December 11, 2016
DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV-Real-time Transmission

Blockbuster Drones of January 2017 for Best Use

Blockbuster Drones of January 2017 are selected based on their features and reliable price. Drones are becoming prince of the sky. Though they are a lot of fun, but from too many drones it can be difficult to choose the right one. In 2016 top leading companies produced too many drones and also got customers response. DJI, Yuneec, Hubsan, Holystone, UDI and other companies have released some special drones. This helping guide is especially designed for helping you to choose the best affordable drones. Are you ready to take off? Then let’s go!! Let’s see the Blockbuster Drones of January 2017 Now I am going to give you necessary information of the best drones. First of all let’s see the drones of Yuneec Company.     Yuneec Typhon H  This drone has all the necessary features that a customer wants in a drone. The Yuneec Typhone H is comes with a excellent camera and touch screen controller. It is especially made for new filmmakers, beginners and for them who wants a highly capable, easy to fly drone. The best features of this drone are given below:   First of all you will see that it has six rotors. If you lose one […]
December 8, 2016
Holy Stone HS200w

Why Holy Stone HS200w is adorable RC quadcopter?

Holy Stone HS200w is adorable RC quadcopter because now a days it is one of the best selling product of Holy Stone.Holy Stone HS200w rc drone is the drone which has 2MP HD First Person View(FPV) HD camera, Altitude hold function,  APP Control, 4 channel 6 axis gyro technology, 6-8 minutes flying time, transmitter, one key return, headless mode and so on. This drone can also be a best gift too. The design of this drone is also very eye catching. Definitely this drone is very adorable with the sexiest design and beautiful features. The essential features of Holy Stone HS200w : This beautiful quadcopter is assembled with the following essential features: FPV HD Wifi Camera:  This drone is featured with 720P HD Wifi real time lives Video Camera. The camera resolution is 1280×720 Pixel and 2 MP.When you fly you can stream a live videos, that mean you are enable to take aerial videos and images, photos with the help of your smartphone, iphone or Android phone devices because of the FPV features. For this, you have to pair the drone with your devices.     APP Control System Of HS200w   Well, For activating the multiple function such as […]
December 5, 2016

Cheerson CX-10A mini quadcopter provides best facilities within lower budget

  Cheerson CX-10A mini quadcopter is the new revelation of cheerson CX-10. The previous Cheerson CX-10 was one of the smallest aircraft in the market with quality features. It sold in the market like hot cake. But the company now upgrades their aircraft with new name & “headless mode”. This quad will give you wings to fly your dream. It is the perfect choice of you, if you are going to buy an aircraft with lower price. You can control the drone fully with the help of the controller. After one or two flight you will become an experienced flyer.   First reaction of yours, when you will see the upgrade version of Cheerson CX-10A mini quadcopter   Wow!!!!! After seeing the amazing new features of the Cheerson CX-10A nano drone, you will get obsessed with the quad. It has a robust frame and an aerodynamic body with amazing visual effect which can easily seek anyone’s attention. The main thing which draws your attention that the headless mode for controlling the quad easily. The aircraft comes with four stylish colors golden, silver, white & black. Currently this drone claims the title of the smallest quadcopter with its tiny device and power […]
December 2, 2016
Cheerson cx-91-jumper

Cheerson Jumper CX-91 RACING QUADCOPTER with impressive features

  Cheerson Jumper CX-91 Racing Quadcopter is a racing drone, which is produced by the Cheerson brand. It is the latest racing drone with fast speed FPV & inverted flying capabilities. Recently, the company released the first picture & a short video of this drone with the latest offering.  This is achieved by using reversible electronic speed controllers which force the motors quickly to rotate in the opposite direction.   The cheerson CX-91 jumper images and video are testing the CX-91 FPV fast speed drone with standard & tri-blade propellers. The first CX-91 maybe just a FPV drone racer but for stunt flying they release separate CX-91. That’s my point that tri-blade for FPV racing & stunt propellers is perfect for an acrobatic model. Why is it the best choice for the beginners? We all know that drone racing is the new trend among drone enthusiasts. Many famous companies have realized this & decided to enter into this new expanding market. Cheerson, which is one of the latest drone manufacturers, produced a very affordable but lucrative drone. After achieving global success with the products such as Cheerson CX-20 & CX-35, the company now renowned pretty well for producing the FPV racing […]