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December 25, 2016

Udi Peregrine U28W Beginners Drone: You will definitely fall in love with

  Udi Peregrine U28W Beginners Drone will simply make you feel smart and up to date. It is a Radio System UFO which provides an amazing flight experience with a lot of fantastic features. Its usefulness has made it so much popular among people. Though it is especially recommended for the beginners, it serves a lot of latest and upgraded technologies and features. Some of its outstanding attributes are Alarm for low battery, Multi axis-gyros, Stuns by 360-degree flip, Headless mode, Modular design and 3D view of the flight etc. which are the most popular and amazing. Thus in a summary, this will highly attract you with its fascinating look and most recent properties.      Technical Details you should know – This discussion will provide all the information about Udi Peregrine U28W novice drone. Have a look: Model Number: U842 Manufacturing Company: UDI RC Size of the drone: Wide & Length: 156*165mm   Height: 64 mm Product Weight:  350 gram Shipping Weight: 2.5 Pounds Color: Blue Best Flight Time: 5 to 7 minutes Assembling Status: Pre Assembled Model of the Motor: N50 Camera Resolution: 2 Megapixels Frame rate of the camera: 30 Fps Indoor Hovering: Enabled by the auto […]
November 15, 2016
UDI Discovery U818A-1

UDI Discovery U818A-1 Classy Drone with smart accessories

UDI Discovery U818A-1 Classy Drone is your best companion if you are looking for the combination of all the latest technologies and fabulous features in a comparatively low price.  This drone is so great that it will make you addicted to it. Its high quality camera will capture HD quality clear and well contrast balanced pictures and videos. The accessories are also so convenient and well build. These will add extra values to the UAV. You can replace them any time if you want. The controller will give you full control over the aircraft in the easiest way. After a few flight you will become expert of this. This drone has high capacity battery with strong power motors. Thus the pilot can fly this quad for much longer and also with more efficiency. The given manual will help you with all the instruction. Choose this impressive Udi discovery U818A-1 elegant drone to make your dreams of flying true. So in a summary this quad is simply awesome.   Technical details of this drone at a glance. Model Number: U818A-1 Size of the Drone:      Wide & Length- 330*340 mm      Height-60 mm Product Weight: 116 g Shipping Weight: 116 […]
November 15, 2016

UDI U818A Freshers Drone with qualified features

UDI U818A freshers drone will give wings to your dreams about flying. It will be the best for you if you are looking forward to buy a drone for the first time or in low price. This is one of the fascinating, well build & popular aircraft having all of the most recent & astounding technologies and features. Udi RC’s this drone is electric fuelled, radio controlled and furnished with 6 whirligigs for adjustment. One of the secrets of its high acceptance is its affordability and its ability to provide hours of fun with the easiest control system. This drone is provided in a fully assembled condition which is ready to fly right out of the box. The best flight time after a full charge is near about 9 minutes which is so much better than the other aircraft of the same category. As this Udi U818A novice aircraft is so easy to fly, it is great for the armature or beginner pilots. To perform stunts and difficult acts like inversion you will be provided with an additional button on your remote control. In a nutshell, this drone is a complete package for you.   Why is the best choice for the beginners? […]
November 15, 2016
UDI U845 WiFi

UDI U845 Wi-Fi Beginners Drone : smart & stylish

UDI U845 Wi-Fi Beginners Drone is the latest UDI hexacopter which will give you amazing First Person View experience. It is a unique & stylish UFO. It is lightweight but very much tough, safer & easier to fly. With FPV live view you can also get impressive RC experience. You will feel like you are flying with your aircraft. A fascinating advantage of this model is that you can see live, whatever your drone camera is capturing  through your smartphone. Isn’t it great? You just have to download the app and bind the drone Wifi signal with your smartphone. After this, your captured photos & videos will be directly transmitted to the app. This feature upgrades this model from the standard U845 voyager. The pilot can not only watch live videos but also control the aircraft with his smartphone. The user can control this Udi U845 wifi novice quadcopter in 2 ways. One can control traditionally by clipping his phone to the transmitter or he can control through his phone’s touch screen. Cool or not? Again, this Wi-Fi FPV maintains a consistent altitude while flying, thus making the flight & photography more stable for the beginner pilot. In one sentence we can say […]