April 21, 2017

Cheerson CX-10C the cheapest quadcopter becomes customer’s first choice

Cheerson CX-10C the cheapest quadcopter is the world’s smallest quadcopter in the consumer market right now. If you are interested to buy a drone which is small, have quality features & well priced, then you are exactly at the right place. This drone has the ability to satisfy your all need. Cheerson Company recently introduced their new quadcopter CX-10C with a small VGA camera to shoot videos & photos. The quad is controlled by a standalone remote controller. The aircraft is targeting mainly the beginners for the first time & also for experiencing fun.   Upgrade version of Cheerson CX-10C series: The company first launched their nano quadcopter in 2014. It was the world’s smallest quad, at the time of release. It was reasonable in price. The flight characteristics and durability were also innovative. For this features, the aircraft got a huge response in the world’s toy market. Six months later, the company introduced their next aircraft CX-10A with amazing “Headless Mode” which tries to keep your direction smooth. It is being easier for you to fly the quad with this additional feature. After half year have passed, the company released their 3rd variation cheerson CX-10C. This aircraft comes with […]