Cheerson CX-10A mini quadcopter provides best facilities within lower budget

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Cheerson CX-10A mini quadcopter provides best facilities within lower budget


Cheerson CX-10A mini quadcopter is the new revelation of cheerson CX-10. The previous Cheerson CX-10 was one of the smallest aircraft in the market with quality features. It sold in the market like hot cake. But the company now upgrades their aircraft with new name & “headless mode”.

Cheerson CX-10A

This quad will give you wings to fly your dream. It is the perfect choice of you, if you are going to buy an aircraft with lower price. You can control the drone fully with the help of the controller. After one or two flight you will become an experienced flyer.

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First reaction of yours, when you will see the upgrade version of Cheerson CX-10A mini quadcopter



After seeing the amazing new features of the Cheerson CX-10A nano drone, you will get obsessed with the quad. It has a robust frame and an aerodynamic body with amazing visual effect which can easily seek anyone’s attention.

The main thing which draws your attention that the headless mode for controlling the quad easily. The aircraft comes with four stylish colors golden, silver, white & black. Currently this drone claims the title of the smallest quadcopter with its tiny device and power of speed.


Cheerson CX-10A

The drone provides a 3.7v 100mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery which supplies power to the four motors. A USB charger is included in the kit.

The battery gives about 5 minutes of flight normally to the user, which is enough time to do an amazing moves & flips. A manual is given in the box what will help you with all the instructions how to operate it.



Technical Parameters:


  • Brand: Cheerson
  • Item Name: Cheerson CX-10A RC quadcopter with headless mode
  • Type: RC quadcopter
  • Functions: Turn left/right, forward/backward,
  • Material: Electronic components plastic
  • Age: above 14 years old  
  • Frequency: 2.4G
  • Quadcopter weight: around 12g
  • Mode: 2
  • Gyro: 6 axis
  • Size: 40*40*22mm
  • Diameter of blade: 30mm
  • Flight time: about 5 minutes
  • Control distance: about 20m
  • Charging time: 30 minutes
  • Battery for transmitter: 2*AAA dry battery (not included)
  • Battery for quadcopter: 3.7V 100mAh
  • Remote control: 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control
  • Channel: 4-channels
  • Headless mode: yes
  • Speed modes: Three
  • Color: golden, silver, black & white
  • Certificate: EN71, EN62115, ROSH, HR4040, ASTM, RTTE, CE.




  • Headless mode, no need to adjust the position of Cheerson CX-10A aircraft while flying
  • 4 channels helps to do forward/backward, ascend/descend, left/right sideward fly & throw to fly
  • 6 axis gyro provide more stable flying & easy to control
  • 3 speed modes- high, middle & low which makes easier for new players
  • Right rotation, left rotation & hover
  • 3D tumbling in four directions with 4 LED lights
  • 3.7V 100mAh battery with protection


Do you know what Headless Mode is?

You can compare the previous aircraft with the new one only with the headless mode. It is simply a method instructed on a drone which permits the pilots to hand over worrying about orientation together.

The operating process of headless mode is pretty simple. The only precondition is that before taking off, it is necessary for you to positioning the aircraft in such a way that its front side is your front side.



The fundamentals of the smallest drone:


There is a front & back to all aircrafts. The front of this Cheerson CX-10A mini quadcopter is the direction with the blue LEDs. The back of this drone has red LEDs & there has a switch to On/Off. The right hand control stick moves forward, backward, left & right of the quadcopter. The left hand control stick on the transmitter controls the up/down throttles as well as controls the rotation (spin left/right).



Lucrative design:


When you open the box, you’ll be astonished with its sizes. It was very tiny in sizes. Comparing with the cost, it gives you an amazing build quality. It is revealed out with pretty design & good quality plastic.


Cheerson CX10A best reviews

After crashing your Cheerson CX-10A mini quadcopter of many times, there was no loss to its frame. The propellers are of good attributes. If your first propeller broke within 15 minutes while flying, then you may rotate it at very high RPM.

Nevertheless with the tiny size controller, there was no problem in occupying and controlling. There are buttons for forward/backward & left/right trimming with two joysticks.


Flight time about 5 minutes:


The aircraft can fly in the sky for maximum 5 minutes. This aircraft shows sharp turns & it also performs tight flips. The main mechanism which increases the outlook is its light weight around 12g. The motor doesn’t carry any weight. The quad comes with three flight modes – junior, expert & headless mode.

