3DR Accessories

November 16, 2016
3DR Solo Accessories

3DR solo drone accessories: Everything you should buy

3DR solo drone accessories     3DR solo drone accessories gives you full advantage of this drone. The list of the accessories that you should buy are given below: Solo smart battery: The battery is able to power your drone up to 25 minutes without camera. It is especially built for the 3DR solo. Solo propeller set: Collect the propeller set for replacement before your emergency so that you can back to fly when you want. Solo Gimbal: this accessory is intimately related with the GoPro camera. It will provide you smooth and smart shot. Backpack for solo: This backpack will save your drone and accessories also. It is also waterproof bag. Polar Pro 3DR Prop Guard set: Propeller guard will save the blades from all impediment at flight time. Polar Pro LED lights: The solo uses LED lights to remind you in which way it is. Solo combo pack: It is a package of all accessories like memory card, high speed card reader and more……and the drone. Now I think for getting full advantage of this drone you should buy the 3DR solo drone accessories.