November 19, 2016
3DR Solo Smart Drone

3DR Solo Smart Drone make aerial photography & videography easy

3DR SOLO SMART DRONE is especially made for the aerial photography and videography to capture your moments in a frame.Drone has made aeronautical photography, cinematography and videography more available than any time in recent memory, be that as it may, getting proficient looking shots is still genuinely precarious. Unless you’ve had years of practice, it’s truly hard to fly a drone and control a camera in the meantime. A great deal of new drone has been turned out of art and there is a considerable measure of drone company out there. The solo comes in to evolve. This drone planned this particularly to shoot aeronautical video, and furnished it with a scope of independent flight moods that makes it simpler to catch those smooth, hot, professional looking cinematic shots.   Overview Flight time : 20 min. Range : .6 miles (1 km.) Max speed : 55 mph Maximum altitude  : 400ft (122m) per FAA regulation Highest ascent speed: 10 m/s in stabilized mode and 5 m/s in fly mode Utmost payload: 800g Batter: 5200 mAH Controller battery: 2600 mAH 7.2 Vdc rechargeable Lithium Ion Charge time: 1.5 hour Radio frequency: 2.4 GHz HD media link: 3DR link secure Wi-Fi network […]
November 16, 2016
3DR Solo Smart Drone

3DR Solo Review: Make your decision to buy the fly

3DR Solo Review   Let’s see the 3DR Solo Review for clearing all confusions. In spite of the fact that the 3DR solo is a progressed quadcoptor with boundless conceivable outcomes; a novice can without much of a stretch fly this model. Single button controls the departure, land, and return home. A respite button can be pushed if there should arise an occurrence of a frenzy, which keeps the copter floating in one place until you’re prepared to proceed. Your position dependably stays exactly with the consolidated satellite guided flight.   Apart all good things there need to concern for some issues. The Solo is not without issues, its GPS boss among them. Indeed, even in a region with clear, open skies it takes around three minutes to bolt onto a flag. Working extent, which can be an issue with automations, isn’t stupendous, however it isn’t poor either. The solo application demonstrates just essential telemetry information-elevation and apart from home. It doesn’t show velocity. Battery life is a worry. 3D Robotics guarantees that the solo can fly for 20 minutes on a completely charged battery, however, my field tests demonstrated that real flight time is shorter. Now its up to […]
November 16, 2016
3DR Solo Accessories

3DR solo drone accessories: Everything you should buy

3DR solo drone accessories     3DR solo drone accessories gives you full advantage of this drone. The list of the accessories that you should buy are given below: Solo smart battery: The battery is able to power your drone up to 25 minutes without camera. It is especially built for the 3DR solo. Solo propeller set: Collect the propeller set for replacement before your emergency so that you can back to fly when you want. Solo Gimbal: this accessory is intimately related with the GoPro camera. It will provide you smooth and smart shot. Backpack for solo: This backpack will save your drone and accessories also. It is also waterproof bag. Polar Pro 3DR Prop Guard set: Propeller guard will save the blades from all impediment at flight time. Polar Pro LED lights: The solo uses LED lights to remind you in which way it is. Solo combo pack: It is a package of all accessories like memory card, high speed card reader and more……and the drone. Now I think for getting full advantage of this drone you should buy the 3DR solo drone accessories.    
November 15, 2016
3DR Solo

All About 3DR

3D Robotics is a renowned company in the drone market, which is an American company that produces and designs commercial aerial vehicles to make the world more easy and comfortable. They introduced consumer drone, ready – to- fly quadcoptors for aerial photography, videography and mapping. They uphold a big object which is “Help people see their world from above”. A brief story of the company 3D Robotics established in 2009 by Chris Anderson and Jordi Munoz. Chris Anderson is CEO and Jordi Munoz is the President of 3D Robotics. They both met each other online through DIY drone community, which was started by Chris Anderson for aerial vehicle enthusiasts. Jordi Munoz was 19 years old college dropout from Mexico who had just arrived in the United States and was waiting for his green card. He spent his time by creating a functional drone of a video gaming remote control. After read out and saw design in the online, Anderson started to deal with Munoz. Now, 3D Robotics headquarter in Berkeley and customer service in Tijuana. Almost 20 employees are working in the company. It is one of the founding members of dronecode. Products of the company IRIS+ Drone: It released […]