November 20, 2016

Holy Stone X300C reviews: Clear all your confusions

Holy Stone X300C reviews: Holy Stone X300C reviews helps you to identify pros and cons in this drone. Pros:   This drone is made up of heavy and bulky plastic covering and prop guards that are capable to sustain diverse crushes. It’s able to handle bulky winds better than many other drones of its class. This is very easy to use because it has a FPV feature. It has a rationally camera which camera can help you to take some ethereal photographs.   Cons:   Since it is more of a recreational drone, its price tag is quite high. This drone has an overheating problem that may affect its durability. This drone is slow in connectivity   If you are still confused of what sort of drone you are looking for, I would like to request you to check out all of our listing to search and compare to find the perfect fit for you.                      
November 17, 2016

Holy Stone F181 RC drone reviews: Makes you more evident about drone.

Holy Stone F181 RC drone reviews:   Holy Stone F181 RC drone reviews will be very much helpful for you. I think after reading this review you will able to know about this mini RC drone.     Every product has some pros and cons. So this drone has some positive and negative side also. In online marketplace a lot of customers have given their reviews about this drone There are some pros and cons about this copter are given below.     PROS:   This drone can prevent some robust and hard landing. It has responsive remote controls Good quality camera Stable flight Long battery life Durability wind resistant Affordable price at under $100 Their design is very sleek and innovative Efficient customer services Particular parts of the Holy Stone F181 are replaceable and can be bought separately.     CONS:   Its battery does not long lasting that’s why Holy stone Company provides an extra battery for F181. Its Camera quality could be better.     There are some negatives with the Holy Stone F181. Most of the negatives are not related to the performance and flight aspect of this Quad copter. Certainly the Holystone F181 is a […]
November 17, 2016
Holy Stone F181RC Drone

Accessories of the Holy Stone F181 RC Drone

Accessories of the Holy Stone F181 RC Drone makes your fly easy and if any part of it is damaged you can buy them easily. Accessories of the Holy Stone F181 RC Drone:   Holy Stone five in one charger with 5 USB cable: It has a fast battery charger which has the capability to charging 5 batteries at the same time. You can connect the USB port with your computer, Android phone or iPhone adapter. It has the indicator light which showing the charging status, over charge protection and also has the short Circuit Protection Function which is very helpful for battery. Its maximum current input is about 2.5A and safe current output is about 500mAh.   Holy Stone 2 X 3.7V 800mAh Lipo Battery:   If your battery damages you can buy extra battery for The Holy Stone F181RC drone. The battery design is with 2 × 3.7V 800mAh. It has the charging protection and short circuit protection.   Holy Stone Original motors as spare parts (4 Pieces):  It is a replacement part for the F181RC copter. There are blue and red color motor which is clockwise and the black and white color motor which is anti clockwise. There […]
November 15, 2016
Holy stone HS170

Let’s Meet With Holy stone

History Of Holy Stone: Holy Stone was founded in 2014. They’re constantly striving to find and trying to introduce the selling which is best and which is made best.They are also trying to introduce that after sought product which mostly recommended. And Holy Stone is a really a kind of professional Retailer that provides a high quality of products .And the most important thing is it’s Product can be used by all ages of group. They say ,they provide  customers with professional technologies as well as best quality and most unique and distinctive, attractive and useful  items. On what spirit Holy stone insist to uphold  : They maintain the philosophy of proficiency ,Quality, quick  customer responsiveness, Practical and profit loss theory at their all of services .They insist all of their employee to uphold all of these spirit. The places where Hole stone company are situated: we can overlook the following map to better understand. We can see, in Uk, China, Taiwan, Us ,Singapore we can find the branches of the holystone company. And they are providing an outstanding services over the whole world indeed. Holy stone’s developmental strategies:Holy stone is the Environmental friendly company: Yes, Holy stone meets all applicable laws, industry standards and fulfill social responsibility. They also Promote education on protecting environment and trying to build […]