the battery is 11.1V & the maximum capacity is 5400mAh.


Notification while battery is low

When the battery will become low, the aircraft notifies you with the flash of its LED lights. It means it is time to land the aircraft. After the notification, you must land your flight within 1 minute to save your aircraft. This feature may save the quadcopter from various damages.



cheerson CX-22 follower transmitter

cheerson CX-22 follower transmitter


The transmitter of Cheerson CX-22 Follower is 5.8 GHz with an extended flight range & the screen with LCD display in the flight parameters. It has a 7inch screen with the camera resolution of 1280*720P and the video transmission distance is near about 500-800m. There is a detachable Li-ion battery on the screen. The transmitter offer has two types of speed mode:

Mode-1 (right-hand throttle)


Mode-2 (left-hand throttle)

The low-speed mode is for the beginners & the high-speed mode is for the expert. The transmitter helps to show the throttle settings, battery life, camera settings & trim settings etc.

The pilot can also see the flight status on the LCD screen display live. The two joysticks are used to move the drone in any direction.


View from different side

  • Front view: In the front, there are two big white eyes similar to CX-20. The main difference which is visible is the presence of LEDs on the GPS dome. A gimbals camera is installed in the front. At the time of the worst position of gimbals, the ground clearance is around 0.5 CM. The two LED indicators give the opportunity to fly the drone at night.
  • Side view: From the side, we see the battery hole which is too large to welcome the 540mAh model.
  • Upper view: It is basically made from plastic. The view is really very attractive and lucrative from up. Anyone would fall for it at a glance. It can resist  any serious crash.
  • Bottom view: In the bottom, we may find the plug of mini USB which helps to connect with PC. The last plug is connected with the 5.8G part. For inserting both diversity antennas we must remove the rubber black round object.
  • Weight: The natural weight of the aircraft is 615g without battery, props, landing gear & camera combo.


A complete list of accessories

Cheerson CX-22 follower

  • Protection cover
  • Attractive Landing gears
  • A set of blade propellers
  • ESC electronic speed controller
  • Brushless CW/CCW motor
  • USB adapter plate





  1. Protection cover:

Cheerson CX-22 follower drone now comes up with the fashionable bumper guard protection cover which helps you to protect your drone from any unevent circumstances.


  1. A  set of blade propellers:

The set consists of 4 propellers. The colors of the 4 blades are white. By getting the help of the wonderful blades the quadcopter can fly higher without the fear of falling or being crushed. It allows last longer flight with the extra propellers.


  1. Brushless CW/CCW motor:

The main speciality of this drone which attract you to buy it, is the brushless CW/CCW motor.


  1. Attractive Landing gears:

When you are going to buy the drone you may be impressed after seeing the two landing gears. Every company doesn’t provide the facility to use the landing gears for taking off the flight smoothly. But the company provides the facility with the 2 landing gears in their beautiful quadcopter cheerson CX-22 follower.


  1. ESC electronic speed controller:

The aircraft is the best for professionals for its electronic speed  controller. If the controller is no longer at the situation to use, you have the facility to change it.

      6. USB adapter plate:

The Cheerson CX-22 follower provided with the facility that you can charge your drone via your computer. If you go out along with your laptop and forget about the charger of your quadcopter you may easily charge your quad with the USB cable via laptop or computer.

This amazing USB charging cable of the quad provides you different charging methods. With this, the charging will become more feasible. The requisite charging time is 3 hours.

By using the USB cable you can transfer the photos & videos easily in your computer & store those photos & videos in your computer for future needs.


What is in the box?

cheerson CX-22 follower

cheerson CX-22 follower

You can find the drone in a big box, the contents of packages are boxed individually. Let’s take a look what the box has inside:

  • 1* Cheerson CX-22 Follower RC Quadcopter
  • 1* Waterproof backpack
  • 1*2 Axis Brushless Gimbals
  • 2* Dipole antennas
  • 1* HD camera
  • 1 Transmitter
  • A Charger set
  • Battery
  • One Monitor
  • 1 CD
  • Single Strap
  • 2* Landing gear
  • 4* Propeller
  • 2* Video line
  • 1* Card Reader


Pros of the smart drone

  1. It has a full complete RTF package with a transportation casting.
  2.  A stable quadcopter helps to smooth the flight.
  3.  For the beginners, it has a default setting.
  4.  It has a mature big shark firmware.
  5.  It has a large monitor with 7” FPV screen.
  6.  A camera which is full HD.
  7.  The weight is comparatively light.
  8.  The efficient “follow me” function.


Does the attractive drone has any Cons?

Yes, everything has two sides that are pros & cons. The product must go through this truth. But honestly speaking, it has very poor cons which are given below:

  1. The battery firmware can lock the battery.
  2. There is no facility for auto storage.
  3.  It is difficult to remove the battery from battery bay.
  4.  A little HF vibration can hamper the videos.





Additional information about the drone

  • People above 14 years old can use it.
  • When you are doing flips keep in mind that the drone is 150 to 200 ft higher from the ground to avoid crashes.
  • You can use USB cable in terms of SD card to transfer photos & videos.
  • You can also buy an extra SD card for storing more information.


Is it the best drone for professional photographers?

It is a professional drone with all the technical & modern features. The photographers click photos with different angles and different poses from the sky. They try to do something unique which the drone can provide them. So the quadcopter is a blessing for professional photographers.



Are you still thinking which drone you can buy??? Don’t try to confuse yourself. Just go to the shop and buy this quadcopter. It might be priced high but still, you will find here all of the flavors to cheer. If you want a fully ready drone to fly FPV kit, then this might be your first choice. If you don’t buy, you might lose the Cheerson CX-22 follower drone from your hand.



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