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November 20, 2016
UDI UPDATED Discovery U818A-1

Accessories of Udi U818A-1 Discovery Drone which is needed

Accessories of Udi U818A-1 Discovery Drone:   You will get various accessories with this fantastic discovery U818A-1 drone. You will get: 2.4 GHz Transmitter to control the drone. Two 500 mAh powerful Lipo battery USB battery charger MicroSD card of 2 GB SD card reader USB data cable spare blades of 4 propellers   Let’s have some detailed description about these accessories. These will give you a clear view about these accessories. So let’s begin:   USB Data cable for file transfer It would have been amazing if you could upload your captured photos and videos right from your aircraft to any platforms without facing the troubles of transferring it here and there. Well the provided USB data cable will make your wish come true. You can easily upload your taken photos and videos to Facebook, Email, and Photoshop or on any other platforms using the given Data port and USB Data cable. Thus start capturing and sharing.   Dynamic Remote Controller With the help of this smart controller of u818a-1, you can control your aircraft very easily with lots of style. You can control the Trim, Flight mode and Power of the drone by this transmitter. The pilot can […]
November 16, 2016

UDIRC U28W qualified accessories: For a smoother flying experience.

UDIRC U28W qualified accessories will simply mesmerize you with their usefulness and simplicity to control.You can have smoother flying experience with them. Let’s have a quick look on the various awesome accessories of this drone.     Extra 2.4 GHz Remote Controller for easier controlling Spare 500mAh dynamic Drone Battery Spare USB Battery Charger SD Card Reader Extra Blades Spanner   Remote Controller If your given transmitter has damaged or broke down then you should go for an extra controller. You will need this Udi Transmitter for smoother control and other amazing features . This awesome remote controller has the Operating Frequency of 2.4 GHz. You can do a lot of interesting and stunning stunts like the yaw, pitch, roll, altitude control etc. with the help of this 4 channel controller. Besides this, the controller makes the flight controlling so much easier that the beginners or armatures can do it very easily. On the transmitter, you can see two buttons. On is used to take pictures and another is for starting and stopping video recording. In the outdoor or unobstructed area, its Transmitting Distance extends up to 80 meters. Thus you don’t have to get tensed about any disconnection problems. […]
November 16, 2016

UDI U818A Accessories make flying more easier

If you want to take full advantage of UDI U818A Accessories just go through the article –   The user will be provided with: 4GHz LCD controller Powerful LiPo Batteries USB Battery Charger SD Card of 2 GB SD Card Reader AC Adaptor Charge Box Extra Screwdriver One set of spare blades   Let’s have a detailed look on these:   2.4GHz LCD Controller of U818A With the help of this 4 channel smart Remote Controller the controlling of this drone has become much easier. With this 2.4 GHz LCD controller, you can control trim, flight mode, and power. In this controller, there is a digital readout which shows throttle setting, remote battery life, trim settings, camera settings etc. This transmitter offers 2 types of speed modes. One is the Low-speed mode for the beginners or kids and the other one is the High-speed mode for the experts or racers. On the provided remote there will be an Inversion button which allows the consumers to flip the aircraft. For the main control you can use the left & right stick situated on the transmitter. Detailed description of this u818a remote controller is given below : Easy to handle Effective design & auto […]