Accessories of Cheerson CX-22 Follower: fly comfortably

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November 17, 2016
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Accessories of Cheerson CX-22 Follower: fly comfortably

Accessories of Cheerson CX-22 follower

will help you to take advantages of the drone in the best way. The accessories are mentioned below:


Cheerson CX-22 follower

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  • Protection cover
  • Attractive Landing gears
  • A set of blade propellers
  • ESC electronic speed controller
  • Brushless CW/CCW motor
  • USB adapter plate

Cheerson CX-22 Follower


  1. Protection cover:

Cheerson CX-22 follower now comes up with the fashionable bumper guard protection cover which helps you to protect your drone from any unevent circumstances.


  1. A  set of blade propellers:

Cheerson CX-22 Follower

The set consists of 4 propellers. The colors of the 4 blades are white. By getting the help of the wonderful blades the quadcopter can fly higher without the fear of falling or being crushed. It allows last longer flight with the extra propellers.


  1. Brushless CW/CCW motor:

The main speciality of this drone which attract you to buy it, is the brushless CW/CCW motor.


  1. Attractive Landing gears:

Cheerson CX-22 Follower

When you are going to buy the drone you may be impressed after seeing the two landing gears. Every company doesn’t provide the facility to use the landing gears for taking off the flight smoothly. But the company provides the facility with the 2 landing gears in their beautiful quadcopter cheerson CX-22 follower.


  1. ESC electronic speed controller:

The aircraft is the best for professionals for its electronic speed  controller. If the controller is no longer at the situation to use, you have the facility to change it.


       6.USB adapter plate:

Cheerson CX-22 Follower

The Cheerson CX-22 Follower provided with the facility that you can charge your drone via your computer. If you go out along with your laptop and forget about the charger of your quadcopter you may easily charge your quad with the USB cable via laptop or computer.

This amazing USB charging cable of the quad provides you different charging methods. With this, the charging will become more feasible. The requisite charging time is 3 hours.

By using the USB cable you can transfer the photos & videos easily in your computer & store those photos & videos in your computer for future needs.

If you don’t buy this accessories of Cheerson CX-22 follower, you might lose the best drone from your hand.






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