The first mode of Cheerson CX-10A mini quadcopter which is known as junior mode has some limitations about activity. If you are the first flyer, then you should start with the junior mode. The second mode is expert mode, which provides you maximum reactivity. The last mode means headless mode helps you to control the direction on the basis of the controller direction & the direction of the drone also.

By following the procedures, you can start your flight. At first start your aircraft & the controller. You may hear a beep sound when you switch the button on. It is very adjustable; there is no vibrancy during the flight. But yeah when you fly this it makes a bit of noise. Sometimes the drone losses the control, but the motors keep on. In this situation, you have to stop the switch off manually of your quadcopter.



3.7V 100mAh battery:


The Cheerson CX-10A mini quadcopter offers with small 3.7V 100mAh battery. It provides you around 6 minutes of flight time. The time of the charging is not much. This quadcopter will take around 30 minutes to get fully charged. Honestly speaking the battery of this drone isn’t so good, but it is also true that we can’t expect more from a nano quadcopter at a cheaper price. It provides a facility of using lithium AAA size batteries if anyone wants.

It provides low power with high performance. But you need to be careful about the internal spoil. If this situation happens, then your quad may face a short burst of flights which is less than 2 minutes or sometimes within a minute.

You can use the USB charging cable to charge the Cheerson CX-10A mini quadcopter from your computer. But it’s a request to you that don’t try to use the charger in iPhone/iPad because it may damage or destroy your quadcopter. Never leave your batteries for being over charged. It may be dangerous for all lithium ion batteries which may lead a chance of fire. When the LED light goes out it means that the charging is complete.



Introducing the quadcopter with a great speed:


The quadcopter has three speed modes (high, middle & low) which are fixed. If you are expecting an outstanding speed, then I must tell you are going in the wrong track as the engine is very small. You should keep in mind that the volume of speed of the smallest Cheerson CX-10A headless mode RC quadcopter always keeps low. Otherwise the charge will finish within minutes. If you are following the instruction I assure that you will enjoy the speed mode of this quadcopter.



Available 3 Flight Speed Modes

The quadcopter comes with three speed flight modes. You can adjust those speed modes on the basis of your experience. The three flight modes are beginner, intermediate & advanced mode. When you use advanced mode you can move quickly. But there is a problem, it may be little sensitive. So you should be aware about the uses of the modes. If you are confident that you can use Cheerson CX-10A perfectly, then you may go for it. Beginner mode shows low sensitivity which is great for flyers.  



Throw to fly real 6 axis Gyro

The quadcopter has 6 axis gyros with an excellent design which are easily adjustable. To balance the gyroscope, you have to hold the right stick on the top & the left stick on the bottom for a few second. After the calibration reach successfully, the LED lights will blink.

But there are some recalibrated issues with the gyro. We can correct the issues of this quad in three ways which are given in the following:

  1. Automatically recalibrated: Off the power button first & place it on a level surface, then on the power switch again. Wait for 3 seconds at least before taking flight.
  2. Manually recalibrated: When the Cheerson CX-10A mini quadcopter is turned on, place it on a level surface. Push the right & left hand control stick to the upper & bottom corner & hold both sticks for 4 seconds at least.
  3. The paper trick: Turn the quadcopter off & place it on a flat place. Take some pieces of paper & put it under the feet of this in such a direction so that it can fly.


Changing ability of the propellers

There have two motors in all quadcopters which spin clockwise & other two spin anticlockwise. Cheerson CX-10A mini quadcopter also has the same propellers. Every motors use a different propeller. If you change the spin clockwise to counterclockwise, there will be no lift generated.

Each propeller is marked with an A1, A2, and B1, B2 on its underside. The letters define the direction which is designed to spin the propellers. When you are going to change the propeller you must replace it with another propeller.



Are you enjoying the flips?

Another important feature of this quadcopter is doing flips. Just push the right-hand stick; you may hear a sound that means you are ready to do flip. Always keep in mind that you should not be too close to an object before committing a flip. The quadcopter may move sharply left/right or gain/loss while flipping. Hopefully you may enjoy the flipping techniques.



The tiniest quad with Remote Control

The Cheerson CX-10A quadcopter is incomplete without the coolest remote control. This is the tiniest drone with 2.4 GHz Wireless Remote Control systems. The first impression of the aircraft is its controller. It is bigger than the drone. The transmitter comes with fashionable design including sensitivity adjustors, two analog sticks & power button. To activate the aircraft you must follow the instructions. Every time when you turn the power button on you might press the left stick up and down.

