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December 11, 2016
DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV-Real-time Transmission

Blockbuster Drones of January 2017 for Best Use

Blockbuster Drones of January 2017 are selected based on their features and reliable price. Drones are becoming prince of the sky. Though they are a lot of fun, but from too many drones it can be difficult to choose the right one. In 2016 top leading companies produced too many drones and also got customers response. DJI, Yuneec, Hubsan, Holystone, UDI and other companies have released some special drones. This helping guide is especially designed for helping you to choose the best affordable drones. Are you ready to take off? Then let’s go!! Let’s see the Blockbuster Drones of January 2017 Now I am going to give you necessary information of the best drones. First of all let’s see the drones of Yuneec Company.     Yuneec Typhon H  This drone has all the necessary features that a customer wants in a drone. The Yuneec Typhone H is comes with a excellent camera and touch screen controller. It is especially made for new filmmakers, beginners and for them who wants a highly capable, easy to fly drone. The best features of this drone are given below:   First of all you will see that it has six rotors. If you lose one […]
November 22, 2016
Phantom 3 Professional Drone for Videographers

Phantom 3 Professional Drone for Videographers with some unique features you should know, Why?

        Phantom 3 Professional Drone for Videographers is the fastest, cheapest, smartest, and strongest drone with creative features that I have not ever seen. This drone is one of the best drones of four models of phantom series. This drone is suitable for the aerial videographers whose main requirements are high quality UHD 4k video capabilities. This drone fits into your life and makes flying easy and intuitive. Flying in the sky has never been so easy, safe and as much fun like never before. This drone is also featuring with 12 megapixels camera with 4k video capabilities, easily flying capabilities, GPS assisted hover, vision positioning system, powerful batteries and also automatic flight logs etc. Let’s see the brief discussion of the features of this drone. Phantom 3 Professional Drone for Videographers Camera & Video Quality Phantom 3 professional drone for videographers has a excellent camera and it packs years of experience in aerial imaging into one compact. With this drone you can shoot 4k video at up to 30 fps (frame per second) and can capture 12 megapixel images that will look sharp and smooth than before. The camera sensor of this drone is 1 /2.3” […]
November 21, 2016
Best Drones

5 Best Drones with Camera you must see to amaze yourself

  5 Best Drones with Camera you must see of all companies and the features of these drones are briefly discussed by me in this article. There are some drone producing companies in this world and they have produced some amazing products. Now we are going to mention every drone of all the branded companies with best features allocation. DJI Mavic Pro drone DJI Mavic pro quadcopter is a powerful and intense drone that transforms the beautiful sky on your innovative canvas effectively and efficiently without taking any stress, by helping you to make your each and every moment in a best moment. But surprisingly this drone is too little you have seen ever. This drone is really stunning; no drone ever made offers such a great amount in such a smallest package. The body of the mavic is made of grey plastic and metal. It’s not little enough for taking a jeans pants pocket, but you can put this drone in your winter jacket pockets, so the most interesting thing is you have the best camera with you. The best features of this drone are given below: The Camera sensor of this drone is 1 /2.3” (COMS), and effective […]
November 19, 2016
Hubsan X4 H107L

Hubsan X4 H107L quadcopter exact reviews: we think it can help you.

Hubsan X4 H107L quadcopter exact reviews: Like every product Hubsan X4 H107L quadcopter exact reviews helps you out. Let’s have a look: Pros: Worked great and easy to fly This quad is Fast and Agile To good for the first time flyer The feedback from the transmitter is point-on, no delay and no tail This drone is a little quad in your budget The features and the performance is a very hard to overcome The flight time near about 7 minutes which gives you the fun of flying in the air You can fly this quadcopter in the dark This quadcopter is best for the indoor flying and the outdoor flying It takes little time about 45 minutes to 1- hour for a full recharge battery where other battery take more time The designable propellers of this quadcopter make this beautiful The expert mode of this quadcopter is quite agile and fast.   Cons: It is sometimes too difficult to control. To fix this problem you have to the manual instruction from the box. If you’ll see the video tutorial on YouTube you can easily fly your drone without any difficulties. The motors will burn out easily. You have to take […]