The controller offers a smooth, exceptional shape that adjusts nicely in your hands. It is powered by 2* AAA batteries which is not included in the box.



What the mystery box contains?  

Cx-10A is packed in a small box. All the contents are packed in a box individually. Let’s take a look what the box has inside:

  • One Cheerson CX-10A Quadcopter
  • One Transmitter
  • A set of spare propeller
  • One USB cable
  • One RC Battery Bandage
  • One Instruction Manual


A complete list of accessories

    • Bumper guard protection cover
    • A set of blade propellers
    • Spare body shell case


  • 3.7V 100mAh extra battery


  • USB charging cable
  • Gift box carring case


Cheerson CX-10A Accessories


  1.     Bumper guard protection cover:

The quadcopter now present with the new bumper guard protection cover which helps you to protect your drone from any unevent circumstances.


  1. A set of blade propellers:

The Cheerson CX-10A aircraft provides a set of propellers in the box, but if your propellers are destroyed at the time of flying or if your quad is being crashed & your propellers are broke, then what will you do? You absolutely don’t worry about it. You can buy an extra set of propellers for your future protection.

The prop guards are highly preferred for the beginners because they decrease the flight time.If you are flying for the first time the chances of crashing are high as you are inexperienced. These props may help the beginners a lot and also save your investment. It allows last longer flight with the extra propellers.


  1. Spare body shell case:

If you want to change your body covers or wants to change the color of the body shell. You can freely do this. If you have the sliver Cheerson CX-10A mini quadcopter you can change the body color to golden, black & white as your desire.



  1. 3.7V 100mAh extra battery:

Imagine you are enjoying your amazing flight & the views of nature, suddenly your quad warn you with the low battery notification. You are not at the situation for landing the flight. What will you do now? You can buy & carry an extra battery for avoiding this situation. You can also fly more with this extra battery. The extra battery of Cheerson CX-10A can rescue you from being crashed or any unwanted events.



  1. USB charging cable:

There is a facility that you can charge your drone via your computer. If you go out along with your laptop and forget about the charger of your quadcopter you may easily charge your quad with the USB cable via laptop or computer.

This amazing USB charging cable provides you different charging methods. With this the charging will become more feasible. The requisite charging time is 15-20minutes.



  1. Gift box carrying case:

If you want to gift the wonderful drone to your close friends you can give it within a smart box. The receiver will be amazed to see the present within the fantastic box.



Reviews of the tiniest quadcopter

The Cheerson CX-10A mini quadcopter is well designed & well balanced. The performance of this aircraft is also very good. It seems difficult for you to find any defect in it. The main specialty of this drone is its cheap & affordable price.

The aircraft has a lot of customer reviews. Customers can buy the quadcopter under $20.00 & enjoy the features and they rated them. A large number of customers buy this quad & give their feedback about drone. It provides many facilities for the beginners with easy & understandable features.




  • Cheerson CX-10A mini quadcopter is very light in weight
  • Very well priced for every person
  • Easily portable
  • Easy to learn how to fly
  • Great quadcopter for the beginners
  • Fully charged within 20 minutes
  • Three flight speed modes
  • About 5 minutes of flying time
  • One can go any direction he/she wants
  • Low battery warning
  • Cheap spare parts
  • Well performed aerobatics flips



  • The propellers frequently fall down
  • For flying very fast they don’t have enough roll power
  • The transmitter does not provide 360 degree flips & button for selection speed.
  • Flight time is very short
  • The transmitter of Cheerson CX-10A mini quadcopter only use two AAA batteries
  • Chance to crash or break blades
  • Battery packs are not changeable



The drone comes with four colors such as golden, silver, black & white. It is perfect for both male & female pilots. The drone can be used above 14 years old people. It is an absolute learning tool for a new pilot. It is cheap in price & fits within your budget.

Spare parts are affordable & available in the market. The weight of the quad is just an ounce. This is small enough for flying indoors. When the pilot is flying the flight, it may hurt the pilots while landing or taking off.

This is one of the coolest toy drones I have ever seen. Are you looking for small drone along with good features? Then this is your desire I must say. You may have a lot of fun with this quadcopter & can take random snaps from here & there. This may be the perfect fit for you. This is the best choice for kids & pets. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to operate a drone, then go & buy. It will be a worth of buying. You will definitely enjoy the journey with Cheerson CX-10A mini quadcopter.



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